12x Amex Points Per $ ONE Day Only + 90k Chase BONUS

12x Amex Points Per $ ONE Day Only + 90k Chase BONUS

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And we have a load of cool topics coming Up for you in this video today it's Memorial Day so first of all happy Memorial day but that means that you Have a chance to earn up to 12 Amex Points per dollar or 12 cashback using The site racketon for today only then There are also two new credit cards that Have come out this month for TD Bank and There's a couple of updates to some of The TD rewards cards like the TD double Up card their two percent card that make The card more competitive we'll tell you About all of that and then there is a 90 000 Point welcome bonus on a certain Chase credit card this isn't a public Offer but we will tell you how to get it So many of you may have heard of Rakuten It is an online cashback shopping portal Where you can earn cashback on your Purchases at a load of popular Merchants Websites just by clicking through from Their site to the merchant and this Cashback is in addition to whatever Points or cashback you will earn on the Credit card that you use cool thing is If you have an Amex membership rewards Earning card you can redeem this Cashback as Amex membership rewards Instead you just have to switch what you Are earning the rewards as in the Website and one cent in cashback will Equal one membership rewards point so

It's actually a pretty good deal since You should get higher than one cent per Point in value for AMEX points if you Use the rewards for flights you could be Getting two cents per point maybe if You're booking business class maybe even Higher than that and actually if you Have the Charles Schwab Amex Platinum You can redeem cashback from that card At 1.1 cents per point so even if you Ultimately use them for cashback if you Have that Charles Schwab Platinum you're Getting a 10 bonus uh 10 more than the Cashback you earn if you just redeem for Cashback through racketon now since Today is Memorial Day there are a load Of elevated offers on the website that You can check out I'm seeing a load of Stores that are three times what they Would normally be so we have eight Percent back at Macy's 12 Dell Technologies that one's great to combine With the Dell credit on the AmEx Business Platinum I might do that Actually later and buy a hard drive then You have nine percent North Phase 10 Percenter Under Armor 12 at Samsung and A load more raccoon has in-store deals Too you have to link your credit card to Their site first and then you can Literally take it to the store and use It and earn extra racket and cashback Ceramics points on top of what you earn On your cart and currently there is a

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Six percent in-store deal for Walmart This one's ending soon so do be quick if You want it anyway if you haven't heard Of racketon before it is a great way of Earning some extra cashback or extra Amex points on top of what you already Earn on your card if you are new to Racketon I will put a link below where You can sign up and you can actually get 30 extra bonus cashback after you make Your first purchase and obviously that Is transferable to 3 000 Amex points if You choose to redeem as Amex points Although alternatively don't use my link If you have a friend who uses racketon You can reach out for a referral link From them too since they get a bonus for Referring you and you should still get The same 30 bonus so help a friend and Out instead but if you don't know anyone Who uses racketon my link is below for You as well and there were a load more Stores offering elevated cashback that I Didn't mention so do check out the site You'll probably find a store you want to Shop at okay so there are now two new Credit cards from TD Bank on the market That just came out this month and we did Actually cover this last month in a Rumor video where we got some inside Information so do pay attention to our Rumor videos because we do have some Pretty good sources now uh who provide Us with information so we actually got

The scoop on this before anyone else you Can check that video out from about a Month ago Um but anyway let's have a look so there Are two new cars these won't be cards That people who are collecting credit Card points and rewards we want to get For that reason but they could help some People out who have large balances Etc So first of all we have the TD clear Card and I'm going to read you out the Description of that one TD clear is a Subscription-based credit card with no Interest just a straightforward monthly Fee consumers can choose between two Products a 10 monthly fee for a one Thousand dollar credit limit or a twenty Dollar monthly fee for a two thousand Dollar credit limit with no hidden fees That means no foreign transaction fees No annual fees no cash advance fees no Over the limit fees no return payment Fees and no interest charges now I think That is an interesting product for Someone who perhaps is at the lower end Of the credit score maybe they're trying To build their credit score or maybe They've trashed their credit score and They find it hard to get a credit card Or they've got a high balance they don't Want to pay interest or whatever you Might actually you know it might not Work out better right paying ten dollars A month or twenty dollars a month

Instead of paying interest charges okay Obviously with this your mileage may Vary but I'm sure there's an audience For this then we have the other new card Which is the TD Flex Pay and that is Their best ever zero percent APR offer It gives you 18 months of a zero percent APR and also allows you to miss one Payment per year with no penalty so if You've built up a balance on other cards And you're paying interest you might Want to check out the TD Flex Pay then There's a couple more changes which Affect two of their rewards cards in a Positive way okay so on the TD double up Card which is their answer to the city Double cash the Wells Fargo active cash It's a two percent card in the past to Get the extra one percent okay to make It two percent you had to deposit the Cash back into a TD Bank account okay Otherwise it was just a one percent card But they've now taken away that Requirement so you don't have to have a TD Bank account anymore it is a true two Percent on everything card it makes it Much more competitive Um with cards like the city double cash Wells Fargo active cash Etc and there's Also currently a 100 welcome bonus then On the TD Cash Card another of their Rewards cards they're now allowing you To choose your three percent and two Percent rewards categories every quarter

In the past these were fixed uh but now You can actually choose them yourself so That's definitely a positive change and That card currently has a cool welcome Bonus of five percent back on gas for Six months and speaking of Welcome Bonuses and let's now get into our final Story a ninety thousand Point welcome Bonus on a certain Chase credit card but First if you're into getting free money And you probably are if you're watching This video you can get up to 12 free Stocks from our sponsor the xero Commission investing app Weeble the Minimum number of stocks you will get is Six with a minimum value of 34 Altogether that's the absolute minimum Value you can get from this but if you Are lucky and you get more than six Stocks all the way up to 12 it could be Valued at up to thirty thousand dollars If you really luck out obviously luck of The draw what you get I'll put the link For that deal below alright so there's Currently one Chase card that is Offering at 90 000 points as a welcome Bonus for spending five thousand dollars In the first three months and this is The United QUEST card so these are Actually United miles now this card has A 250 annual fee but that is offset Bay A 125 United Airlines credit and in the First year you also get a hundred dollar Uh TSA Pre Global Entry Credit as well

So for the first year the annual fee is Effectively just 20 25 then the card Also gives you things like free checked Bags on United flight's priority Boarding discount on onboard food Etc Now this offer is one of those direct Links okay remember in my video the Other day about chase points how to earn Loads of chase points with Chase cards I Said that sometimes you get direct links To chase offers they're not searchable On the website but uh different blogs And stuff will you know have those Direct links well this is one of those Direct link offers so I don't have an Affiliate link to guide you to for this One I'm not going to earn any money off This from you guys but anyway I will put A link to the article about this on the Website doctor of credit uh down below Where you can actually read their Assessment of the card and they have the Direct link to this offer unlike other Chase direct linked offers you don't Have to be signed in for this one so you Don't have to have a pre-existing Chase Account or anything it just directly Links uh to the offer and you can go Ahead and apply it for the card if you Want it alright guys that is the video For today and don't forget to check out Racketon for deals of up to 12 percent And cashback of 12 Amex points per Dollar this Memorial Day you can also

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Get 30 slash three thousand Amex points As a bonus when you make your first Purchase link for that is below I'll Also put the link below for the 12 free Stocks from Weeble that deal is probably Going on until the end of the month so Be quick if you want that if you want to See a video on how to switch your Racket And cashback to Amex membership rewards Points I'll put that on screen now and Also put my recent video on how to earn A load of chase points as well that's Probably going to be interesting to some Of you too as always please subscribe if You're new and we'll see you next time Bye-bye

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