180K BONUS, New Bilt Transfer Partner + Freedom Q1 Categories

180K BONUS, New Bilt Transfer Partner + Freedom Q1 Categories

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And we have a packed video for you today We are going to be looking at three Credit cards that have a 100,000 Point Bonus 170,000 Point bonus and 180,000 Point bonus there's a new Transfer Partner for built points that popular Credit card that you can pay your rent With and there is a new status match Promotion between Marriott and Singapore Airlines Chris flyer where you can Actually get Star Alliance gold status And we'll also be releasing the Chase Freedom 5% earning categories for Quarter 1 of 2024 and if you're new here Consider subscribing for new videos on How to earn a load of extra value from Credit cards pretty much every other day On my channel my goal with this channel Is to make you wealthy not the banks Okay so let's look at these three credit Cards with Skyhigh limited time welcome Offers and those would be the Hilton Honors series of credit cards from American Express if you don't know Welcome offers are When a credit card Will offer you a certain amount of Points for spending a set amount of Money in a certain period of time in This case we have 100,000 Hilton points On the Hilton Honors card for spending $2,000 on purchases in your first 6 Months 170,000 points for spending $3,000 in your first 6 months on the

Hilton Honors surpass card and lastly on The Hilton Honors Aspire it's 180,000 Points for spending $6,000 in your first 6 months now the value of Hilton points Is about half a cent per point so the Values of these bonuses are Hilton Honest card 100,000 points equals $500 Hilton surpass card 170,000 points is Equal to $850 that one has a $150 annual Fee by the way and on the Hilton Aspire Card $180,000 points is equal to $900 in Value and that card has a550 annual fee Obviously if you are smart in how you Use the points you can actually get Higher value for them now these cards Have all just had a refresh which is Probably why American Express brought in These new Limited time welcome offers on The surpass they brought in forx on Online shopping which is pretty cool and There's also a quarterly Hilton credit On the Aspire there are a load of Changes some good some bad I did a whole Video going through all of the changes On all of the cards you can check it out It looks like this and you can look for It on the channel I'll also put it on The end card of this video for you to Check out but anyway these are limited Time offers and we do know the date when They are ending that would be January 17th 2024 so if you're thinking about Getting any of these you need to make up Your mind before then personally I have

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The Hilton honor surpass card it gets me Hilton gold status which gets me free Breakfast and a load of other perks the Aspire card is also a very strong value Proposal depending on your habits even With the new changes it still gets you Hilton on as Diamond status their top Status I had Diamond status for a while Since I had gold from the surpass and The MX platinum and then enough stays on Top of that to get me to Diamond I think They lowered the bar during the pandemic That's why I got it and Diamond status Got me really cool stuff like a suite Upgrade at the Conrad in Las Vegas he Got me a Corner Room upgrade at the Conrad in DC I'm into Conrads and the Hilton Honors Aspire gives you a Hilton Free night usable at almost any Hilton Property every year including your first Year of card membership all right let's Move on to our next story built the Popular credit card that lets you pay Rent to any landlord Yes you heard that Correctly even if your landlord doesn't Accept cards you pay them with the card And then they send a check on your Behalf anyway built has a load of Transfer Partners already including American Airlines and high hotels but They have just added another one aanka Now aanka is the largest Colombian Airline and they are in Star Alliance Too so you can use avian miles to book

Star Alliance Airlines including US Airlines like United you could also do Leans of first class to Europe for Example with abanka Miles you do really Need to research it thoroughly though to Make sure you're getting good value for Your miles and make sure you find award Availability before transferring your Mil miles over to aanka all right I Don't want you to get stuck with Unusable miles there's a great article On upgraded points by the legendary Steven Al that guy is a Powerhouse in His research but anyway it gives you 30 Best uses for Avian miles I'll put a Link to the article somewhere down below There is a load of useful stuff in there If you're thinking of taking advantage Of this promo points do transfer at a 1:1 ratio and this is live right now so If you have the card you can go and Check it out in your account if you Don't I will put a link to the built Card down below somewhere in the Description along with other links to All of the things that I've talked about In this video all right now we have a New promotion between Marriott and Singapore Airlines and then we'll get Into talking about the Chase Freedom Quarterly categories for the first Quarter of 2024 but first guys if you Are watching this video I know that you Take building and maintaining your

Credit score seriously so you can apply For these super beneficial Financial Products that we talk about on our show You don't want scammers getting hold of Your information and opening accounts in Your name thus trashing your credit Score and that is why I have partnered With aura the sponsor of today's video They are an all-in-one identity Protection and credit monitoring service They constantly reach out to data Brokers on your behalf to get your Information off the internet for example There are 62 different people called Ben Hedges on the site trop search.com if You click in you can see their full Address phone number even what their House looks like on Google Maps it's Really creepy oh Ben hedges in Illinois Has a trampoline anyway not one of those 62 people is me because I have Aura and My data has been removed it's the same With Robo calls I used to not answer the Phone when I saw a number with the same Area code and I've missed important Cause because of it but now because of Aura I've noticed a decrease in Annoying Rooc calls Aura actually does like six Things in one identity and credit Monitoring password manager antivirus Protection it's a VPS n which keeps your Data safe online there's home title Monitoring and like we've said data Broker removal and since you get all

Those things together it is way cheaper Than if you sign up to all of those Services individually so you can either Let people continue to exploit and Profit off of your private information Or you can go to aura.com Sben Hedges to start your 2E free trial Of their service it's also linked in the Description section below all right so There is a new status match promotion Between marott and Singapore Airlines if You are Ambassador Titanium or platinum With Marriott you can get an instant Status match to Singapore Airlines Silver status which also gets you Star Alliance silver now silver doesn't Really get you much with Star Alliance It does get you things like 25% more Miles and seat selection on single Player Airlines and normally you would Need to collect 25,000 Mi to get it but The really cool thing about this Promotion is if you get silver status Through being Mar at Platinum for Example you can then take just four PID Singapore Airlines flights in 6 months To get gold and Singapore Airlines gold Correlates with Star Alliance gold and That then gets you priority checkin Priority baggage handling lounge access And priority boarding on All Star Alliance Airlines and that lasts for 12 Months now I'll show you how to sign up For this promotion you go to this

Landing page and I'll paste this below Somewhere with the other links you sign Into your marot Bourn voy account and Then you enter your Singapore Airlines Chris flyer number and that's it now Here you can see because I'm only marot Gold which I got from the MX Platinum I Get offered a different deal and that is An upgrade to Silver after two paid Flights with Singapore Airlines now That's not really worth it for me I Won't bother but you know if you did Have the highest status with maritt it Might be worth it this one in general You know some people are going to find It useful if you're planning a trip to Asia via Singapore and some people won't So your mileage may vary all right let's Now look at the Chase Freedom categories For quarter 1 of 2024 and if you don't Know the popular credit card the Chase Freedom which was actually my first Credit card whatever and also the newer Freedom Flex that's actually the only One that you can apply for now it has 5% Rotating categories where you can earn 5% cash back which also translates into 5x points per dollar on $1,500 in Spending per quarter the categories for Quarter 4 of 2023 so the ones that are Active right now are PayPal wholesale Clubs and select Charities so you have About two more weeks to Max them out Before the end of the year the

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Categories for quarter 1 of 2024 Are and you can now activate them in Your online account or at a Chase ATM if You have the freedom and there's a Little popup that invites you to Activate them when you use your Chase Debit card to withdraw cash at an ATM so Have fun with that guys links to all of The stuff that we have talked about are Down below thanks for watching guys my Video breaking down the changes to the AMX Hilton cards is on screen now if you Want to check it out please subscribe to The channel if you're new and we'll see You in the next video bye-bye

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