15% BONUS on Amex Points + New Credit Card Coming Soon

15% BONUS on Amex Points + New Credit Card Coming Soon

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Chase $15 Bonus:
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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And in this final video for February 2024 we have a little bit of a Roundup Of the week's news we have a 15% Transfer bonus for anex points to a Certain Airline we have an opportunity For you to earn a $15 statement credit From Chase and more details on a new Rumored credit card from Wells Fargo my Name is Ben Hedges aka the credit shuu And I upload videos almost every day on Credit cards and personal finance if you Like the sound of that why not subscribe All right let's get into it so first up We have a transfer bonus when you Transfer American Express points to Avian this is a Colombian Airline but it Is in Star Alliance so you can in theory Book any airline in Star Alliance with Avian miles depending on award Availability the bonus is for 15% and This is one of those strange bonuses Where it is the airline that is giving It to you okay not AMX so here's the Landing page from the airline showing There is a bonus but if I look on my AMX Account it doesn't show up you see aanka 1,000 points to 1,000 miles so you won't See a bonus on amx's site when you do The transfer but when the points hit Your avaner account you will get 15% More so an extra 150 miles for every 1,000 points you transfer as long as you Make the transfer between February 26th

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And March 15th okay those are the dates For this promotion okay so let's move on From a 15% bonus to a $15 statement Credit that you can get for paying bills With your Chase cards now if you have Any Chase credit cards you can go to This website chase.com Mybonuscenter Your last name the last four digits of Your Chase card number and your zip code And you may be targeted for this offer Spend $100 between February 15th 2024 And April 15th 2024 in select bill pay Categories to earn a $15 statement Credit so what kind of bills count for This statement credit well here's the List list fitness clubs and gym Memberships utilities internet cable and Phone services Insurance Andor local Transit and commuting it's a pretty good List and I definitely spend over 100 in At least one of those categories each Month if not more so if I was targeted For this I could definitely get that $15 Only problem is I wasn't targeted I Entered my info from several cards and I Got the whole thank you but the offer You are attempting to access isn't Available for your card right now answer But you can try it with your cards and See if you get it free money so you know You might as well right you're not Losing anything by trying I'll put a Link to the site Below in a pin comment

All right let's now move on to talking About some more info we have on one of These new Wells Fargo credit cards that Are rumored to be coming out this year But first if you have a lot of credit Cards that you need to keep track of the Sponsor of today's video max rewards is A great app to check out it pulls data On all your credit cards even if they Are from different issuers in one dash Dashboard so you can view your Transactions your balances your points And rewards balances all in one place It'll also show you which card from your Wallet to use where and in which Spending category for the maximum rate Of rewards also keeping track of Rotating quarterly categories the app's Earlier problems connecting with Chase Have now been resolved so it does now Work with all major Us credit card Issuers if you have AMX cards it is Especially useful since the Gold version Of Max rewards activates all of your MX Offers for you so you never miss a deal And you may even use an MX offer and Save money without realizing it once you Activate or your MX offers new offers Will magically appear in your account And Max rewards will activate those too Saving you even more money you can get a Free month of Max rewards gold with my Link below or just use my link to Download it and check out the free

Features all right so there are three New business credit cards from Wells Fargo coming out this year supposedly we Did a video covering these rumors in the Past and we know the names of these Cards since there was a priority pass Page set up for them they will Apparently have paid access to priority Passs so they are the signify business Cash essential and Elite cards but now We have some new news on the benefits of The signify business cach through a Similar thing where there are some terms And conditions for the card on Wells Fargo's website even though the actual Card hasn't got a land page on the site Yet because it hasn't come out yet now I Did find the original terms and Conditions link on a Reddit post but Dror of credit did a really good job of Presenting it in a clear way so on the Signified business cache which is one of The three cards we have a $500 welcome Bonus for spending $5,000 in your first 3 months unlimited 2% cash back no Annual fee and 0% APR for 12 months in These terms are also some extra bonuses Where you can earn an extra thousand Bonus points if you spend over $1,000 on The card each month so that's a pretty Cool benefit actually another thing Though is that people are noticing that The points because some of these cards Earn points even though the one that

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We're mainly talking about is cash back But the points cards they have an Expiration date okay the points are Valid for 60 months from when you earned Them so you will have to keep track of When they run out and use them before Then still no word about Transfer Partners but that is supposed to be Coming but anyway just a little bit more Info for those interested in the signify Business Cash Card basically it's a 2% Unlimited cashback business card with a $500 welcome bonus and a 0% APR deal We'll let you know about it when it Comes out all right guys that is the Video for today don't forget to get a Free month of Max rewards gold with my Link below please subscribe if you're New all the links to stuff that we've Been talking about in the video will be In a pin comment as well we'll see you Next time bye-bye

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