ACT NOW: Huge Amex Referral BONUSES, Ending Soon…

ACT NOW: Huge Amex Referral BONUSES, Ending Soon...

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And this is a video about some amazing American Express referral bonuses so if You don't know American Express lets you Refer a friend okay you basically get Um some points or some cashback if you Refer your friend but your friend will Actually get a higher than public offer Welcome bonus okay when they sign up for A new card okay so this can benefit People who want a new AMEX card or People who have an AMEX card and they Want to refer someone else and get some Bonus points all right there's limited Time offers limited time bonuses for Both aspects Um of referrals and I saw this today When researching another video and I Thought I gotta do a video about this Because these offers actually end in Early June okay I'll tell you exactly When a little bit later on um but we'll You know we'll go through it all first But first of all if you do want to Support this channel Um you can support us by supporting our Sponsor Weeble where you can still get Up to 12 free stocks I know this deal Seems to be going on forever but it may End this month I'm not totally sure but Up to 12 free stocks when you open a new Brokerage account with Weeble and Deposit any amount of money okay minimum Amount of stocks you can get is six and

The minimum value is thirty four dollars And then if you're lucky you can get up To 12 and the values of those could be a Lot higher it could be up to over thirty Thousand dollars luck of the draw what You get Weeble of course it's the really Good commission free brokerage app Similar to Robinhood but with better Charts link for that deal is gonna be Below all right so what I'm going to do I'm actually going to log into my AmEx Account and I am going to show you Um exactly what deals are available on Both ends of this on whether you're Doing the referring Whether you're being referred so this is Actually my AmEx gold account and we're Gonna go in a little bit uh a little bit Bigger on this If we click in we go refer now there we Go um so we have a limited time referral Offer there's actually two aspects uh to This okay so first we have well let's Talk about the second aspect of it first Because that's the more normal side and Then we'll talk about this bit um so First of all we've got uh Thirty thousand bonus points that you Can earn if you refer someone that's up From ten thousand and so if you refer a Friend you're literally gonna get thirty Thousand points in your account and you Can now do this Um up to a hundred thousand points a

Year okay it used to be fifty five Thousand you see increased from fifty Five thousand membership rewards points But it's now a hundred thousand points So you could refer four people in a year And get a hundred thousand points now it Seems until June 7th Um there's a limited time offer you Refer a friend and they apply by June 7th and if they're approved and they get A card you can get plus five membership Rewards points per dollar spend to Eligible purchases at supermarkets for Three months I get up to twenty five Thousand now you already get four points Per dollar at supermarkets so this Should allow you to earn nine points per Dollar Um at supermarkets all right on your Gold card if you are a gold card member And and you refer someone that seems to Be on the first referral you get that Plus the thirty thousand points and then You can do three more referrals and for Two of them you get thirty thousand and Then the last one you'll get ten Thousand total of a hundred thousand Points a year so It's a great time to refer someone for An AMEX card let's put it that way Especially if you have the gold and you Have this exact offer I don't know Whether necessarily everyone who has the Gold

The Credit Pros

Um will have the exact same offer okay Uh you gotta just open your account and Have a look Um but let's now actually see what the Offer is for people getting referred Okay so I'm gonna copy this link And we're gonna I'm gonna paste this into uh I'm gonna paste this into the The browser there and let's actually see What's on offer all right so American Express they now let you Um actually refer someone to any card so Your link will be to the gold card look There we go Benjamin has referred you All right that's me Um so click through Um the link will link to the gold card But you're actually allowed to refer to Any card I'll tell you how to access the Other cards you know in a just a moment But um this is actually the referral Offer on the gold and so this is what You'll get if someone refers you or if You refer a friend this is what they'll Get and it's better than the public Bonus okay so you don't have to deal With that thing like oh you want to Refer your friend but you have to be Kind of sneaky because actually you're Giving them an in theory offer no this Is better than the public offer so you Get 60 000 points all right and Two hundred dollars back uh in the form

Of a statement credit Um on purchases during your first three Months and that is limited until The same as the other thing June 7th 2023 okay so this is what your friend Can get now let's say you have the gold Card but your friend wants a different Card Alex actually lets you refer people To any card now and I'll show you how You can do this uh you could give your Friend your referral link for the gold And then they can navigate to it Themselves or you can do it for them and Give them a direct link to a card so you Go um up here you've got let's say it's A personal card let's say they want the Platinum right personal cards you click On that and then you've got gold comes Up first but lower down you've got a Load of other offers so the cash magnet Card has um you know a an offer a Special Referral offer Um we've got the Platinum Platinum Limited time referral offer okay so That's also 80 000 points which is the Same as the public offer but an Additional 200 back on uh as a statement Credit on purchases in the first three Months and that's only available until June 7th you've also got a referral Offer on the blue cash Preferred Card And that is low intro APR uh 350 back so 250 after you spend three thousand

Dollars in purchases and an extra Hundred dollars back in statement credit Again that ends June 7th you guessed it Okay Um and let's say someone wanted I don't Know we said the Platinum didn't we so Let's say someone wanted the Platinum Um what you would do is you would click The view details Okay and then you would get the uh you'd You take the URL from this which is Going to be some incredibly long URL uh You can put it into bitly or something And shrink it for them and so yeah That's the offer they would get on the Platinum you can just copy the URL Directly from the Platinum or another Card and send it to your friend that Should work that's worked for me in the Past however if you want peace of mind Just to make sure that the referral is You know registering maybe just send Them your referral link for the gold Card and just tell them oh yeah go to The top click personal cards and then You'll be able to find the platinum on There or whatever other card you want Browse offers Etc Um so that's how you do it guys I'll put My referral link for the gold card below And you'll be able to do exactly the Same thing and be able to browse Um you know the Platinum or any of those Other offers and get those referral

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Offers that are available until June 7th But hey if you've got a friend who has An AMEX card you know don't use mine all Right use your friends all right help a Friend out like I'm actively telling you My referral Link's there right if you Need it but don't use it aim to use your Friends instead all right help your Friend out uh you don't need to help me You can help me out by getting 12 free Stocks from Weeble link for that will be Below as well okay supporting our Sponsors supports the channel we do Thank you very much of course if you do Leave me your comments guys don't forget These deals end on June 7th 2023 so be Quick if you want them Please Subscribe If you're new and I'll see you next time Bye

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