Amex Trying Yet Another WEIRD Bonus Policy

Amex Trying Yet Another WEIRD Bonus Policy

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And American Express has done it again They have brought in yet another weird Policy around welcome bonuses for their Cards it seems that this was reported First On Us credit card guide I love Their slogan let the banks pay for our Trips anyway here is the article so this Is about new language surrounding some Okay some not all welcome bonus offers That people are finding online for Certain AMX cards and the language says Earn up to a certain amount of points And that you will find out the exact Welcome offer after you are approved I Know it sounds crazy doesn't it now Don't worry this doesn't affect your Credit score if you don't like the Welcome bonus offer since AMX now does The whole thing of it doesn't affect Your credit score if you decline the Offer but obviously it seems like this Is bad news for us if it becomes Widespread now right now it doesn't Appear for everyone most people just Still get offered a standard set bonus But Us credit card guide still says Quote this is quite disgusting gusting Like okay I mean it's optional to have An MX card anyway if you don't like them Just don't have the card from the Chinese version of Us credit card guide We can see that a user has posted terms And conditions for three cards the

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Platinum byin gold gin and blue cash Every day which they didn't translate Into Chinese they just said BCE but I Don't know you could call it Like Or I don't know okay that doesn't sound Good let's just keep it in English so The BCE anyway let's read the terms for The Platinum here's it says after you Submit your application and before you Accept the card if you are approved we Will tell you the exact amount of Membership rewards points which you are Eligible to earn which will be an amount Up to 150,000 points to qualify for such Points you must spend $88,000 we can Click into gold and see that the amount Is up to 990,000 points and on Thean or BCE we have up to $250 in statement credits for the offer Again they all have the same spend Requirement no matter what the offer is Now let's talk about what I think about All this but first if you do have AMX Cards and this whole video is obviously All about AMX the sponsor of today's Video max rewards is a really useful app To use the pro version activates all of Your MX offers for you so that you never Miss a deal in fact you may even use an MX offer while you're out shopping Without realizing it and you come home To an email saying you've saved money Cool thing is as well when the app

Activates all of the AMX offers new ones You never even you existed appear in Your account it's super cool even the Free version of the app gives you a load Of features it gives you a secure readon Link to all of your different banks and It lets you pull info on all of your Credit cards in one place so you be able To see your transactions your balances Your overall credit utilization across All your cards just inside one app Max Rewards will also always recommend the Best card for every purchase so that you Will earn the you guessed it Max rewards Anyway if you want to try it out you can Get a free month of Max WS gold with my Link below or you can also just click Down below and download the free version To see how you like it all right so it Seems to me that AMX is just testing This out I looked with a couple of Different web browsers and I could not Find this language on any cards landing Page myself so it could be something That they're just testing people's Reaction to with a small group of people This person on Us credit card guys Chinese forum is saying that could this Bonus thing be legally challenged right Could you sue AMX for it is there anyone Here who understands the law who can Share their opinion personally I don't Think that would be the case because you Know you'll still know the offer before

You accept the card and the application Won't affect your credit score unless You accept the offer so from a legal Perspective you know with my limited Knowledge I doubt there's really a Problem and AMX probably has the best Lawyers anyway who have already okayed It but this could be something that They're going to use to hide the fact That they want to get more strict with Welcome bonuses in the US market like I Wonder if this does become the standard Way that AMX does it if the proportion Of people getting lower bonuses will Increase and they'll just hide behind This veil of up to 150,000 points or Whatever there was one example of a guy In the thread on that forum who applied For the up to 150,000 Point bonus offer And it says that he had to submit Utility bills and I'm guessing that's to Confirm his address since it's probably A Chinese guy in the US on like a Student Visa or work visa or something No address info on his credit report and After all that he still got the 880,000 Points offer which is same as the public Offer it's the lowest offer available And you know some people are saying Could it go down to zero could you be Offered either 150,000 points or zero to Me probably not I'm guessing the lowest Offer you would get offered would be the Publicly available offer like what this

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Guy got um so I don't think it would go Down to zero so anyway guys we're going To keep an eye on this and uh we'll see You know if if it becomes more Widespread if more information comes out Um we'll let you know also have you seen This offer online when you were applying For a AMX card if you have please let me Know in the comments exactly what it Said don't forget to get a free month of Max rewards gold with my link below and Guys should I start a second Channel Doing the show in Chinese it was my Major in college I'd love to do it it Would be super fun I just don't know Whether there are actually enough people Who would watch it I guess it would be Called Shu or something but anyway let Me know what you think in the comments If you think that would be a good idea And we'll see you next time say 10 I Mean bye-bye

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