5x to 10x Chase BONUSES & How to get an Amex 170k BONUS!

5x to 10x Chase BONUSES & How to get an Amex 170k BONUS!

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And we have an awesome episode lined up For you today now I did just get back From Hawaii so I'm a little jet lagged But I'll get through it so we're going To cover three things in this video how You can get a 5x to 10x points bonus on Certain spending categories on certain Chase cards and this is for current card Holders then we have a 50 off discount Code for Southwest flights and lastly we Have a 170 000 Point welcome bonus on a Certain American Express co-branded Marriott credit card so first up Chase Has a website that is called chase.com Forward slash my bonus where you can Enter your information your last name Last four digits of your card number and Your zip code and see if you are Targeted for a limited time spending Bonus now it's more common for Co-branded cards to be targeted for These bonuses so think any Chase card That has a hotel or Airlines name on it We tried it with my wife's Hiatt card And she was targeted for 5 points per Dollar on grocery stores gas and Amazon.com now you need to take a look At the small print on this though Because the bonus actually runs from October 1st to December 31st so you Can't just think yay I got my bonus I'm Going to spend 500 at grocery stores Today and get loads of points well 500

At grocery stores in 2023 gets you like Three things anyway but that's beside The point it starts on October 1st so Just wait until October 1st before you Start the spending also be aware that Like with the Chase Freedom quarterly Categories there is actually a spending Limit on this on the offer we got on the Hiat card the spending limit is one Thousand dollars so we'll probably use It for groceries in the first month or So and then we'll put it away and use Something else other cards that have Bonuses that I am aware of would be the Chase United cards and the Chase Southwest Airline cards but you can try Any code branded code I mean you can Even try other Chase cards Ultimate Rewards ones but just know it's the Co-brander cards that are more likely to Have a bonus and speaking of Southwest Airlines there is currently a deal where You can get 50 off Southwest flights but You have to move fast so they're Offering fifty percent off flights when You use the code wow 50 when you book But you've got to be quick with this one Look at those dates book with code wow 50 September 26 to 28th so you need to Book your flight either today or Tomorrow and it's valid on flights Through date ranges October 24th 2023 to March 6 2024. so the flight date range Is actually quite wide it's six months

But there are some blackout dates to be Aware of I'll put them all on screen I'm Not going to read them out because There's so many of them but you can Pause the video and have a look and I'd Recommend just going to the landing page For the deal which I'll put in a pin Comment down below and you can then just Click through and the promo code gets Applied directly to your booking weird Thing is though it seems that you don't Necessarily actually need the promo code Southwest seems to be applying the Discount automatically even on bookings That I tried without inputting the promo Code like look at these two flights from New York to Atlanta we got one a week Before the promo period starts and that Costs a hundred and three dollars for The Wanna Get Away fare and then the one On the same day the following week after The period has started okay after October 24th that's 42 so it's actually More than 50 off so I don't really know What's going on how it works but Basically there are some really cheap Flights if you book today or tomorrow And your flight is after October 24th if You go directly to southwest.com there's A big banner at the top of their website Where you can click through to it as Well and just remember that you have to Book either today or tomorrow all right Now let's get into talking about this

170 000 points bonus on the American Express co-branded Marriott credit cards But first of all if you have American Express cards or any credit cards for That matter but especially Amex cards And I'll tell you why that is in a Minute but if you have a load of credit Cards you will love the sponsor of Today's video max rewards it's an app That does a soft link with your Banks And displays all your data from all your Credit cards regardless of issuer inside One app so you can see all your Transactions your balances your points And Miles balances from every single Card in one easy to use dashboard There's a welcome bonus spend tracker in The app and it even tracks bonus Categories even the ones that change Every quarter and will always recommend The best cards to earn you the maximum Rewards on every transaction but if you Have American Express cards the pro Version of Max rewards Max rewards gold Is especially useful because it Activates all of your Amex offers adding Them to your card so you never miss a Deal you may even be outside do some Spending and come home to an email Saying that you save some money with an Amex offer that you didn't even know About that's happened to me a couple of Times also what happens is that when you Add all your Amex office to your card

Like adding one or two hundred to a card New Amex offers that you never knew Existed will appear in your account and Max rewards will add them to your card Too and you can get a free month of Max Rewards gold with my link below or just Download the app and check out the free Features alright let's now talk about This huge welcome bonus which is on the Marriott bonfire brilliant American Express card and has their highest tier Marriott card you can get two free night Certificates each worth 85 000 points if You've sent six thousand dollars in six Months so that's one thousand dollars Per month in spending and that's how we Get 170 000 points it's two times eighty Five thousand but obviously to get that Figure you need to book hotels that are As close to 85 000 points as possible or Even over 85 000 points per night and We'll tell you how you can do that in Just a second because there is a way but Booking close to 85 000 check out the Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman did I mention I went to Grand Cayman well it's selling For 80 000 points per night in October And it's 695 dollars per night at that Time so if you use both certificates That would be a hundred and sixty Thousand points and one thousand three Hundred ninety dollars in value for the Bonus not bad we got most of the value We could get out of that bonus okay just

Ten thousand points short of the 170 and That is a top of the league hotel to say It but you can't even go beyond Beyond 85 000 points per night because Marriott Now allows you to top up free night Certificates by up to fifteen thousand Points so if you do the spending on the Card to get the bonus that would be six Thousand dollars in six months well this Card earns two points per dollar on Non-category spend so you're gonna have At least twelve thousand points in your Account maybe more but let's say twelve Thousand points just to be conservative Well you could in theory stay at a hotel Two nights worth up to 91 000 points per Night like this Mauna Kea Beach Hotel on The big island of Hawaii where I just Came back from did I mention that I went To Hawaii anyway that hotel is 743 Dollars per night so you would be Getting one thousand four hundred and Eighty six dollars in value out of the Bonus and the extra six thousand points Which is three thousand per night now I'd recommend this card for people who Are looking at staying at Marriott's Finest hotels so we're talking Ritz Carlton St Regis and hotels from the Autograph Collection there should be a Lot of high-end options that you can use These certificates for especially now That you can top them up up to fifteen Thousand points per night just remember

This offer ends on November 1st now they Don't let me share Amex credit card Links on YouTube anymore only on my Website but if you are interested in This card I will put my credit card Guide down below you can go on that Credit card guide find the AmEx platinum And click through to creditcards.com and From there you can search hotel cards And you will find this card with the two Free nights at 85 000 points welcome Bonus using our links supports our show Helps us keep putting out free videos on YouTube so we thank you very much if you Do and you can also do this for other Cards as well like if you're thinking of Applying for a certain credit card go to My credit card guy click through the AmEx platinum and you can even search by Issuer you can search by category you Can search for any credit card you like On creditcard.com and your application Really helps us out now there are a few More bonuses on other Marriott cards but I will cover them in a separate video Best bonuses for October 2024 so look Out for that video coming out soon also Look out for two Hotel review videos From Hawaii I already put out one video From Hawaii or the way to Hawaii which Was a review of the Delta Sky Club at LAX airport I'll put that on screen now You can check it out if you want don't Forget to get your free month of Max

Rewards link for that is below please Subscribe to the channel if you're new We'll see you next time bye

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