80K Bonus on Citi Premier Credit Card, but I still don’t know…

80K Bonus on Citi Premier Credit Card, but I still don't know...

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Hey i’m adam jusko and this is strictly Credit cards where we talk about Strictly Credit cards subscribe why don’t you There’s a new city premiere Bonus offer out 80 000 point bonus Offer that is if you spend four thousand Dollars in the first three months of Having the card And while this is a very nice bonus Offer i still have a little Skepticism here around this city Premiere card which i will tell you About So here’s the deal with the city Premiere card it gives you a lot of Points and a lot of categories Everyday categories where you would want To have enhanced rewards however it does Have a 95 Annual fee but as i said 80 000 point Bonus here so overall what we’re looking At is A card with a 95 annual fee you get Three points per dollar at supermarkets Three points per dollar at gas stations Three points per dollar at restaurants Three points per dollar on air and hotel Travel you get one point per dollar Everywhere else there’s a 100 Hotel credit potentially on this card But in order to get it you would have to Spend at least 500 On a hotel reservation made through

Cities Thank you travel portal so if you’re Fine with that well then you could Tell yourself i guess that you basically Are getting the card without an annual Fee because that hotel benefit Is going to essentially you know erase That 95 Annual fee that you paid however to me Not everyone wants to Necessarily use the city thank you Portal for that 100 benefit you do have To spend 500 bucks or more In order to get it so i don’t totally Buy that Argument but anyway overall you look at All this together 95 annual fee a lot of 3x categories you’ve got a bonus offer Right now 80 000 points if you spend 4 thousand Dollars in the first three months of Having the card So my skepticism is sort of twofold Number one It is the fact that a lot of these 3x Categories On this card i could get from other Cards that have No annual fees so i could potentially Piece together what this card is giving Me From multiple other no annual fee cards And then i wouldn’t have to pay A 95 annual fee so that is sort of the

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First part However if you were someone that was Willing to pay that 95 Annual fee and you like thought to Yourself you know what i just want one Card where i can get that 3x On everything and those are all the big Categories and i’m happy and even if i Spend 95 dollars no big deal that is Understandable especially when you have A card That has a big bonus opportunity like The 80k However the second skepticism or issue That i have potentially with this card Is It is very difficult to understand what The value of Cities thank you points are on the city Premier card because you would assume That if you’re getting 80 000 points That those would be worth 800 If you were to take them as a statement Credit or some other sort of Cash equivalent but citi does not make This very clear and i even got on the Phone today with two different Customer service people and still could Not get a clear answer so a little while Back There was talk that you could take your City thank you points and you could get A penny per point For them and this would be different

Than previous where you could only get a Half cent per point so it was bad to Take your points and Use them for a cash redemption you could Get gift cards and you could get those At a penny a point or you could use them For travel and maybe get more value But if you just needed to cash out some Points that was not going to work for You at a penny per Point valuation so within the last Couple months people are saying oh well They’ve changed it now it’s a penny per Point But now i’m hearing again that is not a Penny per point and even when i get on The phone With city customer service reps they Can’t tell me one person told me it was Not The second person told me that it was And so some people have had these The ability to redeem at a penny per Point some people Have not and when you go and look at This offer Or the city premiere card in general When it is offered they always talk About the bonus In terms of what the worth is in gift Cards they never say You know 60 000 points or 80 000 points Is going to be worth 600 Cash or 800 cash so they never talk

About What the cash value would be if you Redeem it they only talk about the gift Cards or tell you that you can redeem For travel So you sit on the outside and you think To yourself Well i could get this card it would be a Penny per point so that’s a really Awesome bonus But it’s a little less awesome if you Can’t get a penny per point If you don’t care about a penny per Point then you’re never going to cash Out well then great if you’re good with Gift cards you’re going to get a penny Per point you can get 800 bucks worth of Gift cards With this offer or if you’re going to Use it for travel maybe you can even get More than that depending on how you Redeem it but that Cash out option for whatever reason they Continue to keep under wraps and they Basically say Well here’s how you’ll find out what the Value would be Of your points you would get the card And then After you have the card you could find Out how much we’re going to give you In the statement credit option for your Points which is ridiculous So that’s essentially the whole video

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The city premiere card now has an eighty Thousand point bonus opportunity if you Spend four thousand dollars In the first three months of having it Actually if you go on the city site They’re still showing sixty thousand but The link that you can see below will Show you 80 000 Or a lot of the affiliate sites uh also Are showing 80 000 so for whatever reason it seems like City has using it in some places but Only showing 60 000 In other places but anyway it is Available to you this is not A bad card some people would tell you it Is a very good card for me i’m still on The fence with that 95 Annual fee and i just want to know what The value of those thank you points Is if i use it as a statement credit Questions comments put them in that Comment section below otherwise i thank You for watching we’ll talk to you soon

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