Amex Biz Platinum 200k Offer + Caesars Discount, MS Platinum New Rules

Amex Biz Platinum 200k Offer + Caesars Discount, MS Platinum New Rules

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And we have an AMX heavy video for you Today I'm going to cover three things Okay a great offer for Caesar's resorts In Las Vegas new family language added To the Morgan Stanley platinum card and A new 200,000 bonus on the MX business Platinum if you're new and like the Sound of up-to-date credit card and Personal finance tips and tricks almost Everyday do subscribe to the channel but Let's get started we'll give you the bad News first that is what we call Family Language being added to the Morgan Stanley platinum card now what family Language means is its terms saying that If you had a bonus on any other version Of the Platinum Card you can't get a Welcome bonus when you open a Morgan Stanley Platinum if you didn't know There are different versions of the Platinum that do different things like I For example have the Charles Schwab Platinum and that lets you cash out AMX Membership rewards points at a value of 1.1 cents per Point into into your Charles Schwab investing account okay so The idea it's called invest with rewards You can use the points to invest in Stocks but actually you could just pull The money out and not bother investing It's totally up to you in the past it Used to be that these cards were all Considered different products right so

You have the Charles schab version you Had the Morgan Stanley there's the Goldman Sachs there's the regular Vanilla platinum and um you know AMX has Their once in a-lifetime bonus rule but That didn't apply to the different Versions of the Platinum okay cuz they Were considered different product so you Could get a bonus on the Charles schw And then close that and get a bonus on The vanilla Platinum it was no problem But now slowly they have been adding Terms to each of these cards saying that They're treated as one family of cards And you can't get the bonus on all of Them okay so if you had the vanilla Platinum for example you then couldn't Get the bonus on the Char schw but they Hadn't added it to the Morgan Stanley Platinum until now so here's what was Just added on that card you may not be Eligible to receive a welcome offer if You have had this card the Platinum Card The platinum card from American Express Exclusively for Charles Schwab or Previous versions of these cards so Basically it means that if you have had The other two most common versions of The Platinum the vanilla Platinum that's Just the regular one or the Schwab Platinum you can't get the bonus on the Morgan Stanley Platinum there's also the Goldman Sachs Platinum but that's way Less common but if you're wondering that

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Is not mentioned and guys this isn't Really surprising AMX seems to be Tightening up on bonus rules They just Added a similar language to the green Card where if you have had the gold or Platinum card you now can't get the Bonus on the Green and guys you can Check out my video on that where I go Through the new rules on the green for The bonus it looks like this all right Let's now move on to some actual good AMX stories there's a pretty cool AMX Offer out there for Caesar's resorts in Las Vegas so think Caesar's Palace noou At Caesar's Palace the Paris and several Others I found it on my MX gold card but You may find it on a different card it Is out there here's the offer spend $200 More and get $40 back that's a 20% Discount if you spend exactly $200 and It's BAS basically valid for all their Vegas properties from February 12th to May 31st of this year so if you're Planning a Vegas trip this may be Something that you might want to Consider remember though you have to Book direct so if you wanted to book Something through the AMX fine hotels And resorts collection actually never Mind there are no Caesars properties Currently in fhr or the hotel collection But you know you get my point you can't Book through a portal okay you have to Book direct and speaking of MX offers if

You want all your MX offers activated For you so you never miss a deal you Have to check out the sponsor of today's Video max rewards now the ability to Have all your offers activated is part Of the premium version Max rewards gold And I'll tell you how to get a free Trial of that in just a moment but Max Rewards is the convenient smartphone app That shows you data from all your credit Cards even if they're from different Issuers in one place from transactions To balances to points and rewards Balances it is all there in one easy to Use dashboard in their latest up dat They fixed their connection problems With Chase and they've also added a load Of useful features like the ability to Look at the value you are getting back From your card in rewards versus the Annual fee so you can see if the card is Worth it you can view data from Membership year or calendar year there Are also trackers for all of your coupon Book style MX credits and the classic Features like telling you which card From your wallet is best to use for Which category of spend Etc you can get A free month of Max rewards gold and get All your X offered activated for you With my link below or just download the App and check out the free features all Right so let's now talk about this 200,000 Point bonus on the AMX business

Platinum this is the best offer ever on The business Platinum Card okay 200,000 Points for spending $115,000 in your first 3 months of card Membership the previous best offer was I Believe1 170,000 points I personally got 150,000 points targeted mailen offer for Spending $115,000 in 3 months and I use The card to pay my taxes in order to get The bonus only thing is this is not a Public offer it is targeted some people Have been reporting getting it in the MX App in the offers section that's where This screenshot apparently came from This is from Doctor of credit although In the comments section of the doctor of Credit article about this there seems to Be confusion about exactly where in the App people are getting this offer but You know check all the places in the app Okay the main dashboard the offers tab You may also get it as a targeted offer At the top of the screen when you sign Into the desktop version of your app as Well so be on the lookout for it and Chances are if it's being rolled out in The app you may also get a targeted mail Offer for 200,000 um it may even be Available through referrals in the Future right now my referral link still Just shows 120,000 but it's good to Check it from time to time I'll put my Referral link below as well so if you Can't find 200,000 and you do want it

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For 120,000 you can click through below And uh you can get it with 120,000 and I'm just adding this while We edit but actually doctor of Credit Now point out that there is a direct Link to the 200,000 points offer however It invites you to sign in so if you were Not targeted once you sign in the offer Disappears I'll put a link to their Article below so you can try your luck All right guys thanks for watching don't Forget to get a free month of Max Rewards gold with my link below or just Download the app and check out the free Features please subscribe to the channel If you're new we'll see you next time Bye-bye

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