60+ Plaza Premium Lounges Joining Priority Pass, Good Changes to Chase PYB

60+ Plaza Premium Lounges Joining Priority Pass, Good Changes to Chase PYB

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show Now Plaza premium Lounge is one of the Best independent airport lounge networks Out there providing good quality food a Place to rest and often really good Shower Suites now you used to be able to Access most of their 180 lounges through Priority parts and priority pass is the Most common lounge access program on U.S Credit cards but back in 2021 57 Plaza Premium lounges left the priority Pass Program but as of today we have learned That 63 Plaza premium lounges are indeed Coming back to Priority pass so more Plaza premium lounges that left I guess They've opened a few more in the time Since uh they all left two years ago and In this video we are going to tell you Which ones they are okay which airports They're at which credit cards this is Going to apply to because some credit Cards actually give Plaza premium Lounge In addition to Priority pass but Obviously it's going to be the credit Cards that just have priority pass that Are going to benefit from this and in Addition to that when you can start Using them and also for Chase Sapphire Reserve card holders we have some Positive changes to the chase pay Yourself back feature that we're going To talk about at the end of the video so Do keep watching hi my name is Ben aka The credit shufu and on this channel I

Share with you guys personal finance Credit card and travel tips so if you're Into that do subscribe here on YouTube And if you're on any of the other Platforms notably Facebook Instagram and Tick Tock my handles on those platforms Are below as well I share a little bit More up-to-date information especially On my Instagram stories so when Plaza Premium Lounge left priority passed two Years ago it left some pretty big gaps In the lounge access of priority pass Members at certain airports all of the Lounges in a certain terminal available Through priority pass were Plaza premium Lounges so when they left you didn't Have any Lounge options in that terminal And this was especially notable in Canada and also in the UK and then a few Places in the US internationally as well But for the UK and Canada are examples All of the UK's major airports had Plaza Premium lounges in the priority Pass Program for example so when they all Left priority passed people passing Through the UK had their lounge access Gutted by a major percentage and there Were some airport terminals where they Literally just didn't have access to a Lounge anymore but now all these lounges And more are coming back 63 lounges in Total and this is coming in two stages So the first batch of lounges are Rejoining today June 6th so as of today

You'll have lounges in Africa the Asia Pacific region which includes Plaza Premium lounges in Hong Kong and Taiwan Which I've been to and I think are both Very good as well as one Lounge in Europe and then the Middle East and then Two big ones Canada and the UK where There are loads of lounges the plaza Premium Lounge at London Heathrow is a Really good one and they have now Rejoined the priority Pass Program then On June 20th we get a load more in the Asia Pacific region and Continental Europe they list Hong Kong in both the First and the second batch of lounges I'm guessing that is because there are Two or more Plaza premium lounges at Hong Kong International Airport hkg that Are rejoining the priority Pass Program Last time I was there I went to One Plus Premium Lounge at gate one which is the One that rejoined the program today and Then there's another one at gate 40 Where they had great shower Suites but It seems the gate 41 isn't there anymore And it has been replaced with two new Ones one near gate 35 and one near gate 60 that also look like they have amazing Shouts so anyway guys it's great that Those lounges are all coming back I Can't wait to start using them it Somewhat devalues the Capital One Venture X and the AmEx Platinum which a Major selling point of both of those

Cards was that they provided both Priority pass and Plaza premium access But now most Plaza premium lounges are Accessible through priority pass again So it's not such a major selling point For those cards and I'm certainly Pleased too since I have a layover in London next week so I'll be looking Forward to going to a plaza premium Lounge although I have the AmEx Platinum So I'd be able to access the plaster Premium launch anyway so what am I Talking about all right before we move On to the next section of today's video Talking about positive changes to the Pay yourself back feature on the Chase Sapphire Reserve if you have a lot of Credit cards that you struggle to keep Track of I recommend the sponsor of Today's video the app Max rewards it Does a soft link to your bank and Displays information from all your Credit cards such as transactions your Balances your points and Miles balances All in one place even if your credit Cards are from different issuers it also Tracks spending categories such as the Regular categories and the ones that Rotate quarterly and it'll always Recommend the best card for every Spending category and every local Merchant Max rewards is especially Useful if you have American Express Cards since the pro version of the app

Max rewards gold will activate all of Your Amex offers for you so you never Miss a deal and the average user saves 700 a year through Amex offers and guys You can get a free month of Max rewards Gold with my link below so do check it Out you can also just download the app And check out the free features if you Want as well now many of you will be Familiar with the chase pay yourself Back feature this is a feature that Chase brought in during the pandemic When people weren't using their points For travel and it enabled you to pay off Charges on the card at values greater Than one cent per point now this feature Has got somewhat gutted over the past Year okay so on the sapphire reserve it Used to be really great you could pay Off charges on the card at 1.5 cents per Point and those included categories okay It was set there were set categories it Wasn't any charge but there were Categories like dining on there I think Even the early days Airbnb was on there As well which is super useful category At 1.5 cents per point because you can't Book that through the travel portal Anyway right at the start of 2023 the Value per point was decreased from 1.5 Down to 1.25 cents per point and a lot Of the categories were changed too in Fact there's only one category that Remains at 1.5 cents per point and that

Is Select Charities but that's not Really delivering value to you is it I Mean it's a great way to use your points But ultimately you're giving your points Away so you know at least give us one Category that's 1.5 cents per point and Benefits us right I'm not against Charity but come on Chase anyway the one Kind of sweet spot is that the sapphire Reserve kept Grocery and gas stations as Categories at 1.25 cents per point now This was originally supposed to end on June 30th but it seems that chase has Now extended these categories for Another quarter so all the way through Until September 30th and that's the Positive changes to the pay yourself Back feature that we wanted to tell you About now this Still Remains a lower Value Redemption compared to Transferring your points out to an Airline and then booking business class For two cents or more per point but if You're someone who wants to do a cash Back star Redemption maybe you're short Of cash and you're like I'll just use my Points you know if you're someone who Has to resort to that or maybe maybe You're on team cash back and you just Want cash back anyway this is a great Cash back type Redemption to do because It gives you a higher value than one Cent per point so let me know what you Think about this in the comments below

What categories would you like to see on The chase pay yourself back feature guys Also don't forget that you can get a Free month of Max rewards gold with my Link below and also if you're interested In knowing more about any of the credit Cards that we regularly talk about on Our show including the ones that gives You access to the priority pass and Plaza premium lounges I will put my Credit card guide below where you can Find information and links to many of Those cards as always using our links Does really help out our show so we Thank you very much if you do please Subscribe if you're new and we'll see You in the next video bye-bye Foreign [Music] [Music]

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