5 Credit Cards BETTER Than the Apple Card

5 Credit Cards BETTER Than the Apple Card

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show So as we have seen in our previous Videos the future of the Apple card is Hanging in the balance Goldman Sachs is Having second thoughts about issuing the Card and there's talk of the Relationship blowing up by the end of The year but you know what apart from The stylish software that goes with the Card which looks really pretty but is The card actually any good I mean it's Made of titanium but it's not even Bulletproof believe me I've tested it And the Apple credit card is no more and Sure it does have no fees but it's not Like you can actually earn that much Cash back from the card which is what we Really care about oh and it's sexist too So really I mean screw the Apple card in This video we are going to give you five Cards that earn more cashback than the Apple card mostly through mobile wallet Which is kind of the Apple card's thing This is five alternatives to the Apple Card you need to know about and this Video is brought to you by purong but More on that later all right so first of All what do we have to beat so Apple Loves saying that their card earns up to 3% back but actually it is 3% at a very Small group of Select Merchants Including apple and these companies and I think they split some of these up into Two to make it look like more I mean

Uber and Uber Eats that's the same Company same with Exxon on mobile and Dwayne Reed and Walgreens are the same Company too look it even says on their Website Dwayne Reed by Walgreens and you Have to use use Apple pay at all those Merchants to get the 3% then you earn 2% Back on all other Apple pay spending and 1% if you just use the card normally you Know physically all right so how do we Beat that well let's first look at Getting 2% back on everything without Having to jump through the hoop of using Apple pay here's a card that does that The city double cash so the city double Cash is an old favorite that people use For their catch all or non category card It earns 2% on everything with no Categories now technically it's 1% when You make your purchase and 2% when you Pay the bill but hey we Advocate paying The bill in full every month anyway like The Apple card the city double cash has No annual fee and it currently has a Welcome bonus of $200 when you spend $1,500 in your first 6 months the Apple Card by contrast doesn't even have a Welcome bonus from time to time they Offer a $100 bonus but at the time of Recording that is not available now Really the only drawback of the city Double cash I can see versus the Apple Card is that you don't get 3% back on Apple purchases and the card does have

The Credit Pros

Foreign transaction fees but hey if You're going abroad you will probably Want a more serious travel credit card Like the Chase Sapphire preferred or the Capital 1 Venture X anyway so that is The city double cash it solved the Problem of getting 2% cash back on Everything without having to use Apple Pay there are a few other 2% on Everything cards like the Wells Fargo Active cash and the TD double up card That you can look into as well but the City double cash is the most famous one All right let's move on let's look at a Card from Apple's Mobile Wallet rival The PayPal Mastercard now like the Apple Card the PayPal cashback MasterCard Offers a 3% and 2% cash back earning Structure but for the 3% instead of it Being a select Merchants only it is on Any spending through PayPal now you may Not realize but PayPal is actually the Third most popular payment option in North America behind visa and MasterCard But ahead of AMX and then Apple pay in Fifth place now we tend to think of PayPal as more common for online Transactions but many stores actually do Accept it too so as long as you set the PayPal Mastercard as your payment method In the PayPal app then use the app or The PayPal button on a website to pay You will be earning 3% that beats Apple's 2% through Apple pay and the

PayPal Master Card earns 2% back on all Other spending too physically using the Card like the Apple card it has no Annual fee it does have foreign Transaction fees and other fees that the Apple card doesn't have but personally That's not really a deal breaker for me You can decide what you think all right Let's move on but before we do get into Looking at another credit card I want to Talk about the sponsor of today's video Of any supplement that you could include In your diet omega3 is the best allround Defender of your health it can reduce Cholesterol reduce the risk of heart Problems reduce aging and even improve Your eyesight now most Omega-3 Supplements come from fish oil but not Purit tons their omega-3 oils are Extracted from percan and perilla seeds From plants growing in the high Mountains of Korea so it is organic 100% Vegan has no fishy aftertaste and has a Much higher omega3 6 7 and 9 Concentration than fish oil purang also Uses a patented super critical carbon Dioxide low temperature extraction Method to extract the oils which Preserves the natural properties better Thus I recommend purong over any other Omega-3 supplement and you can get Purong omega3 for yourself or a loved One this holiday season and get free Shipping when you enter code BH 2023 at

Checkout link is below the venmo credit Card now I'm including this one because There are many parallels with the Apple Card it is a credit card created by a Mobile wallet company it has a 3 2 and 1% cashback earning structure and it has No annual fee with the venmo card you Earn 3% back on your highest earning Category each month from this list of Eight categories there are some pretty Big ones in there like groceries dining And travel then you will earn 2% back on Your second biggest spending category From the same list and 1% on everything Else and you can still earn the 2% or 3% If you add the card to Apple pay or any Other mobile wallet and use that for Payment another cool feature of the Venmo card is that your venmo QR code Will be printed on the card itself so so If you use the card to pay at a Restaurant your friends can at the same Time scan the QR code on your credit Card with their phones and they'll send You the money to split the bill so in Summary this one allows you to earn 3% In your top category rather than at a List of Select Merchants like with apple And you can do the math for yourself to See which one works out better for you This or the Apple card but for me Spending like a th000 a month on grocery That would bring in way more cash back Than the little bit of spending I do at

Walgreens Uber or apple let's move on to Some cards that really beat the Apple Card on mobile wallet spending the US Bank altitude Reserve okay so this is a Premium travel credit card from US Bank Thus it does have a high annual fee of $400 but but but but but but but it has A $325 annual credit for travel and dining Purchases meaning that if you spend any Money at all on either travel or dining Including takeout at any restaurant you Will be refunded until you have reached 3 $25 in total that takes the annual fee Effectively down to $75 with that out of The way how does this compete with the Apple card well the US Bank altitude Reserve earns three points per dollar on Apple pay Google pay and Samsung pay the Points are worth at least 1 cent per Point so you're getting 3% back on all Your mobile wallet spending versus 2% on The Apple card now it is better but why Pay $75 a year for that okay so yeah you Would have to spend $77,500 but before The extra 1% you earn outweighs the Annual fee and yes if you redeem it for Cash back that is the case but if you Redeem the points for travel the points Are worth 1.5 cents per point so that 3% Back turns into 4.5% back on All Mobile Wallet spending also the card has a 50,000 Point welcome bonus worth $500 if You use it for cash back or

$750 if you use it for travel the card Also gives you eight priority pass Airport lounge visits per year t SAA or Global entry and there are no foreign Transaction fees so for people who are Looking for something more travel Related but still a card that earns a Bonus through Apple pay this one could Be for you all right let's get to our Last card that totally obliterates the Apple card on its Mobile Wallet bonus The Kroger MasterCard this is a credit Card that is co-branded with the Kroger Grocery store chain it is not a store Card that can only be used at that store It is actually a master card so it can Be used anywhere and it earns 5% back on Mobile wallet transactions including Apple pay with no annual fee but there Are some conditions to this so it's 5% Back on Kroger pay up to $3,000 per year In spending then it goes down to 2% back And on other mobile wallets including Apple pay you get 5% back on up to $3,000 in spending per year and then it Goes down to 1% so you could just use This for your first $3,000 worth of Apple pay transactions per year and then Just switch to a 2% card like the double Cash or something else like the Apple Card this has no foreign transaction Fees and like we said no annual fee so This is really a hot Contender for your Mobile wallet spending personally I

The Credit Pros

Don't think I do more than $3,000 worth Of mobile spending per year anyway but If I was earning 5% maybe I would pay More attention to where I can use Apple Pay anyway guys what do you think There's no one card that is perfect but Many on this list do beat the Apple card In different ways which one is right for You let me know in the comments below a Big thank you to purong for sponsoring This video get free shipping on your Order of their plant-based 100% vegan Omega-3 supplement with my link below Please subscribe to the channel if You're new I'll will see you next time Bye-bye

The Credit Pros

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