100K Bonus on THIS Credit Card + New Centurion Lounges

100K Bonus on THIS Credit Card + New Centurion Lounges

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And in this video we are going to talk About two things we have a 100 000 Point offer on a certain credit card That just went live we're gonna tell you What that is it's a pretty sweet deal to Be honest and then we've got a couple of Amex Centurion Lounge as well one is a Centurion lounge and one is an AMEX card Members Lounge that you can go to that We will tell you all about at the end of The video as well so first of all let's Talk about this 100 000 Point offer and that would be on the Chase uh Air Canada airplane credit card Okay so this is the uh Error plan is the Loyalty program of Air Canada now don't think that just because This is Canadian it you know if you live In the US this won't apply to you okay Because there's actually a pretty sweet Deal Um for us people as well because Air Canada is part of Star Alliance and you Can actually use the Air Canada points On United and all the other Star Alliance Airlines so for example to book The recent trip that I did from London To New York on United the Polaris Business class you would be able to book It with Air Canada and actually after The recent United devaluation you're More likely to find a good deal on Air Canada than on United I was even finding

It for 60 000 points Um on Air Canada I try to take a look at It today and unfortunately Air Canada Site was kind of glitching for me so you Know that's a little bit of a problem Um but yeah it was you know I swear These Airlines sometimes they just make Their sites glitch so it's harder for You to use the points but anyway let's Go through this bonus we'll tell you Exactly uh what it is and you know give You a little bit of analysis so Basically you can earn it's a two-stage Bonus right so you can earn up to you Can earn 75 000 points when you spend Four thousand dollars on purchases in The first three months all right so That's the first half of the bonus Then you can earn an additional 25 000 Points after you spend a total of twenty Thousand dollars Um in the first 12 months that your card Is open so Realistically I think most people are Only going to go for the first half of This bonus okay it's a pretty sweet deal 75 000 points uh for spending four Thousand dollars the second half Spending an additional sixteen thousand Dollars for only twenty five thousand Points I would say it's not worth it for most People Um but actually even if you're not

Getting the whole hundred thousand this Bonus is still better than what was Available on the previous hundred Thousand points bonus that they did on This card okay so I've got it on here on Uh doctor of credit Um this is their previous hundred Thousand Point offer and you can see Down here it was an sixty thousand Points after four thousand dollars in Spend and then an additional forty Thousand points after you spend a total Of twenty thousand dollars okay so this Is a better deal all right seventy five Thousand points for four thousand Dollars even if you only get that part Of it Um it's a much better deal than the Previous offer now this card Um it's got pretty decent Point earning So you've got three points for grocery Stores you've got uh three points per Dollar at restaurants Take out delivery Three points per dollar on our Canada of Course it's their branded card one point Per dollar and everything else Um and the cool thing is you can use the Points even though these are Air Canada Miles you can use them with the pay Yourself back feature Um for travel purchases okay and not Just our Canada travel purchases but any Travel that you make on your card you Can pay yourself back for weather points

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Valued at 1.25 cents per point which is Awesome okay that's a really great uh Redemption rate 1.25 cents per point so That means the whole hundred thousand Points is valued at one thousand two Hundred fifty dollars if you only get The 75 1000 points it's valued at you Know not quite as much as that but more Than 750 can't do the math on the Fly Um but anyway so I would say that this Is a pretty decent card um I will put The link to this offer if you want to Learn more about it down below as always Uh it helps out our show if you use our Links so we do thank you very much if You do although don't feel obliged to And if you're not interested in this Card you can always click through and Then follow the links on the site and Browse some of the other cards that are Available on credit cards.com our Partner website as well so again thank You very much if you do use our links But do not feel obliged to do so let's Now move on to the second thing I wanted To talk about in this video okay and That is these new uh well they're not Really new Um but we got two American Express Lounges that you can go to and these are At the US Open and now Amex just Announced a load of benefits for people Going to the US Open and hey even if You're not a tennis fan do check this

Out because we're going to show you some Cool photos of what these lounges look Like and they are pretty sweet so it Gives you an idea of Um you know what American Express is Doing and stuff so let's pull up this Page Um which is the the benefits at the US Open So US Open is better with Amex all right I'm sure it probably is so these are all The benefits that are available and Let's just make sure you can see that Yep you can okay so you've got a Discounted bag check which okay nothing Really to write home about there there's A ten dollars back offer when you spend A hundred dollars at on-site Merchants Now that doesn't sound that great but Probably the food's already overpriced There anyway so spending a hundred Dollars might not be that difficult so Hey if you get some money back that's Cool Um you get an American Express radio Where you can listen to ESPN Commentary Throughout the US Open which might be Quite cool if you're watching the match To have something in your ear listening To some commentary uh there's some Member Collectibles there's an American Express shop nothing really to see there And then you got the two things which I Know people are going to be interested

In so we got the Centurion lounge and We've got the American Express card Members Lounge now the Centurion Lounge Obviously is going to be the one that's You know attracted most attractive to People this was called the Centurion Suite in past years you can book it Through Rezi Um and I wanted to show you a few Pictures there's actually only one Picture on rezzy that's the bar I mean It looks pretty nice guys it really does Um as light as nice as any Centurion Airport lounge I'll show you some more Pictures from last year in a moment okay Which are probably pretty um pretty Pretty similar to what it looks like now But the the only thing is that if you Want to try and book this now it's Actually sold out all right so here These are the days for the US Open at The bottom and if we click through try To book them you can see they're sold Out sold out Um so that's kind of unfortunate all Right and if you even if we try like any Day sold out it's all sold out basically You had to come on here as soon as it Was launched soon it was open for Reservations and try and book all right Which is unfortunate Um but what you can do is that you can Actually go to the desk Um with your platinum card or your

Centurion card and you can ask hey you Know if you've got any cancellations can You put me on the wait list Um and there probably will be Cancellations and just so you know Um Platinum members they can bring in Two people so the card holder and a Guest Centurion members can bring it up To four people and so yeah right now Your only way to get in would be through Wait list cancellations Etc which you Know it can happen Um especially if you get there early and You're sort of top of the wait list and Then you have however got the American Express card members Lounge which is Open to all AMEX card members so There'll be all sorts of freaks in there But no I'm just joking but anyway it Probably will be a bit crowded but There's you know complimentary food and Drink you can bring in up to two guests So that's definitely an option if you Missed out Um on the Centurion Lounge but I know You guys probably want to see some Photos Points Guy actually has some Photos of what it looked like last year It was called the Centurion Suite last Year I think they're calling it The Centurion Lounge this year Um and you know this is what it looks Like you've got a kind of nice balcony Um there's the whole entrance to the

AmEx Fan Experience Centurion Suite Entrance which is now called the Centurion Lounge this is the desk where You'll go to make a you know try and get On the wait list Um There's the balcony again from the Outside it looks really similar to their Airport lounges actually all the same Decor you've got the uh the classic dog Sitting on the American Express box Photo that's in all their lounges Um you've got little details of tennis Rackets charging stations there's the Bar with actually people in it and There's some shots of the food down here As well Um the food looks really really good so If you are lucky enough to have secured Yourself a reservation for the Centurion Lounge good for you Um if not do try and get on the wait List it's probably worth it if you are Able to get um able to get a seat in the Centurion Lounge so yeah those are the Benefits at the US Open obviously Happening at the end of August so Congrats guys if you did get on um you Know on the list to get in Um and yeah have a great time I'm sure It'll be an experience to remember thank You so much for watching if you are Interested in the chase uh Air Canada Airplane card hundred thousand points

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Offer link for that will be in the Description section below do check that Out please subscribe to our Channel if You're new and we'll see you next time Bye-bye

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