3 HUGE Credit Card Bonuses ENDING Soon (Act Fast)

3 HUGE Credit Card Bonuses ENDING Soon (Act Fast)

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And in this video I want to get into Some excellent credit card bonuses that Are ending very soon the two that we Know the end date of are both ending This month and the other one we don't Know the date exactly so anyway let's Get into it but first my name is Ben Hedges aka the credit shiu I upload Videos on using credit cards to earn Rewards like points and cash back as Well as other personal finance topics Several times a week if you like the Sound of that why not not subscribe and If you're a regular viewer and you want To support the channel we do have the Join button enabled where you can become A member for $1.99 a month or for $4.99 A month and then you get the added bonus Of access to our credit building course All right so the first bonus is on the Freedom unlimited this is Chase's Non-category card in their trif factor Of cards that earn Ultimate Rewards Points by non-category we mean that when Another card doesn't earn a bonus in a Certain spend category like let's say Hard Ware stores all right what card Earns a bonus at hardware stores you use The freedom Unlimited in that case Because it earns 1.5 points per dollar On everything whereas a normal card Would just earn one point per dollar so We call this a catch all card now the

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Freedom unlimited Ed to only have that One earning rate okay just 1.5 on Everything but more recently they've Added some more categories so you get 5% On travel book through Chase 3% on Dining 3% in drugstores and then like we Said 1 .5% on everything else now this Becomes important in a second when we Talk about the bonus offer so right now The freedom unlimited has an offer to Match all of your cash back that you Earn in the first year and they even say There is no limit to how much cash back Will match and that is pretty impressive Because it's not just the base 1.5% that They're matching but the newer bonus Categories as well so you'd be getting 6% back on dining and drugstores and 10% Back on Chase travel is actually a great Deal especially if you have some big Purchases coming up in those categories In the coming year I spent a total of $6,295 at restaurants in 2023 using the AMX gold for four points per dollar so 2,184 MX points is what I earned but if I did that on the freedom unlimited with This bonus that would be 37,7 76 chase points and yeah remember This card is marketed as cashback but What you earn is actually chase points And more high value Redemption options Open up for you if you have the Sapphire Card or an Inc business card in addition To this so this one is ending soon I'm

Not entirely sure when but sites with Affiliate links for this deal and now Saying it is ending I will put the link To a doctor of credit article on this One below where you can actually find The link for it personally I don't have An affiliate link for this particular Deal but you do need the direct link if You just search on Google and see what Is publicly available you get an offer For $200 plus5 % on Gas and Grocery on Up to $122,000 in spending in your first Year which is apparently a limited time Offer too but not anywhere near as good As this one all right let's move on next We have the Hilton Honors surpass card This is one of my favorite cards out There and it's a no-brainer for someone Who stays at Hilton Hotels a few times a Year it gives you Hilton gold status and A $200 Hilton credit $50 per quarter and A Hilton free night if you spend over $15,000 in a year and that's super Valuable because you can use that at any Hilton Hotel even the really high-end Ones I get at least $700 in value for Those three nights and the card is Currently offering a 170,000 point welcome bonus for spending $3,000 now let's just do the math and Figure out the value of that if we use The points SK valuation at 0.6 cents per Point that gives us $1,020 in value that is a pretty big

Bonus for a card that only has a $150 Annual fee and features $200 worth of Credits that takes you to positive 50 if You use them all now the other two Hilton cards from AMX have a limited Time offers too but this is the one that I'm focusing on since I personally have It and I find it very useful I feature The card in my credit card guide I will Paste a link to that down below if you Want to learn more about it and this one Ends on January 17th so if you want it You need to be quick all right let's now Move on to a credit card with a 990,000 Point bonus that is ending very soon but First if you do have a load of credit Cards that you struggle to keep track of Especially AMX cards and we'll tell you Why that is in just a second but if you Want to keep track of all your cards in One place you have to check out the Sponsor of today's video the app Max Rewards it pulls data from all of your Credit card accounts even if they're From different banks so you can view Transactions balances and points and Rewards balances in one place this means You can monitor all of your credit card Spending to keep your utilization even Across all your cards which helps your Credit score and you can also never miss A bill because it warns you of upcoming Bills Max rewards works with every major Card issuer they have had some issues

Connecting to chase but that is now Being resolved and will be live very Soon if you have AMX cards Max rewards Is very useful not only does it have a Whole section devoted to keeping track Of your MX coupon book style credits and Making sure you use them before they Expire but if you have Max rewards gold The pro version the app will activate All of your AMX offers for you so you Never miss a deal and you may even use An AMX offer and save some money without Realizing now you can get a free month Of Max rewards gold with my link below Or just use my link to download it and Check out the free features all right so The final card with a huge welcome bonus That is about to expire is the chase Inc Unlimited this is kind of the business Version of the Chase Freedom unlimited And this one really is just 1.5 points Per dollar across the board no Categories at all now I personally have This card and I got it not only for the 990,000 points bonus but also for the 0% APR for 12 months so if you want to fund Some investment in your business this Could be a good way to do it as long as It increases your cash flow and you can Pay it off within the 12 months you Don't want to pay interest but anyway What the actual deal is is 90,000 points For spending $6,000 in your first 3 Months of card membership and with this

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One it's the same thing they present it As cash back so you see $900 but it's Actually 90,000 points so you can redeem For $900 if you want but that's not the Best use of the points you get a lot More value even perhaps double the cash Back value redeeming it for travel Especially if you have a Sapphire card Or an ink Preferred Card that you can Transfer the points to and right now This is the last call for this bonus it Ends on January 18th at 9:00 a.m. Eastern time so if you are interested in This card I will put the link to it down Below in the description section of this Video and that is where I will end it Today guys short and sweet do remember You can get a fre month of Max RS gold With my link below or just try out the Free features if you prefer there will Also be links to all of the cards Mentioned in this video in the Description section down below please Subscribe if you're new I'll see you Next time bye-bye

The Credit Pros
The Credit Pros

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