Amex Platinum 150k BONUS + MGM/Marriott Benefits Announced!

Amex Platinum 150k BONUS + MGM/Marriott Benefits Announced!

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And in this video we are going to cover Three things okay the 150,000 Point Bonus on the MX Platinum it is back I'll Tell you how to get it the new mgmm Marot partnership that was just Announced and also a 100,000 Point offer On a certain credit card that is ending Soon it's your last chance and if you Like the sound of credit card and Personal finance tips and tricks every Couple of days do subscribe to the Channel if you're new but let's get Started all right so the 150,000 Point Bonus on the ax Platinum is back via Referral via no via VIA how do we say it In America via VIA I think it's via VIA Referral link so the current public Welcome bonus on this card is 80,000 Points for spending $8,000 in 6 months But there are a couple of ways that you Can get a targeted 150,000 Point bonus One of them is through the card match Tool you can find the link to the card Match tool in my credit card guide I Always have that in the description down Below and I covered this one a few weeks Ago basically you answer a few questions And you may find that you are targeted For a 150,000 Point bonus but another Way that just become available is Through referral so if you don't know Any MX card holder can refer other People to their same MX card or other MX

Cards you just find the referral Link in Your account and the person can then Choose from a list of cards now Unfortunately I did not see the link for 150,000 points in my referral links AMX Probably thinks I do too much referring Already but many people are reporting That they are seeing a referral lick for $150,000 points for spending $8,000 in 6 Months it looks like this now this is Targeted which means you may have it you May not if you find that you have the 150,000 Point referral you can share it In the comments below if you like and if You want to get the 150,000 Point Referral for yourself you need to find Another person who has the 150,000 Points link absolutely do not refer Yourself you can get into trouble and You can end up forfeiting your points All right let's now move on to the Marriott MGM partnership so MGM is one Of the biggest casino hotel operators on The Las Vegas Strip owning iconic Properties like the bagio the Arya and The MGM Grand where David Copperfield Seems to be constantly performing except The one we that I was in Las Vegas last Time I took a vacation there yeah I was Pretty annoyed about that I wanted to go See it anyway MGM and Hyatt Hotels used To have a partnership where you could Status match and get some mutual Benefits but that partnership ended in

September 2023 and MGM announced that They would then have a new partnership With marott in this ridiculously Over-the-top [Music] Video the announcement of the benefits For that partnership got put off for a While but this week they started sending Out emails to members with the new Benefits and I'm going to go through it And tell you what I think so here is the Email I received from MGM coming soon MGM rewards and marott bonvoy will offer For more reasons than ever to make a Rewarding Escape more extraordinary Destinations more Unforgettable Experiences more earning [Music] Power then it goes on to say in early 2024 MGM rewards members with gold and Above tier status can link their MGM Rewards and marot bonv accounts to enjoy Matching their tier level benefits while Staying at participating destinations so It seems they have a status match from MGM to Marriott and that status match is As follows MGM gold to Marriott silver MGM Platinum to Marriott Gold MGM Noir To Marriott Ambassador Elite which to be Honest is pretty lame mgm's gold only Gets Marriott Silvera Marriott Silvera Is basically like a status not really Worth having you can get Marriott Gold By just having the MX platinum card then

There is a table in the email showing Some benefits MGM members will get at Marot and MGM gold basically gets you Nothing worth having so you'll have to Be MGM Platinum to get something even Remotely resembles a benefit like a room Upgrade or a late checkout with a set Time of 2: p.m. so that's MGM to Marriott but what about Marriott to MGM Well let's look at that but first if Like me you have loads of credit cards That you struggle to keep track of you Got to check out the sponsor of today's Video max rewards it pulls data from all Of your credit card accounts even if They're from different banks so you can View your transactions your balances Your points and rewards balances all in One place it means you can monitor Credit card spending to keep your Utilization even across all your cards Which helps your credit score and also You will never miss a bill because it Reminds you of upcoming bills Max Rewards works with every major card Issuer they have some issues connecting With Chase but that is now being Resolved and the fix for that will be Live very soon if you have AMX cards Max Rewards is very useful not only does it Have a whole section devoted to keeping Track of your AMX coupon book style Credits and making sure you use them Before they expire but if you have Max

Rewards gold the pro version the app Will even activate all of your AMX Offers for you so you never miss a deal And you may even use an AMX offer and Save some money without realizing you Can get a free month of Max rewards gold With my link down below or just use my Link to download it and check out the Free features so on the Marriott to MGM Side no status match has been announced And this is probably because for a long Time MGM gold was so easy to get you Could match from hired explorist Caesar's Diamond I matched MGM gold from Caesar's Diamond at the Bata in Atlantic City in 2022 so instead what marott is Offering is some benefits at each level Of Marriott status as long as you book Your MGM Hotel through Marriott and Again it only really starts getting Meaningful at Platinum Elite and above Marriot gold doesn't really get you Anything but at Platinum Elite you get a Room upgrade priority check-in line and A 2 p.m. late checkout then if you want Any more benefits apart from just Earning a few more points you have to go All the way up to Ambassador and only Then do you get free parking even MGM Pear their second lowest status gets Free parking what is going on why do I Have to go all the way up to Marriott Ambassador for MGM to give me the Privilege of free parking so I can go

And lose money in their Casino well that Losing part's kind of a joke although Statistically The House Always Wins even If it's by a small percentage you know These new benefits don't even match the Marriott benefits available at Cosmopolitan which was sold to MGM in 2022 at Cosmo marot gold will get me a Room upgrade I assumed the new Partnership across all MGM Brands would At least match the marot Cosmopolitan Partnership but it doesn't so anyway Guys I'm not that impressed as you can Probably tell the whole status match Thing is getting harder these days and a Lot of it was shut down in sort of early To mid 2023 it's sad but you know maybe It'll come back in the future this new Partnership originally looked promising Like it was going to be the return of Status matches but upon seeing what they Want to provide it really is kind of Lame I'll put a link to the Marriott 2 MGM benefits somewhere below so you guys Can check it out for yourself and you Can tell me what you think in the Comments below now we have just one Story left today and that is a 100,000 Point offer on a certain credit card is Going away and that would be the Air Canada aerop plan credit card from Chase So this is actually your last chance if You want this bonus now a plan has some Advantages since it's in Star Alliance

So you can book on any Star Alliance Airliner you don't need to be going to Canada to use this and that includes United flights and you can actually book United flights often at a cheaper rate Than United's own miles after the recent United devaluation that happened last Year for example my flight on United Polaris last summer would cost 880,000 United miles if you were to book through United but you should be able to pick it Up for 60,000 aerop plan miles and That's United Polaris is business class It really is a great product I don't Really rate the food but the seat is Amazing and the bed is super comfortable Anyway the bonus works as follows you Earn 75,000 points after you spend $4,000 on purchases in your first 3 Months that your account is open plus Earn an additional 25,000 points after You spend $25,000 on purchases in your First 12 months that your account is Open I think realistically most people Are just going to get the 75,000 points But to be honest that is still a high Bonus for a card that only has a $95 Annual fee that Polaris flight I took From London to New York was $4,000 in Value and the bonus would cover that Anyway this bonus is about to end I Don't know exactly the end date but Through the credit card affiliate Network that we are part of I have been

Told that the bonus will be ending soon And it's your last chance to get it so If you want to learn more about it I Will put a link below to this card Probably the second link in the Description as always these are Affiliate links they do help us out Tremendously it kind of funds our show Enables us to be able to do this so we Do thank you very much if you use our Links also don't forget to get a free Month of Max rewards with my link below As well that will be the top Link in the Description please subscribe to the Channel if you're new bash the Maria MGM Partnership in the comments we'll see You next time bye-bye

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