Amex Just Opened the BIGGEST Centurion Lounge Ever

Amex Just Opened the BIGGEST Centurion Lounge Ever

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Amex just opened the biggest centurion lounge ever in Atlanta. It is 26,000 square feet, which is the size of 13 or so 4 bedroom houses.
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The Centurion Lounge it's one of the Best benefits of holding the American Express Platinum Card or the invitation Only Centurion black card or the Business or corporate versions of those Cards and today the largest ever Centurion Lounge is opening at Atlanta Hartsfield Airport the world's busiest Airport and in this video we are going To tell you all about it so the lounge Is 26,000 ft which makes it the largest Centurian Lounge to exist so far that's Like the size of maybe 13 or so four bed Houses the menu features recipes from Atlanta-based Chef Deborah van trce She's on the Food Network and yesterday On her Instagram she uploaded this shot Of the famous Centurion Lounge wall of Plants with the caption it's no longer a Secret just updated my resume there's Also a whiskey bar called The Reserve H Reserve where have I heard that word Before easy AMX but anyway let's have a Look at some photos so these are the Propaganda photos that American Express Released in their press release you have A really classy looking seating area With a 50-year-old Olive Tree as the Centerpiece then we have a shot of the Bar I guess this is The Whiskey Bar the Reserve with some really cool lighting And then we have an outdoor Terrace and There are actually multiple Terraces

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Apparently although only one of them has Good views of the Airfield and that one Stretches all the way around the outside Of the lounge in addition to food and Beverages the amenities you can expect At this new Lounge are as follows I'm Going to read you something from the Press release guests will find a Signature Centurion Lounge amenities Including dedicated workstations and Phone booths premium restrooms and Shower Suites several seating areas and Access to complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi H premium restrooms I wonder what that Means okay I guess they just mean the Restrooms are really classy and I'm Always happy to see shower Suites some Centurion lounges I've been to Particularly the older locations don't Have showers and or didn't have showers I think the one at LaGuardia they've Moved it to a new location where it does Have showers now and you know that's Really important amenity for me right That makes your trip so much more Comfortable you have a nice shower when You're changing planes somewhere and you Can arrive refreshed it's it's really Nice this guy Andrew Kesh I think that's How you pronounce it I guess he's a CNN Journalist he posted some more photos on Twitter you have the entrance there's The 50-year-old Olive Tree another angle Of that the entrance to the Reserve Bar

And one of the outdoor spaces I'll put a Direct link to that tweet in a pin Comment below and the CNN article he Links to has some more photos that give You an idea of what it really looks like In a much less staged way than the Photos from amx's press release and of Course our friends over at the Points Guy released a first look article Yesterday I think they had a private Tour of the lounge and they got a load Of cool photos in their article that you Can check out too I'll put a link to all Those below so you can check them out so Where exactly is this lounge and how can You get in well the lounge is located in Concourse e near gate 11 it is open from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. daily and you Can get in with either the Platinum or The Centurion cards do remember that Platinum card holders no longer get free Guests unless they spend $75,000 on the Card in a calendar year and I think most People are going to find that difficult Since the card just earns one point per Dollar on everything except for air Travel so I can only really see it being People who spend a lot on flights Probably a load of business class Tickets that would be able to unlock That Benefit you can however give family Members access by adding them as Authorized user users on your card as

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Long as they're age 13 or above or you Can just pay $50 per guest and $30 for Children aged between 2 and 17 kids Under two are going to be free Centurion Members in case you're wondering still Get free guest access so that is the Video guys just a little bit of a first Look if you go through Atlanta and you Use this Lounge I'd really love to see Some photos if you upload any to Instagram do tag me okay my Instagram Handle is @th credit Shifu and hey if You're not following me on IG by now why Not go and follow me okay I post stuff There almost daily lots of stories as Well other Insider little credit card Tips and tricks that don't make it onto The channel you'll find all the Articles Tweets and the AMX press release that I Referenced in a pin comment below as Well please do subscribe to the channel If you're new we'll see you next time Bye-bye

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