Amex Everyday: Forgotten by American Express💥 #worthless #amex

Amex Everyday: Forgotten by American Express💥 #worthless #amex

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In this eye-opening video, we delve deep into the Amex Everyday credit card and dissect its perks, rewards, and hidden pitfalls. Is it truly a game-changer or just another overhyped card? Join us as we reveal insider secrets, analyze the redemption options, and provide an honest assessment of whether the Amex Everyday lives up to its promises. Are Membership Rewards points enough to keep this card afloat? Does it work well with the Gold and Platinum Cards? Don’t miss out on this crucial information before you make your next credit card decision. Hit that play button now and let’s uncover the truth together! 💳💰 #AmexEveryday #CreditCardSecrets #TruthRevealed”💥 #worthless #amex

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American Express has a ton of value when It comes to their credit cards on the no Annual fee side we have the blue cash Every day which has become a Powerhouse For online purchases earning three Percent back on almost anything you can Buy online on the Travel side we have Everyone's favorite golden Platinum Cards and their coupon books worth of Credits that outpace their value Then we have the AmEx every day how's it Going everyone and welcome back to the Channel if you haven't done so already I'd appreciate it if you can hit the Like button down below and subscribe to Help with the algorithm I come out with Videos periodically where I offer unique Perspectives on cards that are typically Overlooked so make sure you hit the Bell Icon if you don't want to miss any of That I've said in the past that cards Like the Capital One Venture one are Useless because of the pitiful earning Rates at least that card has some use to It when combined with other cards but When I say this card is useless I truly Mean it this time this card has Absolutely pitiful earning rates near Non-existent benefits and it appears That American Express has all but Forgotten this card let's just get into It Starting with rewards this card earns Membership rewards points which sounds

Great and is probably why Amex thinks They can have such low earning rates These points can be transferred to Transfer partners for the best value Used in the travel portal for one cent Per point or redeem for cash back at 0.6 Cents per point before I get into the Rewards multipliers let me start out by Saying that earning membership rewards Points isn't good enough anymore to Justify an entire card American Express Used to be the only card in town with Superb travel benefits and travel Partners and used to be as in 20 years Ago other Banks and issuers have caught Up and now offer their own transferable Points that are just as valuable take Capital One For example they have a no Annual fee card in the Venture one with Transferable points that are worth just As much as American Express it also has The ability to receive points from the Cashback saver one card to boost Point Earnings the comparative value of Membership rewards points just aren't There anymore and American Express is Relying on their brand and loyal Customer base to keep going but without Improving the product that customer base Is going to be lowered away to other Companies in an age where the culture is Rapidly changing they can't rely on the Culture to keep them afloat this card Earns 2x back on groceries up to six

Thousand dollars per year and One X back On everything else the bonus is that if You use this card 20 times in a Statement period you'll get a 20 boost To your points so you'll earn 2.4 x and 1.2 x back respectively again this is a Pitiful earnings rate reminiscent of the Early 2000s even their other cards like The AmEx Blue Cash every day has three Percent categories the fact that they Have only a singular 2x category shows Us how much they are banking that American Express membership rewards Points are valuable and let me tell you Something Transferable points are only worth a lot For International Business Class travel And that's assuming you hit a sweet spot For your flight date and time in this Regard these points will be worth four To six cents per point for the average Person these points are worth far less Than that for domestic economy class Travel these points are barely worth one Cent per point on your average flight Perhaps only those who know how and have The flexibility to get those deals Should get this card four to eight Percent back on everything seems much Better than any cash back card but then You realize you can pretty much do this With any point ecosystem these days such As again with Capital One miles where Again you are earning 3x back on

Multiple categories with the Capital One Duo compared to a measly two percent Back on a single category on a single Card let's move on and look at the Benefits of this card you get secondary Auto collision damage waiver which can Be upgraded to primary for a per rental Flat rate that the depends on where you Live this is honestly not too bad to Have for no annual fee card as no other Issue or has this feature but I should Also point out that this feature is Available on All American Express cards Making this benefit not too special and Quite honestly this is the only benefit This card has to offer given that this Is supposed to be a travel points card You would hope that there would be some Protection such as lost luggage Insurance or travel accident insurance But this card has none of that travel Accident Insurance used to be part of This card's benefit but that was axed in 2020. what about extended warranty Benefits that American Express once gave To all their cards well that ended in 2020 as well I've said it before and I'll say it again this is absolutely Pitiful Chase and Capital One no annual fee Cards have extended warranty and travel Protections The Venture one this card's primary Competitor has travel accident Insurance

Even Wells Fargo cards a relative Newcomer to the industry has cell phone Protection built into all of their cards This card doesn't even offer no foreign Transaction fees so much for being a Travel card The American Express every day just has Nothing a few videos ago I gave you all An example set up for the Capital One Venture one that would make that Mediocre card better unfortunately I Can't do that with this card because the Only other cards that offer membership Reward Points have annual fees and if You want to pay that annual fee you Might as well get those cards instead And leave this one in the dumpster You could get cash back cards to Supplement this card but then you would Be left in the situation where you never Use this card so why even have it this Card is just unredeemable I do see one Use for this card though if you have Membership rewards points with a Platinum or gold card and you want to Cancel those cards you were able to Transfer those points to this card and Cancel those other cards pretty Niche But necessary given that Amex doesn't Allow downgrades from charge cards like The green gold or platinum to a credit Card like the everyday in fact the more I see it it seems more like a bug than a Feature if you want to cancel a charge

Card you have to cancel an account and Give up the credit history that you had And apply for this brand new card and Hope that you get accepted and there's Always a chance that you won't if I Wanted to keep my Ultimate Rewards Points for my Chase Sapphire Reserve all I would have to do is call Chase and Downgrade the card no new application no New account and American Express is so Far behind with this that being said Here are four things American Express Can do to make this card better number One give it the same categories and Multipliers as the Blue Cash every day I Can see with the blue business and blue Business cash which earned 2x points or Two percent back respectively that at Least When developing their products Amex sees their points as worth about One cent per point they should have no Problem with creating a membership Rewards counterpart to the Blue Cash Every day the reason Amex doesn't do This is it would likely eat into the AmEx gold but I'll save suggestions for The AmEx gold for a future video Alternatively they could allow the Blue Cash every day to transfer rewards to The AmEx every day at a rate of one cent Per Point number two add no foreign Transaction fees as a benefit to this Card and this is a no-brainer there's no Reason why any card company should

Charge three percent to use your card Abroad anymore there are plenty of cards With no annual fee and no foreign Transaction fees this one should be no Different number three add some extra Benefits like travel accident Insurance Discard even extended warranty benefits Would be better than nothing and number Four allow downgrades from the green Gold and platinum to this card Even if they don't do any of the above Allowing a downgrade from the charge Cards would bring them in line with Industry standard set by Chase City and Capital One Unless changes are made to this card This card remains slightly better than a No annual fee Airline card which is not Saying much Unfortunately it appears that American Express just doesn't care perhaps I Might appear overly critical but you Should know that I'm only critical Because I want American Express to be Better I want them to be the standard That other companies strive to emulate And I want them around as competition Because more competition is only good For us the consumers What do you think let me know in the Comments down below if you like this Video I have other videos you can check Out using the link in the description Down below until next time let's go out

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