5 MUST HAVE Credit Cards For 2023

5 MUST HAVE Credit Cards For 2023

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And as a credit card points and Miles Enthusiast I have been using credit Cards to earn points and get free or Almost free luxury travel since 2016. if You’re interested in all that you can Check out some of the other videos on Our Channel but what are some of the Credit cards you must have in 2023 in Order to get the best value out of your Business spending in the form of Business class flights five-star hotels And airport lounge access well in this Video we are going to give you five Must-have credit cards for 2023 and this Video is brought to you by Aura but more On that later first up the built rewards MasterCard Now the built rewards MasterCard is Pretty unique in that it allows you to Earn built points which by the way are Transferable to a load of Airline and Hotel loyalty programs by paying rent to Any landlord even if they haven’t signed Up for the build system and loyalty Partners of these points include American Airlines and also Hyatt Hotels Which is a pretty high value partner now You may think well I own my own home so This isn’t something I would consider Because I don’t pay rent well hold up Because there are some other benefits to The built MasterCard aside from paying Rent with it that we’ll talk about in a

Minute but first of all let’s talk about The rent you can earn one point per Dollar on rent payments with no Transaction fee up to a hundred thousand Points per year it used to be 50 000 but They raised it recently to a hundred Thousand points and that cap should Cover most people you’d have to spend Over eight thousand three hundred Dollars a month before hitting the cap So I think most people are covered then In addition to that the card earns two Points per dollar on travel and three Points on dining those are respectable Multipliers not the best but respectable But hold on there is more on their So-called rent day which is the first of Every month you earn double points on Everything except for rent so 6X on Dining 4X on travel and 2x on everything Else there is a maximum of 10 000 points Per month you can earn through this Promotion though but that shouldn’t be a Problem for most people it’s still quite A lot of points but hold on because There’s even more built now has a dining Program where when you link your card to It you can earn five points per dollar At participating restaurants and if that Card that you link to the program is Your built MasterCard and its rent day When you go to the restaurant you earn Six points per dollar for dining on rent Day and five points per dollar because

You signed up for the dining program and Went to one of the listed restaurants so That’s a total of 11 points per dollar Or if it wasn’t rent day it would still Be eight points per dollar which is Pretty good as well now the dining Program is currently available in five Cities Inc including New York and Chicago and a few other ones and the Selection of restaurants in New York Looks pretty good just be aware with Built you do have to make at least five Transactions per month in order to earn Any rewards at all I think that’s just To guard against people only using it For rent or only using it for like one Transaction on rent day then in addition To points multiplier promotions on rent Date they also run other kinds of Promotions for example for rent day in April you could actually status match With the card and get hired Explorer Status for three months with a chance to Extend it through 2025 if you stayed Just 10 nights at Hyatt properties in That period if you stayed 20 nights you Could reach globalist until 2025 and Normally explorers would be 30 nights And globalist would be 60. now although That deal is now over I’m sure we’re Gonna see more promotions in fact for The coming rent Day in May May 1st built Is actually going to give you a 100 Bonus when you transfer points to Flying

Blue which is the combined loyalty Pro Program of Air France KLM so let’s say You want to take a business class flight To Europe that cost 50 000 points One Way well now you’re going to get double The points you transfer 50 000 to Air France KLM Flying Blue you actually get A hundred thousand in your account so You can get a round-trip business class Flight for the price of a one-way so Anyway the built MasterCard there’s Nothing quite like it on the Us credit Card market and if you’re renting it’s a Complete no-brainer I’ll put a link to It and to many of the other credit cards That we’re going to talk about in this Video in the description below but let’s Move on to our next must have credit Card of 2023. The Chase Sapphire prefer Now the Chase Sapphire preferred is a Classic and now is a better time than Ever to get the card because of the Brand new 80 000 Point welcome bonus When you sign up now we’ll talk about The bonus in just a moment but first What’s good about this card well it Earns five points per dollar on travel Purchase through Chase and two points Per dollar on all other travel then Three points per dollar on dining and Three points per dollar on online Grocery and for online grocery if you Pay through a grocery store’s companion

App Chase will normally count that as Online grocery this is the case with Publix and with Kroger and Ralphs you Can physically go to the store but as Long as you pay through their app it Does count as online that is what Chase Is allowing right now obviously it could Change in the future lastly the card Earns three points per dollar on select Streaming services and one point per Dollar on everything else and there’s Also a 50 annual Hotel credit that Offsets the 95 annual fee now the Chase Sapphire preferred is a great card to Get to get into the chase ecosystem and It normally as the highest bonus like Now with 80 000 points so you could get It for the bonus and then if you prefer In a year’s time you could upgrade to The Chase Sapphire Reserve if you want a More high level car that gives you Airport lounge access Etc or Alternatively you could downgrade to the Chase Freedom if you want a no annual Fee card that earns five percent back in Rotating quarterly categories but if you Want to transfer points out to Airline Partners you do have to have either the Sapphire preferred or Reserve or a Inc Business card anyway the current welcome Bonus is 80 000 points for spending four Thousand dollars in the first three Months it is a limited time offer so if You want it I would try to get this card

Soon and I’ll link to the card in the Description as well and before we get Into talking about our next card if you Want to get a credit card or any kind of Credit product for that matter you’re Going to want to protect your identity From thieves who will steal your Information and open fraudulent accounts In your name trashing your credit score And your hopes of ever getting approved For future credit edit products you may Not know this but your information is Easily accessible on data broker Websites like true people search look There are 52 Ben Hedges on there with Addresses phone numbers emails Etc but Not one of them is me because of the Sponsor of today’s video Aura Aura is a Complete identity theft credit Monitoring VPN and anti-virus service All rolled into one they constantly Submit removal requests to data Brokers To get your personal information off the Open internet and even monitor the dark Web for your info and passwords that may Have been stolen in data breaches they Found three instances of my info on the Dark web their credit monitoring feature Will send you an alert if there’s Suspicious activity on your credit file Like someone trying to apply for a Credit card in your name their VPN Service protects your information from Theft on the internet particularly

Useful when using public Wi-Fi and their Antivirus software protects your Computer and devices it’s like seven Things that all complement each other Rolled into one and thus provides much Better value than if you were to sign up For all of these Services separately let Aura do the hard work of keeping you Safe online and if you sign up now with My link below or it will give you a Two-week free trial of the service You’ll be shocked at how much of your Private information Aura fines Exposed On the internet over those two weeks so Go to aura.com forward slash Ben Hedges To start your free trial you can also Click the link below or scan the QR code On screen now alright on to our next Card The AmEx gold The AmEx gold has always been such a No-brainer card for me I’ve had it in my Wallet pretty much consistently since 2018. the car’s main selling point is That it earns four American Express Points per dollar on restaurants Worldwide and U.S supermarkets I spent 7 626 at restaurants last year and 8 685 At supermarkets using this card which at Four points per dollar means I earned 65 244 points from all that spending that’s Enough for a one-way business class Flight to Europe in United’s Flagship Polaris business class that’s a flight

That would normally cost four thousand Dollars now the car does have a 250 Annual fee which is though offset by two Hundred and forty dollars worth of Credits so a 120 dining credit and a 120 Uber credit which is also valid for Ubereats so if you use all of those Credits effectively it costs you just Ten dollars per year so for this reason The AmEx gold remains a card that I am Still recommending to people in 2023 it Remains the best card for earning points On dining or grocery unless there’s a Limited time promotion for example the Chase Freedom offering five points per Dollar on grocery for one quarter for Example you’ll find a link to this card In my credit card guide which is always In the description below alright let’s Move on to card number four The AmEx blew cash every day Now this is an interesting one Originally I was considering the Amazon Prime rewards Visa card for number four Since it earns five points per dollar at Amazon a lot of people use Amazon I use It all the time so it could make sense But I wanted to go a bit broader in Online shopping and everyday categories And the AmEx Blue Cash every day was Actually updated last year with some Really great categories the card earns Three percent cash back on groceries Three percent back on online shopping

That’s the category that’s particularly Interesting to me and three percent back On gas each of those categories is Limited to six thousand dollars in spend Per year so that’s eighteen thousand Dollars in total if you Max that out That would be 540 in cashback for the Year and the cool thing is the card has No annual fee so this could be a great Card to use for online shopping if You’re not loyal to Amazon all right and You shop at loads of different online Merchants if you’re an Amazon Prime Member and you’re buying loads of stuff From them then just get the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa but what is more if you are On team cashback it could be a great Card to cover those three really big cat Categories groceries online shopping and Gas alright moving on to our fifth and Final car Capital One Venture X Ah the mighty Venture X you could say That this was the most popular card of 2022 and it is still going strong in 2023. now the main reason I include the Venture X in this is that it is the Cheapest way to get unlimited airport Lounge access from a variety of Different Lounge networks of any card on The US market right now the card gives You unlimited priority pass lounge Access with two guests also unlimited Access to Plaza premium lounges with two

Guests as well and you can also go to Virgin clubhouses in addition there’s Also a new Capital One Lounge Network Starting up they’ve just got one Location so far but there are more Opening soon then you can also add Authorized user cards for free and they Get their own lounge access with two Guests as well so you could potentially Get a lot of people into lounges with This car the annual fee for the card is 3.95 but it’s offset by a 300 travel Credit and every four years a TSA Pre Global Entry Credit for a hundred Dollars then every anniversary you get 10 000 points which is worth at least a Hundred dollars so if you play your Cards right pun intended this card would Be free to keep in your wallet in terms Of Point earning the card is reasonably Strong too it earns two miles per dollar On all spending and then in addition 10 Miles per dollar on hotel and car rental On Capital One travel and five miles per Dollar on flights through Capital One Travel now if you’ve got all five cards On this list this card would serve as Your airport lounge access card so your Sort of Premium travel card and on top Of that your catch all card for Non-category spends since it earns two Miles per dollar on everything now this List of five cards could serve as a list Where you get every card or where you

Pick and choose we’ve given you at least One card from the three big Banks Chase Amex and Capital One unfortunately we Didn’t include City in this list but if You want a good runner-up the city Custom cash is a really popular car Right now and it would also be be a Great addition to any setup it earns Five percent cashback which is Transferable to five City points per Dollar in your bigger spending category Each month so it’s uh also kind of a No-brainer car and like we said as well You could substitute the AmEx Blue Cash Every day for the Amazon Prime card if You’re a big amazon purchaser Amazon Purchaser Amazon user and you don’t Spend that much money on other online Websites after getting some or all of The cards on your list you may want to Load up on a few other cards in a Certain system of your choice so that You can maximize the amount of points You can earn within that system and pool Them together for redemptions for Example you may want to get a Chase Freedom Flex card to complement your Chase Sapphire and pull those points Together also if you own a home the Built card may not make quite as much Sense for you so you might want to Substitute that for the City Custom Cache instead anyway guys let me know in The comments what are your must-have

Credit cards for 2023 a big thank you to Aura for sponsoring this video get two Weeks free of their service by going to Aura.com forward slash Ben Hedges or Clicking the link below or scanning the QR code on screen now please subscribe To the channel if you’re new and we’ll See you next time bye

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