185k BONUS On this Amex Card, Venture X NEW 5x Category + More…

185k BONUS On this Amex Card, Venture X NEW 5x Category + More...

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In this video we talk about some huge bonuses on two Amex hotel cards, plus a new 5x category on the very popular Venture X card.
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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And we have a packed video for you today We have two new massive welcome bonuses On marott credit cards we have the Discover It cashback categories for Quarter 2 of 2024 another 10% bonus when Transferring from MX or City to a Certain Airline and a new 5% bonus Category on the capital 1 Venture X my Name is Ben Hedges aka the credit shuu And on this channel I talk about credit Cards personal finance and luxury travel Namely how you can get more value out of Your spending and create some incredible Experiences if you like the sound of That please subscribe and this video is Brought to you by rocket money but more On that later so we have talked about The five free night offer on the Marriott boundless card from Chase but Did you know there are now two more Limited time high bonus offers on the Marriott bonvoy Bevy card and the marott Bonvoy brilliant card from AMX 155,000 points and 185,000 points now if you're new to all This a credit card welcome offer is Where the card company will give you a Certain amount of points for spending a Set amount of money in your first few Months of card membership like $ 100,000 Points for spending $4,000 in your first 3 months it's part of their marketing For their cards but for us it's a great

Way of getting a load of points quickly That we can then use for a luxury Vacation like in the case of Marriott You could stay at the Ritz Carlton on Grand Cayman for example did I mention I Went to gr Cayman old joke if you're an OG viewer you've heard that one before You can get that hotel for 128,000 Points a night it's gone up Significantly since I stayed there I Think it was 60,000 back then but you Could instead get the Marriott Grand Cayman which is also a good Resort for 88,000 points per night and remember Those numbers cuz we're going to use Those when we look at the bonuses so on The marott bonvoy Bevy card we have a Limited time offer of 155,000 points after you spend $5,000 on Purchases in your first 6 months a lot Of AMX cards do 6 months now instead of Three so that is going to be $833 per Month that you'd have to spend on the Card if you do want to spread the Spending out over the whole 6 months you Don't have to you could do it in the First month if you had that level of Spending and that bonus would get you One night at The Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman with 27,000 points left over or Almost two nights at the marott Grand Cayman and actually you'll accumulate Some points from your spending anyway And the card has 6X 4X and 2 X bonus

Categories so you would probably have Enough points for two nights by the time You got the bonus the marot Bon boy Bevy Card gives you marott gold status which Between you and me isn't that useful all Right you need to be platinum to get Meaningful benefits but it does also Give you 15 Elite night credits towards Your next level of status it gives you a Free night award worth 50,000 points if You spend $115,000 on the card in a Calendar year the annual fee on the Bevy Is $250 so in my five Tier credit card Ladder system it fits into the upper end Of tier 3 I used to call it tier 3.5 but There's so many cards that have raised Their fees now that yeah 250 it's tier 3 And personally I find this card a little Bit difficult to figure out exactly who It's for it's like an in between card It's not really mid- tier it's not Really high tier if you want to get it For the bonus okay or if you feel for Some reason it's useful for you cool be My guest but my advice is to either look At the lower level boundless card or the Higher level brilliant card which is Aimed at the luxury end of the market And that also has a great bonus right Now so let's check that one out so the Brilliant card has a bonus for 185,000 Points for spending $6,000 in 6 months So $100,000 a month what am I talking About so $11,000 a month if you do need

To spread it out over the entire 6 Months since the card earns two points Per dollar back on non-category spend uh That would be another at least 12,000 Points by the time you trigger the bonus Taking you to 197 but since there are Some other bonus categories I'm guessing That you're going to be roughly at 200,000 points or more when you trigger That bonus now that will get you more Than two nights at the marott Grand Cayman Beach Resort and one and a half Nights at the Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman Or two and a half nights at the W Hotel In Times Square New York or if you're Looking for a budget hotel let's give You a really extreme example 13 nights At this residence in South Brunswick New Jersey now this car does have a higher Annual fee of 650 $ per year but it Gives you an anniversary free night Valued up to 85,000 points that could Get you a night at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas or the Arya in Las Vegas which Are exactly 85,000 points per night and Yes MGM properties are now showing up in The marot portal after the recent Partnership was announced between them Not all of them are a good deal with Points but the cosmo and the Arya were Two of the better deals then from the Card you can also get a $100 property Credit Marriott Platinum Elites status 25 Elite night credits global entry and

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Priority P select airport lounges and Centurion loues no I'm just kidding you Don't get Centurion lounges but for Those Marriott loyalists looking for a Premium credit card this could be a Really good fit for you especially if You want Platinum Elite status cuz this Card gives you that and both of these Offers by the way end on May 1st so if You want those High bonuses be quick all Right let's now move on to the Discover It categories that AMX and City transfer Bonus to a certain Airline and the Capital 1 Venture X is new 5x category But first guys you know that I recently Built an investment property and it Really cost a lot of money and thus to Keep everything in order I now really Like to know exactly where my money is Going and exactly how much money I have And how much I owe at all times and That's why I've been using rocket money To track my finances and net worth and Yes this is a sponsored section but I do Actually really use this product they Asked me to do a review video a few Months ago and ever since then I've had The app on my phone and I found it super Useful rocket money links to all of your Bank accounts loans and credit cards so When you open up the app you'll Immediately see your spending and Account balances and whether you are Over or under your budget oh my goodness

I spent $1,000 this month but if you Click in it takes you to the spending Tab and you can then see exactly where You spent that money I have $4,500 in spending in the cash and Checks category and that was for a $2,400 water filter system and a new Section of patio for the hot tub at my Investment property so my actual regular Spending on life just living was only About $6,500 and we look down here you can see I am mostly within my budget that I have Set for myself okay dining and drinks Was $29 over budget but you know that's Not too bad right another thing rocket Money can do is show you all of your Subscriptions to various things across All of your accounts that you may have Forgotten about and many of these Subscriptions can be cancelled right in The rocket money app in just a couple of TAPS let's face it you were never going To look up how to cancel that were you Some of them even purposefully make it Hard for you forcing you to call up and Actually communicate like a human being In addition to canceling subscriptions Rocket money can also negotiate on your Behalf and get recurring bills lowered Anyway I find rocket money incredibly Useful as an all-in-one finance app to Track my spending net worth and credit Score it ensures I know where every

Penny is going and I'm not wasting money On things that I'd forgotten I was Paying for so do what I've done and take Control of your finances by going to Rocket money.com sben to get started all Right let's now look at the new 5% Categories on the Discover It Card which Is a 5% rotating category cash back card I recommend this as a good credit card For a lot of people if you have lived in The US your whole life if you're a new Immigrant you might not be able to get It so easily but for those people who've Had no credit credit products before but Have lived here their whole life you Should be able to get it as a first Credit card it offers you 5% cash back On $1,500 worth of spending in Categories that change every quarter and Discover announces these categories at The beginning of the month before the Quarter starts so for quarter 2 of 2024 We have gas stations EV charging home Improvement stores and public transit It's a strong set of categories in my Opinion you have gas EV and Transit Which covers people both living in Cities buying subway passes Uber rides Etc or people out in the countryside Like me who drive everywhere and use a Load of gas if you drive an EV I don't Think you really spending that much Money on EV charging all right it's Pretty cheap so that probably wouldn't

Help you that much then you also often Find that these cards do 5% at home Improvement stores in the spring since That is when people do a lot of Home Improvement projects so that's a great Category for the spring as well if you Are a homeowner now if you don't have This card yet in the first year they do Have a cashback match and that is their Version of a welcome bonus so that 5% is Actually matched and it becomes 10% so If you Max it out in your first year Each quarter you can earn up to $150 in Cash back and that would be $75 if You're a current card member and you're Not in your first year you don't have That cash back match thing still pretty Good though all right let's now look at This AMX and City transfer bonus so a Few days ago we showed you a bonus to Avian a Colombian Airline from American Express and it was a 15% bonus issued by The airline not by AMX so when you look At your AMX account there isn't any Bonus advertised but the airline will Actually add 150 extra miles to your Account for every th000 MX points you Transfer over well there is now another Bonus out there issued by an airline and That is a 10% bonus from cath Pacific Now this bonus actually applies to Several Banks but the ones that will Interest our us viewers are AMX and City Since Cafe is a transfer partner of both

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And if you are thinking of flying to Hong Kong or anywhere in Asia but Changing planes in Hong Kong taking cath Pacific's famous first class is a great Way to do it and so this could be a good Time to transfer miles over do make sure Though that you understand the terms you Need to register for the deal I'll put The link below and the miles take up to 10 weeks to appear in your account now In reality it may be quicker but just Know that it could be that long this Deal ends on March 31st okay now for our Last story of the day and that is a new 5x Point earning category on the very Popular Capital 1 Venture X card that Would be five points per dollar back or Five Capital 1 miles per dollar back on Select entertainment purchases on the Capital 1 entertainment platform now This is for things like concert tickets And sporting events so if you're going To go to the Super Bowl for example you Could book your flight through Capital One travel and get 5x your hotel through Capital 1 Travel travel and get 10x and Your tickets for the Super Bowl through Capital 1 entertainment and get five Points per dollar back for them too now That's just an example obviously there Are other factors like availability Etc But you know just an example of what you Could do now this bonus category does Have an end date and that is December

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31st 2025 you got 2 years to do it just be Aware of that now I know this is a Little limiting since it's not Entertainment in general it's through The Capital One Entertainment portal but Remember this card does also earn two Mil per dollar on everything it's a Great catchall card and a great card to Pick up regardless it gives the best Value lounge access of any credit card On the US market just remember with any Credit card you do need to keep your Spending under control and that's why I Recommend rocket money to track all your Spending and keep on budget so you never Pay credit card interest check out the Rocket money platform with my link below All right guys thanks for watching Please subscribe if you're new leave Your comments below about all of these Deals which one's your favorite we'll See you next time time bye-bye

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