Amex just RUINED The Platinum Card…

Amex just RUINED The Platinum Card…

The American Express Platinum Card American Express has just brought in Some quite significant changes to this Card the fee for authorized user cards On the AmEx Platinum is going up quite Considerably so previously you would pay 175 dollars for up to three authorized User Platinum cards and those Platinum Cards would obviously come with benefits Like getting you into the Centurion Lounge priority pass membership TSA Pre-check credits Global Entry Credit Etc Hilton gold status so the price for An authorized user card is going up from 175 to 195 but get this you don't get Three for 195 anymore it is 195 for each So if you previously used three Authorized user cards okay for 175 your Bill for those three cards is going to Be going up to 585 dollars it's like a 200 increase Almost

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