Amex To RETIRE Iconic Roman Centurion

Amex To RETIRE Iconic Roman Centurion

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Since the late 50s American Express has Been issuing charge cards proudly Displaying their iconic Roman Centurion Logo but in 2024 using a representative Of a certain ethnic group as your logo Is becoming a sensitive issue and Certain brands have decided to ditch Those logos all together and some have Even ditched the logo and the name Erasing any connection with the ethnic Group that they were once associated With an American Express is the latest Company to come to this realization some Call it going woke some call it social Justice we talked to Susan Thomas VP of Product development at American Express About what's going on yeah so we've been Thinking about ditching the logo for Quite some time now because um you know It might be offensive to some Italian Americans or actually even real Italians For that matter um and you may have seen We've been experimenting in our Advertising with um you know different Heads inside the the circle but it Wasn't until Lando Lakes made their Change that we realized we could just Completely remove a reference to a Minority culture and just have an empty Circle and then we wouldn't offend Anyone so as of today that is what American Express has done let me unveil The new green gold platinum and of Course the Centurion card I mean the

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Black card oh actually that doesn't Sound good either um what are we what Are we calling it oh the the the Diversity card to celebrate the Diversity of our Card members Backgrounds the new diversity card now Celebrates the diverse socioeconomic Backgrounds of the ultra high net worth Individuals who hold it people like sha Puffy kums and Sam bankman freed but Were Italian Americans actually offended In the first place oh yeah I was Offended I mean Romans are Ancestors that's our culture that American Express is ripping away from us I mean they're making money off us they Should at least be paying us for the Trademark or something or giving us a Rewards or more of percentage on a APR Something like that you know my brother Mario he also feels this way so this may Be a win for social justice but American Express is now under pressure from Certain lobbying groups to go even Further some groups feel that our Policies are discriminatory because um They want Equity of outcome for example They ask why is it only people who carry A balance who have to pay interest why Not just divide that interest among all The card members so everyone pays a Portion they also want us to get rid of Uh credit checks altogether and just Give cards to anyone who applies and um

They have proposed that we also get rid Of the income requirements for this Centurion card um sorry the Black Card I'm sorry the diversity card But Susan Thomas thinks some of these Proposals are going too far yeah uh some Of those proposals are slightly too Extreme so um we've decided to meet them Halfway we have hired uh Dylan Mulaney For our next advertising campaign these Are the days of girlhood happy April Fool's Day all right guys so this was Obviously an April Fool's video we know AMX is going a little bit woke but I Don't think they're taking it that far Hopefully we may made you laugh um in my Opinion though many of these companies And sports teams they have gone a bit Far right I mean we had the example of The Redskins I think probably the name Was a bit outdated a little bit racist So it's kind of you know uh you know Logical that they would update it However getting rid of the logo Al Together if you research it that logo Was actually drawn by a American Indian A Native American member of the black Feet tribe and he proposed that logo to The team he drew it it was a certain Indian Chief from their tribe and he was Very proud of it his son actually wrote An opinion piece in USA Today um talking About how him and his community uh were Pretty proud of it and it was sad to see

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It Go obviously some other people in the Community had different opinions so These things are all complicated we Don't normally cover this stuff on this Channel but it does interest me these uh Political things and different opinions We love having different opinions and That's why I brought Holly on the show Our AMX VP of product devel development Susan Thomas she does have a show where She talks about serious topics debates Hard news topics why don't you tell the Audience a little bit about your new Channel yeah so it's called newsp and It's all about the news media um Journalists uh how they do their job we Really take a behind the scenes look we You know we do a deep dive into Journalism stories and if you're Interested in knowing the news behind The news then follow me at newsp that's Right uh we will put the icon for her Channel on screen now it's going to look Like this face here so just see this Face somewhere on the screen and um yeah You can click through you can check out Her Channel she's got a few videos up There already and she's going to be Posting more thanks a lot Holly for Joining us thank you Ben happy April Fool's Day guys and we'll see you next Time bye-bye

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