Amex Launches FREE Tool to Search Partner Awards – Point Me

Amex Launches FREE Tool to Search Partner Awards - Point Me

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In this video we look at the new tool from Amex and Point Me that let’s Membership Rewards earning card holders search for partner award availability.
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American Express membership rewards Points you may see influencers and Websites talking about how they are Worth an average value of 2 cents per Point yet all the easiest Redemption Options give you much less you could get A statement credit on your card at 0.6 Cents per point you could redeem them For flights through the travel portal at 1 cent per point or if you have the Charles Platinum Card you could even Cash them out at 1.1 cents per point but We all know to get get that magic 2 cent Number or above and you can often get Above I've had like six cents per point Or more we have to transfer points out To Airline partners and book business Class or first class flights yet for Newcomers to this hobby this may be a Very daunting Prospect since searching For award availability can be a pain and There are many mistakes you can make Such as transferring points over to an Airline only to discover there are no Award tickets available and getting your Points effectively stuck there or not Understanding that you can use one Airline's loyalty program to book Another airline as long as they're in The same Alliance using Air Canada to Book United flights for example or using British Airways to book American or Using Air France to book Virgin Atlantic Well it seems that American Express

Understands that a lot of people are Pretty clueless when it comes to this And don't have the time to spend hours Researching logging in and out of Multiple different different loyalty Programs websites trying to find the Best deal or any deal at all and that is Because they have now partnered with Point. me to give you a convenient Search tour where you can find award Availability across any Airline bookable Through the Transfer Partners of AMX Membership rewards points so Point me is A website that was set up pretty Recently that lets you search award Availability across multiple Airlines And alliances and the site will show you How to book I.E use this airlin points Currency to book another airline's Flight for their regular service you pay $12 per month or $129 per year for Access there used to be a $5 pass for 24 Hours which would be useful for someone Who was just you know going to book one Trip right then but it seems that option Is gone now I couldn't find it on their Website although a lot of Articles still Talk about it so if you know how to use That option do let me know in the Comments but built rewards members that Is the system that lets you pay rent With a credit card they get access to a Version of point. me inside the build App where they can compare built

Transfer Partners and search for award Availability and now AMX has done the Same thing setting up the website point. Me/ AMX now for the AMX version it will Only be airlines that are bookable with Points transferred from AMX membership Rewards that will show up in the system It's not going to give you you know Every airline with Transfer Partners From Chase it's Etc I guess it's kind of Understandable but for me it looks like It could be a real game Cher for the Points and Miles game and then this Video I want to go through the system Show you how it works and we'll also Test it with flights showing up in the System and see if they're actually Bookable on those partner Airlines Websites so first I go to point. me/ AMX And you will see the AMX logo up here Which shows you're not on the regular Point. me and you can log in with your AMX account okay same password Etc that You use for AMX it's not asking me to Log in here CU I'm already logged in in My browser and then you can search for Flights so I tried to search for New York JFK to London Heathrow on March 26th and here are all the options now You can see there are some good options Like 880,000 points 70,000 points and This is in business class by the way if You were searching economy it would be a Lot less uh so 880,000 points 70,000

Points Etc plus taxes and fees however Mixed in with these are some ridiculous Offers like this one for 474 th000 Points for a oneway flight to London on Air France okay that's not even first Class all right it's merely business now Obviously you're not going to book that All right that's kind of caused by maybe A blackout date where their regular Fairs aren't available and they give you Some ridiculously high fair I don't know Different airlines have different Policies but just look out for fairs Like that that are ridiculous but let's Actually have a look at some of the Reasonable fairs and we'll see how the Service works so let's say I wanted to Book this flight to London for 880,000 Points on British Airways business class I click the amount of points and it Gives me several options I can transfer My AMX points to either ba itself or to These other programs okay Asia miles Iberia or Quantus but in this case you Can see that it's ba that gives me the Best deal 880,000 Points Plus $350 in Taxes then if you click select deal You'll then see a series of videos Teaching you how to actually book it Which is actually really amazing since Sometimes it's not obvious how to book These things right if you just go to an Airlines website it's not necessarily Easy to find the tool for booking award

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Flights if you just search through their Regular Search tool you're getting Flights that are bookable with money and Yeah it it can be difficult to find Let's now actually check and see if we Can find this flight on Ba's website so I go and do a search for British Airways Business class on that same date March 26th New York to London and look there Is our flight that same flight at 9:05 A.m. I click on business and Bam 880,000 Points Plus $350 in taxes and fees and With ba you can look at a few other Pricing options okay less points higher Taxes or more points and lower taxes all Right let's try another what about this Virgin Atlantic business class flight I Click in I see the best deal is with Air France Flying Blue okay using their Points to book virgin so I select that Deal and we have the same thing a video Teaching you how to use air France's Site to book a Virgin Atlantic flight so Let's now check on Air France okay so I've gone and logged into my account and I enter the airports and the date March 26th and when you first click through You get this calendar which actually Showed much higher amounts in miles so Initially I was disappointed I thought I Wasn't going to find it but then I Clicked through on the date March 26th And actually it showed up with flights For a lot less so we have a few virgin

Flights all with a w space showing and Let's check the time of the flight which Was 8:01 p.m. and yes we have that one Bookable on air France's site and we Have a slight discrepancy in the number Of miles and the amount of taxes but It's actually 500 Miles less and about $30 Less on air Fran's site which is Where we'd actually be booking through Than Point me quoted us so I have no Problem with that I don't mind them Quoting us more and then when I actually Go to book it I find out it's less just Don't give me the other way around all Right let's now look at one that was a Little bit more challenging but first if You want an easy way to earn a load of AMX points you should definitely check Out reton it is a shopping portal that Lets you earn cash back or AMX points on Top of what you already earn on your Credit card just by clicking through Their site to some of your favorite Retailers like Macy's for example 8% or Eight AMX points per dollar whichever You choose to redeem as and there are Loads of sites offering similar rates Samsung up to 10% samsclub up to 8% Basically reton is doing marketing for These stores and they share some of Their commission with you in the form of Either cash back or AMX points they also Do huge promotions like 15 AMX points Per dollar at certain stores on holiday

Sales like Black Friday President Day Independence Day Etc if you sign up for Reton before the end of March using my Link below you will get a bonus $30 or 3,000 AMX points after your first $30 Purchase from any of their partner sites So do check it out this is one of the Ways that I am able to build up a Ridiculous number of AMX points to book Those aspir ational trips like my trip To Hawaii at the end of last Year all right so let's check out one That was a little bit more difficult I Want to search for this Lanza business Class flight to London via Frankfurt Okay it shows up in point. me it says 70,000 miles plus $45 let's now see if I Can find it so clicking through I can See we need to use Air Canada to book so I go to Air Canada and I search New York All airports to London all airports and It doesn't seem to show I see a load of Availability on United for 60,000 Air Canada miles that's cheaper than United's own miles actually uh and it's A direct flight so I might as well just Book that one to be honest but anyway we Did want to find this Lanza fright so I Don't see Lanza showing at the moment Okay but since that flight it actually Has a stop in Frankfurt what if I search New York to Frankfurt first so I try That and yes I do indeed find that exact Flight okay 11:10 p.m. and it's it's

Showing 60,000 M plus 77 Canadian dollar For taxes and fees which in US dollar is 57 so we do find at least the main part Of the itinerary okay that business Class flight from New York to Frankfurt And it's for 10,000 miles less than is Quoted for the whole itinerary on point. Me so maybe if you wanted to book that Entire itinerary New York to London with A stop in Frankfurt as an award ticket Perhaps you could phone up Air Canada And they could do it over the phone for You or or maybe there's a stopover Option that I'm not seeing in the site Uh or alternatively you could just book The main flight from New York to Frankfurt and then do an alternative Award ticket or even a short whole paid Ticket on a cheap European Airline like EasyJet it's only going to be like 1 Hour 15 minutes or one and a half hours Um you know to get to London all right You might not really care about business Class on that last little leg EasyJet Has tickets for like 20 bucks sometimes But um if it is possible to book the Whole thing over the phone as an award Ticket for $7,000 miles you wouldn't Have known about that by searching on Air Canada sites so this point. me may Have actually just shown us an award Ticket that you might never have known Existed so in my opinion this is a very Strong system I think American Express

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Probably eventually should build this Into their site right now if you go to MX travel we just have the regular Search tool where you can either book With money or points and flights that Are in the International Airline program Show up first but look who would book a Flight to London for almost 200,000 Points okay no way that's a 1 cent per Point you know Redemption I I guess You're getting probably a little bit of A discount with the International Airline program but still no way so it Would be really cool if there was a tab For the point. me system in their award Booking Tool uh on AMX travel but you Know on the flip side of that maybe we Don't want everyone to know about this I Mean if everyone started getting really Good business class redemptions on their Points like three four 5 6 cents per Point in value the airlines might start To devalue the points even more so maybe It's better to keep it a little bit Hush Hush you got to directly go to point. Me/ AMX to use the tool but in general For me this is certainly a game changer And I will be using it as my first stop When I'm thinking of booking any flight With MX points guys let me know what you Think and what results have you got in Using it leave your comments down below Don't forget to get a bonus of $30 or 3,000 AMX points when you sign up for

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Reton using my link below the offer ends At the end of March please subscribe to The channel if you're new we'll see you Next time bye-bye

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