Amex Offing 10X on THIS Category, Easy 3000 Hyatt Points, AA Miles Changes

Amex Offing 10X on THIS Category, Easy 3000 Hyatt Points, AA Miles Changes

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All right so we have a kind of Roundup Video for you today with a few topics we Have new referral offers on AMX cards Where you can earn 10 points per dollar In a certain category for fre months if You refer someone we have an offer from Hyatt where you can earn an extra 3,000 Points for every three nights you stay We'll show you how you can sign up for That one and we also have American Airlines making some changes to their Mileage program and specifically how you Earn points on flights all right all That and more in this video hey credit Warriors my name is Ben Hedges aka the Credit shuu and let's get right into it But if you are not subscribed to the Channel do subscribe so I can show you How to save more money and get more free Travel okay so let's talk about this Deal with h first so higher points are Some of the most valuable points out There in the travel loyalty space the Points Guy values them at 1.7 cents per Point although he does point out that They are losing the small luxury hotels To Hilton but that probably won't affect The value too much since there are loads Of other good redemptions that you can Do with Hyatt now Hyatt currently has This offer where if you stay three Nights they will give you 3,000 points Which has a value of $51 if we are Valuing them at 1.7 cents per Point

Let's read the full terms you can earn 3,000 bonus points for every three Qualifying nights up to 21 nights at 1,300 plus hotels worldwide across 20 5 Plus Brands including andz Hyatt Regency Park Hyatt Thompson hotels and more Register by April 15th 2024 and then Complete your qualifying nights between March 1st and April 30th 2024 to receive Bonus points now I think it's a pretty Cool deal I mean you can earn up to 21,000 bonus points this way if you're a H regular although obviously don't book A stay at H just because of this all Right if you weren't going to go on a Trip anyway obviously pay attention to Those dates as well register before for April 15th and then you have 2 months Okay from March 1st to the end of April To complete the stay and you can Register now we'll put the website uh Where you register in a pin comment or Somewhere down below all right let's now Look at some great AMX offers that are Available right now and then we'll look Into the new 10x category on certain AMX Cards so first up we have this marot Bonvoy spending offer get 20% back up to $60 on your spending at Marriott and you Have until March 31st to do that Spending now I'm seeing this one on my Business Platinum the one I said I Recently am going to cancel actually They really want me to keep it but no

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I'm going to cancel it but business Cards normally do get more of the good Offers sometimes they get like all the Offers all right I think that's cuz People typically have higher spending on Business cards and uh yeah I think I'm Still canceling this one next we have a Great one from Hilton spend $1,000 get $200 back that works out as a 20% Discount now this one can be used and Until May 15th so if you're thinking Going somewhere for spring break and Staying at a Hilton especially more of a High-end Hilton like a Conrad or Something you could use this offer then We have an offer for the Mandarin Oriental now this one is obviously a Really high-end Hotel so this might not Interest everyone but you get $100 back When you spend $500 and that offer is Usable until the end of May and with Mandar and Oriental I mean you you're Definitely going to spend at least $500 All right the rooms are you know way More than that normally then the last One I want to show you I found this one On my personal gold card that is an Extra 20 membership rewards points per Dollar spent at UPS up to a maximum of 20,000 points valid until the end of April now that is crazy and you could Earn a huge amount of points this way I Mean 20,000 points if you're a UPS Regular I was kind of surprised so to

See this one on a personal card I mean To max out 20,000 points you need to Spend $11,000 at UPS and I don't know That that many people would spend $1,000 In a few months at UPS on personal mail Services right business yes obviously But personal I don't know I guess you Could use your personal card and then Get reimbursed by your business or the Company that you work for if you had Business UPS spending and guys if you Want an easy way of activating all of These MX offers why not get a free month Of Max rewards gold with my link below It's a smartphone app that gives you Info on all your credit cards in one Place even if they are from different Issuers the free version gives you your Balances transactions points and Miles Balances in one easy to use dashboard It'll tell you which card to use where To earn the most points keeping track of Things like rotating categories for you The issue the app used to have with Linking with Chase is now fixed so Basically it works with every major US Bank's card the Gold version I talked About activates all of your AMX offers For you so you never miss a deal and When you activate all your offers new Secret offers that you never knew Existed appear in your account just like Like all the ones that I showed you in This video if you don't see one of them

Get Max rewards and have it activate Every single offer for you and then new Offers like the 20 points per dollar at UPS or $200 back at Hilton may appear in Your account you can get a free month of Max rewards goal down below or just Download it with my link and check out The free features all right now I want To talk about this new referral offer on Certain AMX cards where you can earn a Referral bonus and on top of that 10 Points per dollar on your spending in a Certain category now I got this one on My business Platinum but you may get it On any membership rewards earning AMX Card so check it out if I do one Referral I get a bonus of 15,000 points And this may be different for different People on different cards the bonus part Then I also get 10 points per dollar at Restaurants worldwide for 3 months on up To $25,000 in spending now this offer is Available until May 22nd it is targeted So you know you might see it on certain Cars not on others certain people might Not have it at all at all but if you Have it do take advantage of it Especially if you eat out a lot Personally I've been actually curbing my Restaurant spending recently to save a Bit of money so I wouldn't actually Benefit that much I did have one of These offers for groceries in the past And that one was amazing but anyway

Different people have different spending Categories so your mileage may vary with These things do check out your AMX Account to see if you have this deal and Refer a friend before May 22nd and you Will be earning 10x on your restaurant Spending for months I'll put my referral Link down below just in case you want to Help me activate this offer uh by Applying for a MX card and don't forget You can apply for any AMX card by Clicking through to view all of the Cards not just the one that the referral Link is for all right the last piece of News today is that American Airlines Have changed some of the rules around Earning miles on flights basically Starting on May first you will only earn Miles on your AA flight if you book in One of three ways booked directly with American and eligible pan Airlines Booked through preferred travel agencies Book travel anywhere as an advantage Business member or contracted corporate Traveler so I guess preferred travel Agencies would be the ones giving American Airlines a good deal the list Of those preferred agencies will be Available in late April AA is the first US Airline to do this and discourage Travelers from booking through third Parties hotels have been doing a similar Thing for a while like not giving you Your gold status benefits if you book

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Through a travel portal for example Marriott does this I learned the hard Way at the W in DC also bag fees have Now increased by $10 on American Airlines flights a good way to get Around that though is to set your Airline as American on your AMX platinum Or business platinum and you get Refunded up to $200 per year for those Airline incidental fees all right guys That is the video for today don't forget To get a free month of Max rewards gold With my link below and see if you can Get all of those awesome AMX offers Added to your account referral link for Any AMX card is also below as well if You want to support the show with your Applications we thank you very much if You do thanks for watching and we'll see You next time bye-bye

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