ACT FAST! How to Get HUGE Cash Back & Points on BLACK FRIDAY

ACT FAST! How to Get HUGE Cash Back & Points on BLACK FRIDAY

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And we are coming up on Black Friday the Most capitalistic day of the year where You go out and buy things you never knew You needed Excuse me yes I'm trying to Find a turlan do me too me too simply Because everyone else is doing it you Get involved in Stampedes my fights over flat screen TVs Two women battle for a TV set police Eventually throwing one woman to the Floor he all around have a great time Celebrating the American dream am [Music] Amica America oh and it's also Native American Heritage day which is kind of Messed up if you really think about it But with all the Ridiculousness and Controversies Aside if you do actually need to buy Something Black Friday is a great time To buy it since you can combine a load Of different deals such as Black Friday Discounts and Deals on your credit cards And from other places to get stuff Almost for free and you don't have to do Your Black Friday shopping on Black Friday itself either these days there Are loads of opportunities in the leadup To it and afterwards as well for example If you have a Bank of America credit Card you can get an extra 2% cash back Or extra two points per dollar if you Spend today and today only on up to

The Credit Pros

$2,500 in spending so if you're thinking Of making a purchase in the next few Days with your Bank of America credit Card do it today for some extra points I'll put the link to that deal below Then US Bank have also doubled rewards On their portal for shopping deals and Travel such as prepaid hotels and car Rentals and also activated cashback Offers this one is from November 30th to December 3D which is a little weird Since that's actually after Black Friday But whatever still in time for you to Buy Christmas presents I guess I'll put A link to that one below as well so you Can learn more about it along with Everything else that I'm going to talk About today all right now let's get get Into my favorite method of getting huge Cash back and AMX points on Black Friday And that would be reton now this is a Shopping portal website that is Basically doing marketing for all your Favorite stores and then sharing their Commissions with you in the form of Either cashback or MX points whichever One of those two you choose now if you Look at the site right now you will Notice that there are already some Increased cashback offers and just a Note anywhere you see a percentage you Can substitute that with the same number Of MX points if you choose to earn the Rewards as MX points so for example 1%

Would be 1 Point 2% would be 2 points Etc so we already have up to 4% at Best Buy up to 10% at Walmart 2% at Sachs Etc Also another note when you see up to it Means that certain departments have that Rate so for Walmart as an example you Get 10% back for appliances Automotive Furniture Hardware home decor Etc it's Quite a lot and once you're through to Walmart's site you will notice that many Of their Black Friday deals have in fact Already started so you could look at the Home Appliances like this refrigerator Which is already half price because of Black Friday so you're already getting $189 off and then on top of that you'll Get 10% or 10 AMX points per dollar on The remaining amount and on top of that You'll get whatever rewards you're Earning from whatever credit card you Choose to use as well now I love these Deals I even made a video four years ago About how I got a $229 espresso machine for $66 so we Actually earned let me have a look $28.85 cashback from Ebates which takes The grand total down to $65.90 almost just under $66 we paid for That $229 coffee machine actually if you add On the tax as well it' be more more like $245 coffee machine but anyway $66 Incredible deal right I'm G to get back To my coffee and that was on Black

Friday clicking through from reton which At that time was called Ebates and I Then combined that with a few other Deals signing up for the sax mailing List for 10% off AMX Platinum sax credit For $50 off and also a deal Sachs we're Doing for Black Friday where if you Spend $150 you get $75 gift card so Rutin can be combined with many Different things both sax and Dell are On there and both normally do around 15% Cash back on Black Friday which means It's a great way to use the $50 biannual Sax credit on the personal MX platinum Card or the $200 biannual Dell credit on The business Platinum so you just click Through you buy some stuff you get extra Cash back on top of what you'd earn on Your card and you still get your Statement credit for either $50 or $100 Which is a benefit of the card and like We saw if it's your first time shopping With Sachs and many other stores do this Too you can sign on to their email list For another 10% off now if you want to Use reton on Black Friday Friday or in The leadup to it as rewards rates rise Last year for example Sachs was 15% walm Marks was 12% Etc you should sign up Today because if you sign up before November 16th you will get $40 bonus Cash back in your account after making Your first purchase of $40 or more from Any of the stores on the site now after

November 16th that bonus will go down Probably to just $20 my link for that Deal is below but if you have a friend Who uses rettin you can help them out Too by using their link and they get a Little bonus for referring you as well But if you don't have any friends I mean You know what I mean you can tell I've Made that joke before my link is below Right let's talk about one more thing Before we finish and that is Amazon Since Amazon doesn't appear on rakon Sadly but Amazon is a great place to buy Christmas presents and to get Black Friday deals and they do happen to be in The quarter four categories on the Discover It cashback card so if you have That card that means that you can earn 5% back at Amazon or if you are in your First year of card membership they do Cash back match so that actually becomes 10% but there's more currently there is A deal where you can get $10 in Amazon Credit when you add your Discover It Card and set it as your default payment Method in your Amazon account and yes if You already have it added into your Amazon account that's fine you just have To set it as your default payment method But you must do this by clicking through From this promotion page I will link to It below and just so you know the credit Expires 30 days after you get it and the Offer so the ability to sign up for the

The Credit Pros

Offer runs until December 31st or while Stocks last so I guess there's a limited Amount of these credits so this way you Get a discount because it's Black Friday You get either 5 or 10% back from your Card depending on whether it's your First year or not and you get another $10 Amazon credit on top of that that's Three layers of deals and guys I love Stacking layers and layers of deals let Me know in the comments how many layers Of different deals or rewards you have Managed to stack I think for that coffee Machine it was four layers if someone Can do five layers that's really Impressive anyway link to reton is below Sign up before November 16th for a $40 Bonus and links to all the other things Mentioned are going to be below in the Description section as well you may need To press show more to open and expand it So that you can see the links as always Please subscribe to the channel if You're new and get ready for more Black Friday deals vide in the next few weeks We'll see you next time [Music] Bye-bye

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