75,000 BONUS on this Credit Card + NEW Capital One Lounge NOW OPEN

75,000 BONUS on this Credit Card + NEW Capital One Lounge NOW OPEN

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And in this video I want to take a look At the new 75 000 Point welcome bonus on A certain hotel credit card we've got a Couple of deals where you can get Discounts and earn extra points at Hilton and Hyatt and in addition to that We have a new Capital One Lounge that Just opened we're going to show you some Photos and tell you all about it so We're going to cover all of that in this Video but first if you want some free Money and want to support our Channel at No cost to yourself why not get up to 12 Free stocks from our sponsor Weeble Weeble is a brokerage app where you can Invest in both stocks and cryptos and Right now you can sign up and deposit Any amount of money and get between 6 And 12 free stocks now the minimum value If you get just six at low values is Thirty four dollars and you could really Luck out with this and get 8 10 12 free Stocks at much higher values it could be Worth over thirty thousand dollars luck Of the draw what you get link for that Is below alright let's first talk about This new 75 000 Point welcome bonus and That is on the world of hire business Card from Chase this card is offering 60 000 points for spending five thousand Dollars in your first three months from Account opening and then another 15 000 Points for spending twelve thousand

Dollars in your first six months now That's quite a high span requirement but Even if you only get the first part Sixty thousand points for spending five Thousand dollars it's actually quite a Good deal you could get two nights at The higher Ziva all-inclusive resort in Los Cabos Mexico for twenty five Thousand points per night so fifty Thousand in total and still have ten Thousand points left over and this is The resort that I went to back in 2021 And I had a great time there I'm seeing Award availability at 25 000 points per Night at that Resort all through October But if you do get the full 75 000 points Bonus then it's enough for three nights At that Resort but there's actually Another reason to get this card at this Particular time and that is because of Another limited time spending bonus that Chase is doing so in addition to earning Nine points per dollar on higher two Points per dollar on gym memberships you Can actually currently earn two points Per dollar on your top three spending Categories each quarter from this list Dining airline tickets car rental local Transport and commuting gas stations Internet cable phone services social Media and search engine advertising and Shipping now the reason that this is a Limited time bonus is that it is only Your top three spending categories up

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Until the end of the year December 31st 2023 and then it goes down to just your Top two spending categories from that List so you could be earning two higher Points per dollar on dining transport And gas for example until the end of the Year and there is no limit to the amount Of points that you could earn the higher Points are some of the most valuable Hotel points out there so it's a pretty Good deal you can also get loads of Other benefits on this card like up to 100 in Hyatt credits per year discount On room rate Etc I'll put the link to This card in the description section Below so if you're interested you can Learn more about it alright let's now Move on to talking about two hotel deals That can give you some extra value and One is actually from Hyatt and another One is from Hilton we'll talk about the Hyatt one first so in the Hyatt deal There's currently a discount code that Gets you 15 off at Hyatt Hotels through February 2024 and this is gojalyn15 the Exact spelling of that is on screen now And this is higher celebrating the fact That this football player Jalen Hyatt Coincidentally has the same last name as The name of their brand so yeah just Type in the code gojalen15 and you'll Get 15 off now unfortunately with this One there are actually a lot of Exemptions like it's not valid at any of

Those all-inclusive resorts we mentioned But for regular Hyatt Hotels it should Work fine all right now let's talk about The Hilton deal there's currently this Deal with Hilton that any Hilton member Can sign up for and once it's activated You'll get double points in all your Hilton stay days and triple points on Stays in select cities all you have to Do is either sign up for an account or For existing members log into your Account through this landing page which I will link to in a pin comment below And you will be getting double or triple Points from now until the end of the Year the cities that give triple points Include Washington DC New York City then London Dubai Bangkok overseas and many Many more and just in case you're Wondering yes this promotion is valid For reward stays where you pay with Points too so I will earn double Hilton Points on my upcoming stay at the Hilton Waikoloa Village Resort in Hawaii later This month all right now let's take a Look at the new Capital One Lounge that Just opened literally yesterday at Washington dully's airport now this is Capital one's own response to other Credit card companies who have created Their own Lounge networks and to get Access to the Capital One lounges you Need the Capital One Venture X Card Which will give you unlimited access

With two guests or if you just have the Capital One Venture Card you can Actually get two free Lounge passes per Year the lounge is after security at Delhi's airport and it's actually built Into the base of an old control tower And it was designed by architect erio Sarinan I'm probably butchering that Pronunciation but he's the same guy who Designed the old JFK terminal 5 which Became the TWA hotel that we stayed in a Couple of years ago and since the lounge Is built into an old control tower as You can see the angled windows are still Present I'm going to go through a few Articles to show you guys the photos I Did reach out to Capital One or try to Find their media photos but I couldn't Find anything and they didn't get back To me in time so anyway let's check out The points guys article you can see There's a load of grab-and-go food this Is near the entrance for people who are Just in the lounge for a few minutes Then there's a coffee bar here you can See also the angled windows again in This shot there are lockers for your Belong there's a lot of comfortable Looking seating with power outlets the Food looks pretty nice and there's also A selection of cocktails and beers the Bathrooms are individual ones same as The Capital One Lounge in Dallas which Is good because it gives you more

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Privacy if you want to change or do Something like shaving view from the Wing also had a load of good photos that You may want to check out and I'll put a Link to both of those articles in a pin Comment Down Below in total the lounge Is 8 500 square feet which is a Respectable size but it isn't the Biggest Lounge out there and if you want To access it with unlimited visits you Will need the Capital One Venture X card And that card remains one of my most Highly recommended travel credit cards I'll put a link to my credit card guide In the description below where you will Find a link to that card and a load of Other cards that we regularly talk about On our show you can click through there If you want to learn more about it Alright guys that is the video for today I hope you found it interesting and more Importantly I hope you are getting some Value out of some of the deals that we Mentioned in this video and if you want Even more value do consider getting up To 12 free stocks for signing up for an Account and depositing any amount of Money with our sponsor Weeble link for That is in the description as always Please subscribe if you're new and we'll See you next time bye

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