Amex Green VS Chase Sapphire Preferred: Which is BETTER?

Amex Green VS Chase Sapphire Preferred: Which is BETTER? If you’re looking to protect your family from identity theft and credit fraud, my sponsor Aura makes it really simple. Their app uses AI to do all the hard work for you. Try 14 days for free!

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And in this video I am going to do a Comparison of two of my favorite Mid-tier travel credit cards in the US Credit Card Market that would be the AmEx green card and the Chase Sapphire Preferred and in this video we will be Asking the question which of these two Cards is right for who and is there a Clear winner but first of all if you are New to the channel my name is Ben Hedges Aka the credit Shifu I deliver content On credit cards personal finance and how To use credit card points to book Aspirational travel new videos almost Every day if you like the sound of that Do subscribe for more and this video is Brought to you by Aura but more on that Later okay so let's go through the Benefits of each card and then we'll Compare them round one fight alright so This is the AmEx green card and first We'll look at the annual fee you can see It does have a 150 uh annual fee but That is offset I know you're probably Excited about the bonus we'll we'll look At that in a second all right don't Worry hold tight Um so the annual fee though um 150 but It is offset by a load of credits so You've got this you've got the 189 Clear Credit Now if you don't know what clear Is it's a system where you can scan I Think it's either your fingerprint or

Your eye or both to get through the Airport quicker it's kind of like an Alternate version to TSA pre-check it's Available at a load of airports in the US and some sporting venues where you Can enter sporting venues quicker than Everyone else you don't have to line up Etc it is pretty useful it's 189 a year If you paid for it so you can basically Get that for free every year with the Annex green card then we also have Another uh travel credit which is a Lounge body Credit Now lounge buddy is a Website that American Express bought a Few years back it's basically a Directory of lounges tells you the Facilities okay at the airport lounges How to get into them Etc and you can Actually book some of the lounges the Ones that are bookable at a daily rate You can book them through the lounge Buddy website or I'm sure they have an App as well and so basically yeah they Give you a hundred dollars Lounge buddy Credit this would normally be enough Probably for two lounge visits per year Okay they're around fifty dollars per Visit around that okay some are more Expensive some may be less but probably Enough for at least two visits per year So if we want to work out our effective Annual fee that's the annual fee minus All the credits all right so you got 289 Dollars worth of credits annual fee is

150 that gives us positive value of a Hundred and thirty nine dollars per year Basically they're paying you if you use All the credits right they're paying you 139 dollars to have this card all right Next up the AmEx green card does have no Foreign transaction fees although it's Not as good to use in foreign countries Because it is an Amex and acceptance is Lower we'll discuss that in more detail A little bit later and now let's move on To the bonus so this is the current Bonus on the AmEx green card and this is Actually a new offer you can earn 60 000 Membership rewards points when you spend Three thousand dollars on purchases in The first six months and you also get 20 Back on eligible travel and Transit Spend uh on up to 200 back in the first Six months okay that's a statement Credit on your card so if you value the Points at one cent per Point okay you're Using them for booking say flights Through the AmEx travel portal one cent Per point then you add in that two Hundred dollars the value of the bonus Would be eight hundred dollars if you Value the points at say two cents per Point booking through Transfer Partners That would be 1 200 plus 200 that's one Thousand four hundred dollars in value Okay with the bonus your mileage may Vary let's now look at the point earning On the card uh because this is going to

Be the real Crux that interests a lot of People now this is a travel card okay so It earns three points per dollar on Travel regular travel which includes uh Flights hotels vacation rentals like Airbnb Etc and then three points per Dollar on Transit all right which is uh Trains buses ferries Subways I guess Ubers things like that you know they Normally talk about that travel is more Like vacation travel like airplanes and Hotels Transit is a sort of in-city like Subways taxis all that kind of stuff Then in addition it earns three points Per dollar dining at restaurants Worldwide okay and then one point per Dollar and everything else so some Pretty solid uh earning categories it's Basically all types of travel and dining Okay and then one point on everything Else and then in addition there are a Load of travel insurances there's also Collision damage waiver for rental cars And a few other things that we won't go Into we've covered most of the main Things available on the AmEx Green Card Let's now talk about the preferred but Before we do talk about the preferred if You want to get either of these two Credit cards or any credit card for that Matter you need to protect your credit Score from thieves who will steal your Personal information and set up Fraudulent accounts in your name

Trashing your credit score and your Chances of getting approved for a credit Card from any credit card issuer you may Not know this but your personal Information is easily accessible on data Broker websites such as true people Search look there are 52 different Ben Hedges on there but not one of them is Me thanks to the sponsor of today's Video Aura Aura is a complete identity Theft credit monitoring VPN and Anti-virus service all rolled into one They constantly submit removal requests To data Brokers to get your personal Information off the open internet and Even monitor the dark web for your info And passwords that may have been stolen In data breaches they found three Instances of my information out there on The dark web then their credit Monitoring feature will also send you an Alert if there is suspicious activity on Your credit report such as someone Trying to open up a credit account in Your name their VPN service protects Your data from theft on the internet Particularly useful when using public Wi-Fi and their antivirus service Protects your computer it's like 7 Things that complement each other all Rolled into one and thus it provides way Better value than if you signed up for All of these Services separately so let Aura do the hard work of keeping you

Safe online and if you sign up through My link below you'll get a two-week free Trial of the service you'll be shocked At how much of your personal information Aura fines exposed over those two weeks So go to forward slash Ben Hedges it's also linked in the Description below or you can scan the QR Code on screen now alright so let's look At the Chase Sapphire preferred so first Of all the annual fee on this card is 95 Which is uh just a little over half what The annual fee is on the AmEx green and You do actually have some credits on This card that do offset it so you've Got the 50 Annual Ultimate Rewards Hotel credit and What that means is it's 50 off a hotel That you book through the chase travel Portal through the Ultimate Rewards Portal okay so that would take the Annual fee down to 45 but then there are Actually some other temporary credit Bits that are running at the moment so The instacart you get you get a Subscription to instacart but you also Get a 15 credit every quarter and that Is running through Um July 2024 so basically you've got Four of those left if you were to apply For the card now so we'll call that Sixty dollars there is also a monthly Ten dollar go puff credit all right go Prof it's such a ridiculous name gopuff

But anyway Um that's running until December 31st 2023 so if you apply for the card now You'd have three uh six months left of That so we'll call that another sixty Dollars as well so when we're working Out the annual fee um it's 95 Minus 50 plus 60 plus 60. um so it Actually gives us seventy five dollars Of positive value for having the card if You were to use all these credits Effectively okay if they were to Actually save money if you weren't going To use them anyway and you just sort of Use them additionally to get some Useless stuff that you didn't actually Need then it wouldn't really give you Value this card like the AmEx screen Also has no foreign transaction fees and Since it is a Visa it's a bit more easy On the acceptance worldwide okay outside Of the United States particularly in Places like Europe and especially places Like Dubai that seem to not accept Amex Let's now look at the welcome bonus okay So the current welcome bonus is 60 000 Points and that's for spending four Thousand dollars in the first three Months so the bonus is a little harder To get than the AmEx green all right the AmEx screen I think it was six months And you only had to spend three thousand Dollars this is four thousand dollars in Three months so half the time however if

Your income is reasonable okay if you Have a reasonable middle class income You should probably be able to easily Spend a thousand three hundred and Thirty two dollars a month on a credit Card because that's what it would be so Even though the spending is lower and The the time is longer on the AmEx Screen I don't think that's a Significant selling point unless you're Someone who really has a low income and Is only just managing to be able to Afford these cards anyway uh in that Case you have different problems but you Know to the average middle class person The sort of target audience of these Cards I don't think the spending Requirement is really anything you know To to be a major just selling point as For the value of the bonus it's not Quite as much as on the AmEx screen so 60 000 points that would be worth 1 250 On travel through the chase travel Portal because points through the travel Portal are worth 1.25 cents per point so That's a bonus that's a plus of this Card however uh it's still fifty dollars Lower than the kind of minimum value You'd get for the AmEx greens bonus okay Of the sixty thousand plus the 200 Statement credit so yeah 50 bucks less And then depending on how you use them Um you know the AmEx screen basically Comes out on top on the bonus all right

Now let's go through the point earning And I've got it pulled up here on the Site so more ways to earn here you go so You can earn five points per dollar on Chase travel and then two points per Dollar on all other travel and travel is Really broad by the way on this card Okay so it includes like travel and Transit all right they don't separate Them with Chase it's just you know you Got planes hotels then you've got Ubers You've got taxis you've got Subways it All counts as travel then we have three Points Below on dining three points per Dollar on online grocery three points Per dollar on streaming service and then One point per dollar on everything else So you know you've got quite a good set Of earning categories on the card it Sort of competes with the AmEx screen Um although well we'll get to all that In our conclusion so let's actually now Conclude and talk about the strong and Weak points of each card and if we have An overall winner I think both cards are Pretty strong but I think the AmEx green Has a slight Edge over the sapphire Preferred especially in the amount of Points that you can earn so on the Dining category they earn the same three Points per dollar but on travel the AmEx Green earns one point more than the Sapphire preferred okay three points per Dollar versus two points per dollar on

Basically all travel unless you're Someone who books through the chase Travel portal on the sapphire preferred In which case you're gonna get five Points per dollar however that isn't Always convenient for example hotels Don't honor your hotel status if you Book through a third party so you would Really want to do that you wouldn't Really want to book through the chase Travel pool if you had like you know Marriott Gold status for example it's Okay on flights although you definitely Want to check that the price is the same Whether booking through the portal or Booking direct then the grocery category Would be a big selling point on the Sapphire preferred against the AmEx Screen but it is online only which means You have to jump through hoops to use it Okay you could order grocery delivery There are some stores where if you use Their app it counts as online like Publix for example but that's not Available in every state so it is a bit Of a hassle to use then what about Redeeming points well this is one area Where I would say Chase does have Possibly a bit more of an edge both Cards have Transfer Partners but if you Want to book through the travel portal Chase gives you 1.25 cents per point in Value whereas Amex for flights they give You about one cent per point and for

Hotels it's like 0.75 of a cent per Point so Chase is definitely better when Using the travel portal so I think Beginners would probably find the chase System easier to use for those to use Transfer Partners okay this is for the More experienced people I would say your Mileage may vary it really depends on Which Partners you make use of as to Whether you're getting the good value or Not now American Express does have a Caveat in which they charge a small Surcharge like a tax transfer tax on Transfers to U.S airlines and that tax Is 0.0006 cents per point but it's only Charged when you transfer to a US Airline like Delta or JetBlue they don't Even have that many US Airlines as Transfer Partners and you can get around It by transferring to a foreign Airline And then booking a US Airline with the Foreign Airlines points for example Transfer to British Airways and then Book American Airlines flights with Those points and you actually typically Get better value anyway using British Airways miles on American Airlines Flights on the bright side though Amex Does have more frequent transfer bonuses Okay of 20 30 40 when you transfer to a Certain Airline or hotel I've made use Of some of these really well uh British Airways I've had up to a 40 event bonus

Sometimes on Hilton they do a big bonus Where you can get up to three Hilton Points for every one Amex point that you Transfer over so that makes Hilton Transfers really worth it now let's look At lounge access so the green card gives You a hundred dollar Lounge buddy credit Which should cover you for about two Visits per year whereas the Chase Sapphire preferred gives you nothing not A thing now you would think that with The new Sapphire lounges opening up Maybe they give you like two sapphire Lounge visits per year to entice you to Upgrade to the sapphire Reserve which Gives you the full lounge access but They don't you know you think they do it Like the um Capital One Venture okay the Venture gives you two lounge visits per Year so the Capital One lounge and I Think their partner lounges okay like Plaza premium and stuff it's to entice You to upgrade to the Venture X they Should do that on the preferred maybe They will when they have more Chase Lounge locations I think right now they Only have two and only one us one which Is the uh you know the sapphire Lounge At Boston they got that little outdoor Thing down in Texas but it's not very Good but yeah so maybe when they have More location they will bring in some Kind of very limited lounge access on The preferred but right now there's

Nothing now both cards do have various Insurances like baggage Insurance trip Delay insurance and collision damage Waiver but the crucial thing is that With the collision damage waiver on the Sapphire preferred it is primary whereas On the green it is secondary and that is Crucial because secondary collision Damage waiver if you don't know what Collision damage waiver is it's when you Can refuse the insurance at the current Or counter and the credit card gives you Rent you know car insurance for your Rental car with secondary insurance you Actually have to claim on your regular Car insurance first and whatever that Doesn't cover the secondary insurance Will cover but with primary Insurance You do not even have to tell your Regular car insurance company that there Was an accident and that's what you want Okay because you don't want them raising Your premium or doing any funny stuff Like that okay so primary insurance is Definitely a big selling point of the Chase Sapphire preferred all right so Let's get to the actual conclusion now The conclusion of the conclusion so the Main thing I would say about these two Cards is that the green card it is a Solid travel card all right it knows What it is it earns three points per Dollar on all travel and the credits They give you revolve around travel too

Whereas the Chase Sapphire preferred Seems like it's trying to compete with Both the AmEx green and the AmEx gold And perhaps the City premiere as well it Earns some points on travel okay two Points per dollar that you could get two Points but all over the city double cash Anyway and then it earns points on some Other stuff like online grocery which Isn't really that good and then the Credits they give you are not travel Related credits okay you've got the Instacart and you've got gopuff right Which are kind of like I don't know some People might not even use them they Might forget they have them and they're Not permanent credits anyway gopuff goes Away at the end of this year and uh the Other one instacart goes away mid 2024. I I guess they'll add new ones but you Know it's not guaranteed there's only Really two aspects of the Chase Sapphire Prefer that make it stand out as a Travel card for me one of them is the Collision damage waiver okay being Primary that is really important to me And the second one is that it is a Visa So it has better acceptance overseas but In general I would say that the AmEx Green is slightly more useful as a Travel credit card I'd say you will Probably earn more points and the Credits are more useful for the person Who wants the card for travel so my

Advice would be for everyone except Beginners okay so for beginners you'll Probably want to go with the Chase Sapphire preferred the ease of redeeming The points through the travel portal at A high value that's just going to be Better for you okay if you lack Experience I'll put a link to the stuff I preferred below if you want to learn More about it but for everyone except Beginners I would say the AmEx green Offers better value as a travel credit Card you're going to earn more points With it and you could combine it with The AmEx gold so that way you get 3x on Travel and 4x on dining and supermarkets With the gold as well so it's awesome Point earning you could also combine it With the Platinum for some really great Travel benefits alternatively you you Wanted to go half MX half chase you Could have the green you could combine That with the Chase Sapphire Reserve Which gets you all the lounge access and Stuff but typically I think it's better To pick one system and stay with it Um or you could just get both right you Could do that as well and that's where I'm going to conclude the video guys Thank you so much for watching leave Your comments below if you want a Two-week free trial of Aura do click the Link in the description you can also Scan the QR code on screen now please

Subscribe to the channel if you're new And we'll see you next time bye-bye

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