Amex Hilton Cards + Business Platinum 250k

Amex Hilton Cards + Business Platinum 250k

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show Now we have some really high bonuses on The MX Hilton cards and an easy way to Get 2,500 Hilton points and on top of That an insane 250,000 points bonus on the AMX business Platinum and at the end of this video I'll also tell you about the retention Offer that I was just offered on the Business Platinum when I went to cancel It just about a week ago all right guys Let's get right into it so the Hilton Honors cards from American Express are Some of my favorite credit cards out There now you might think that Hilton Points are not that valuable being worth Just about half a cent per point but They are easy to earn and Hilton free Knights are very valuable since you can Use them at any property even the really High-end ones and you can also get Hilton gold or even Hilton Diamond Status their top tier status just by Having a Hilton credit card Diamond Status got me an upgrade to a strip view King suite at the Conrad in Las Vegas so The Hilton system can be a pretty Lucrative Loy royalty program and right Now all of the Hilton personal cards From American Express have limited time High bonus offers ranging from 100,000 Points all the way up to close to 200,000 points now these cards were Revamped a few months ago and I still

Have the Hilton subass card which is the Middle one and I still see value in it Despite the annual fee increasing from $95 to $150 but we're going to go Through some of the benefits and the Changes to fees Etc as we talk about Each one so first of all we have the Hilton Honors card this one is no annual Fee and it's currently offering 100,000 Points for spending $2,000 in 6 months This is an elevated welcome bonus I Think I got a 75,000 Point bonus when I Got the card a few years ago that 100,000 points are worth about $600 if You use a Point Sky valuation of 0.6 Cents per Point pretty good value for a No annual fee card and that bonus like We said is a limited time offer it ends On April 17th now looking at the Benefits this card has some some good Multipliers on your spending seven Points per dollar at Hilton five points Per dollar on dining groceries and gas And three points per dollar on Everything else although since the Points are low in value that 5x is about 3% back in cash value on your spending Which is still not bad to be honest for A no annual fee card this card also Gives you Hilton silver status which While that doesn't really give you any Significant benefits like room upgrades Or whatever it does get you your fifth Night free on rewards stays which can

Increase the value of your points by 25% All right let's now talk about the Hilton honor sass card the middle card In the series and one that I personally Have now this card is offering 155,000 Hilton points for spending $3,000 in 3 months that is a value of $930 at a 0.6 per Point valuation this Card is the one that gives you Hilton Gold status which will get you a room Upgrade and either free breakfast or a Food and beverage credit that you you Can then use for free breakfast or use It for dinner or room service or Whatever you like and this has saved me A lot of money over the years the point Earning on this card is pretty good 12x At Hilton 6X on the same categories as The no annual fee card and they added 4X On online purchases recently too there's Also now a new $200 Hilton credit which Is $50 per quarter so basically you get A discount on a Hilton stay four times a Year and it really depends on your Travel habits as to whether you use the Whole thing all right you might be the Type of person who does a two we Vacation once a year in the summer and Then nothing for the whole of the year But if you are doing one night you know Every quarter obviously you could Actually use the whole thing and if you Use the whole thing it brings that $150 Annual fee effectively down to minus $50

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So in other words MX and Hilton are Paying you $50 per year to have the card But like we said your mileage may vary The card also gives you a Hilton free Night which is super valuable if you Spend $155,000 per per calendar year on The card so this is the card that I will Probably use to pay my taxes each year The points that I earn on the card will Offset the fee that I pay to the IRS the 2% fee or pretty much offset it and then The free night certificate will be my Profit and again the bonus on this card If you want this bonus offer of 15 155,000 points that is valid until April 17th as well all right let's now talk About the top tier Aspire card this one Is offering $175,000 bonus points for spending $6,000 in 6 months that's $1,000 per Month you need to spend and the bonus is $1,050 in value but then the added thing About this card is that you get a Hilton Freight award every year including your First year which is incredible since Most free nights on credit cards are Anniversary free nights okay you don't Normally get them the first year so you Could use the bonus points from the sign Up bonus for two nights at a pretty High-end Hotel like the Gabriel Miami South Beach curio collection and then Add a third night with the free night Certificate and Bam you've got a pretty

Cool three night luxury vacation the Card like we said gives you free Hilton Diamond status so you might even get a Sweet upgrade on your vacation and You're going to get free breakfast and Stuff and yeah that's got me so much Value in the past all right it's got me Sweet upgrades Etc the card also earns 14 points per dollar at Hilton 7 points Per dollar on travel and dining and Three points per dollar on everything Else then you have a $400 credit for Hilton Resorts that's $200 twice a year Just to be clear it's not for any Hilton It has to be a resort like the Hilton Wov Village that I recently stayed at in Hawaii for example and then there's also A $200 Flight Credit $50 per quarter $189 clear credit and a $100 property Credit for their high-end hotels like Waldorf and Conrad if you add all those Together you get $889 the new annual fee on this card is $550 so if you use all of the credits You are actually positive $339 then on top of that you have the Annual free night which could be valued At $700 or more depending how you use it And then whatever value you get from Diamond status and just to be clear Priority pass okay priority pass airport Lounge access is no longer a benefit of This card it was removed however if you Signed up before the end of January you

Can still use your priority pass benefit Until the end of October the Aspire Offers Great Value if you stay at Hilton Resorts if you don't stay at Resorts and You're more of a business traveler or You take weekend breaks to City Locations the surpass may actually be a Better fit and if you do a lot of nights You can get up to Diamond from gold Anyway but if you're interested in the High bonus on the Aspire or any of the Other cards they are all available until April 17th so you got to be quick all Right before we start talking about an Easy way to get 2,500 Hilton points and 250,000 points on the AMX business Platinum if you guys have a lot of Credit cards that you struggle to keep Track of you'll love the sponsor of Today's video max rewards it pulls data On all of your cards inside one app so You can see your transactions your Balances your rewards and points Balances all in one place they fixed the Earlier problems they had connecting to Chase so it now works with every major US card issuer there are also pages that Help you keep track of all of the Credits that many MX cards provide and For MX cards if you get the pro version Max rewards gold it will activate all of Your MX offers for you automatically so You never miss a deal offers like this One for Hilton Las Vegas locations spend

$500 get $100 back and when you activate All of your offers you actually get new Offers you never knew existed appearing In your account so if you didn't have That Hilton Las Vegas one First Once all Your offers are activated that one might Actually appear you can get a free month Of Max rewards gold with my link below Or just download the app and check out The free features all right guys so I Opened my email this morning or actually Maybe it was yesterday morning and there Was a targeted offer in my inbox for an Easy 2,500 Hilton points and this is a Hilton themed video in case you didn't Notice so here's the deal once you Enroll you get 2,000 extra points for Every stay and that's whether it's Booked with Rewards or paid in cash and An extra 500 if you use a digital key The digital key thing is just Hilton Wanting to train people to do that so That they can employ less check-in stuff Now you do have to register but to do That you can just click through the Email and Bam you're all signed up this Deal is active until May 1st and it can Be used as many times as you like but Just note it is per stay not per night So check your email for that and see if You got it let's now move on to our Final story of the day and that is the 250,000 Point bonus on the MX business Platinum now this is one of those

Elusive targeted bonuses that no one Really knows 100% how to get but if you Try all the usual tricks like incognito Window on your browser or even download A new browser that you've never used Before so it's completely clear of Cookies or whatever I was able to find The 190,000 point bonus for spending $115,000 in free months using in Incognito windows on Google Chrome not An incognito tab has to be an incognito Window on Doctor of credit they say that Some people found the 250,000 Point Bonus by loading up the business patum Landing page and then waiting for it to Time out and then refreshing it and the 250,000 Point offer appeared I tried That but I didn't have any luck the Highest I found was 190,000 points but Even that is a killer bonus and if you Owe taxes this could be a perfect time To get the card and put a big tax Payment on it that's what I did last Year with 150,000 Point bonus uh on the Business Platinum do check that that Spending will count this year though it Did for me last year I know some people Have had some issues with it Mark Reese Did a video about it I can't quite Remember what the uh outcome was I think In the end it was valid spending for the Bonus now I actually canceled my Business Platinum about a week ago the Card just didn't make sense for me to

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Have in addition to the personal Platinum and pay two almost $700 Annual Fees that's pretty much $1,400 per year Now they offered me 20,000 points after I spent $20,000 as a retention offer so That's one point per dollar extra but That wasn't enough to justify the $695 Annual fee which I would have had to Have paid this month so I just went Ahead and canceled but hey if you have The business Platinum maybe a retention Offer like that would make sense for you I'm not sure but this C does look like It will be getting a bit of a shakeup This year with some upgrades and some of The old credits being discontinued so Who knows maybe I'll get it again in the Future obviously probably can't get the Bonus again but a revamped card could be Useful depending on what they do with it All right guys that is the video for Today good luck finding that 250,000 Point bonus offer if you're interested In the business Platinum Card remember Those Hilton bonuses end on April 17th So if you want them you got just under Two months to apply and if you want a Free month of Max rewards gold do get The app with my link down below or you Can just download it and check out the Free features please subscribe to our Channel if you're new see you next time Bye-bye

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