Amex Cards: HUGE BONUSES on Grocery Spend (ACT NOW…)

Amex Cards: HUGE BONUSES on Grocery Spend (ACT NOW...)

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show Now this is the AmEx gold card and I am Currently earning nine American Express Membership rewards points per dollar on This card this was part of a referral Offer where you refer one person and Your grocery earning increases by five Points per dollar so from four points Per dollar that you already get at Supermarkets on the card all the way up To nine points per dollar and you can Look at Point summary and you can see my Bonus points coming in where you can see Those little stars but for this offer You had to refer someone by June 7th and Then you would get it for 90 days so I'm Still enjoying it but unfortunately you Cannot but there is still a way that you Can get eight points per dollar on the AmEx gold and other grocery bonuses on a Lot of the other Amex cards that you may Have and we are going to tell you all About that in this video hi I'm Ben Hedges aka the credit shufu and I Specialize in teaching people how to get Extra value out of their credit cards in The form of earning points on your Spending that you can then exchange for Free luxury travel do you like the sound Of that do subscribe for more so the way You can still access some amazing deals On grocery is through Amex offers and in This video I'm going to show you several Grocery offers that you can then go and

Check in your account to see if you are Targeted for on your cart it's going to Be most beneficial if you see one of These offers in your Amex gold card Account since the gold card already Earns four points per dollar on Groceries so getting some extra points Will bring you up to a really high Percentage however it is still worth Activating these offers if you see them On other cards so doctor of credit the Very useful site for all things credit Card related in the US market had the Lowdown on some of these and I'm going To read you through them first up we Probably have the most interesting one Get four additional membership rewards Points for each dollar spent on Qualifying purchases made using your Enrolled eligible card in store or Online at US supermarkets by 10 6 20 23 October 6 2023 limit of 2500 membership Rewards points so that one gets us eight Points per dollar at U.S supermarkets if You get the offer on the AmEx gold card Since the AmEx gold obviously already Earns four points per dollar at U.S Supermarkets I know the point earning Limit of 2500 points is a little Disappointing but hey we'll still take It then we have another one for two Additional points per dollar at Supermarkets also until October 6th and This time it is limited to 2 000 points

And if you look at some of the comments On the doctor of credit article people Have been getting these offers on their Gold cards dot plus two Mr on groceries On Amex gold wow I actually got the plus Four Mr points up to 2500 at Supermarkets on my gold card which Already earns 4X at US supermarkets That's presumably because I haven't been Using it for US supermarkets for a year Or more because of all those quarterly Chase 5x on grocery offers with Different Chase cards so they're saying That if you don't use the gold card at Supermarkets for a while you're more Likely to get targeted with one of these Offers to sort of encourage you to start Using your gold at supermarkets again Not sure if that's accurate but you know It would make sense if it was like that Now there are some more offers out there In addition to these ones too but first Of all if you want all of your offers Activated so that you never miss a deal You gotta check out the sponsor of Today's video max rewards the premium Version of Max rewards Max rewards gold Activates all of your offers for you Adding them to your card so sometimes You will even use an offer and save Money without even realizing it in Addition Max rewards has a load of other Features that come standard in the free Version such as displaying all of your

Transactions your balances your points And miles and rewards balances on all of Your cards even if they're from Different issuers right inside of this One app there's also a welcome bonus Tracker so you can keep up with the Spending for welcome bonuses on your Card and it'll tell you which card to Use in which category to earn you've Guessed it the max rewards now you can Get a free month of Max rewards gold That's the one that'll activate all your Amex offers for you with my link below You can also use my link to download the Free version and check out all of the Free features as well so here are some Of the other grocery offers that are Available we'll kind of do a speed round Going through these get 10 back as a Statement credit using your card at your Supermarkets by the same date limit is 30 back total in Saving credits get a 10 Statement credit by using your enrolled Eligible card to spend a minimum of 150 In one or more purchases in store at U.S Supermarkets same date limit of three Statement credits so total thirty Dollars again then we have get a 10 Statement credit for spending 250 in one Of my purchases at U.S supermarkets same Date and then limit of three so that's 30 limit and the next one is for five Dollars when you spend fifty dollars in One more purchases and you can do this

Six times so that's a limit of thirty Dollars again so if you look at the Comments on the doctor of credit article It seems people are getting these offers Too and there's actually one offer that Someone commented about that doctor of Credit doesn't mention and that's this One on my married am Max I got six Additional points up to 7500 on Supermarkets through August 10th so Anyway it is worth checking your offers On all of your different Amex cards to See if you were targeted for any of These of course if you have Max rewards Gold link down below you can get all of Your Amex offers activated for you and Then you can actually use the search Function in Max rewards just search for The word supermarket and it really Easily shows up Um which cards have the offers Unfortunately I didn't get targeted for Any of these but that's probably because I use my gold card at supermarkets all The time and I am still earning the nine Points per dollar at supermarkets so I'm Happy if you are interested in the AmEx Gold card or any of the other American Express cards that I regularly mention In my videos do check out the mini Reviews in my credit card guide it also Links to the application page for the Card and we really do thank you very Much if you use our links it's a way of

Supporting the channel without any Additional cost to yourself of course do Just check that the offers on those Pages are competitive with what's Publicly available on American Express's Website thanks a lot for watching guys Good luck with finding those offers in Your accounts and we'll see you next Time bye

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