Amex U-TURN on New Bonus Rules + 90K Bonus BACK on this Card

Amex U-TURN on New Bonus Rules + 90K Bonus BACK on this Card

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And a couple of months ago fellow YouTuber Mark Reese uploaded a video Entitled new rule Amex sign up bonuses Will never be the same in which he talks About a recent experience where he Discovered that spending on federal Taxes on his card didn't count towards a Spending requirement for his welcome Bonus and around that time many other People also had similar complaints well It seems that American Express may have Done a u-turn on this and we will tell You why in this video also later in the Video we have a way that you can still Get a 90 000 Point bonus or more could Be even more on the Chase Ink cards We'll tell you all about that later 90k It's a great bonus it was around a while Ago and it is back so we'll tell you how To get it so after Mark uploaded his Video about the AmEx tax payments not Counting towards a welcome bonus many People had similar experiences here's Someone who commented on a comment that I made on Reddit did not work here had a Fifteen thousand dollar minimum spend on The blue business plus my nine thousand Plus in taxes did not count towards Minimum spend and they comment they were Replying to was me talking about how I Got the 150 000 Point bonus on the annex Business Platinum for spending twenty One thousand dollars in federal taxes

And that was a few months previously so That did go through and that did count In other words I seem to have got in There just before they changed the rules But the story gets even more interesting Because around that time another Reddit User encountered the similar problem Here's what he said made a tax payment Through TurboTax on my business gold With an instant card number on April 17th upon hitting the ten thousand Dollar minimum spend requirement the Sign up bonus did not hit multiple Customer service reps saying the spend Doesn't earn rewards or count towards Ella Bill sign up bonuses despite many DPS stating otherwise an amex's own Marketing emails stating that you can Earn rewards through tax payments Etc Without a complaint ticket with the Customer service rep stating that the Decision contradicts amex's sign up Bonus terms and marketing for eligible Rewards spent the first customer service Rep stated it was a tax offset fee Second stated it was a cash equivalent I Was told it can take 10 to 90 days to Have a complaint resolved he Then Followed up a month later and said that Amex had closed his case and that it was Not resolved in his favor so he went and Complained to the cfpb the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau so the cfpb is A U.S government agency dedicated to

Making sure you are treated fairly by Banks lenders and other financial Institutions you can use their website To get inaccurate items struck off your Credit report get general information About Finance Financial laws Etc and to Complain about other ways that you may Have been treated unfairly by a Financial institution just like this Matter where amex's terms and conditions Seem to state that tax payments will Count towards a welcome bonus and they Are not letting it count Amex even has Sent out emails promoting paying taxes With a credit card but this story does Seem to have a happy ending because it Seems that the cfpb did rule in this Guy's favor because he made another post On Reddit stating this we found an issue Which may have impacted your promotional Offer we identified an issue which Regrettably may have impacted your Account and the associated promotional Offer to earn 130 000 membership rewards Points after spending ten thousand Dollars or more in eligible purchases on The card within the first three months Of membership we regret any Inconvenience this may have caused and Would like to assure you that we are Taking all necessary steps to resolve This matter as quickly as possible and This just proves to me that American Express and other credit card company

Wraps on the phone often do not know What they are talking about and this guy Actually had to reach out to a Government agency to get his case Resolved he hasn't given any follow-up On this so I guess he did get his bonus So now we have this data point where we Know that if an Amex rep insists that Your tax payment does not count towards Welcome bonus spend you can reach out to The cfpb and make a complaint and it Should get resolved at least with the Current set of terms and conditions Amex Has obviously if they change the terms And conditions in the future then that Could change the whole thing but with The current terms cfpb complaint should Sort it and we'll need to wait for more Data points coming out from other people Uh to see what is actually going on Moving forward all right let's now move On to the 90 000 Point bonus on The Chase Ink cards but before we do if you Have a lot of credit cards that you Struggle to keep track of a great way to Keep track of all your balances your Points and Miles balances your Transactions Etc is the smartphone app Max rewards the app keeps information From all of your credit cards even if They're from different issuers in one Easy to use dashboard there's also a Welcome bonus tracker so you can track Your spending for a welcome bonus as

Long as all that spending counts Max Rewards is also particularly useful if You have American Express cards because The pro version Max rewards gold will Activate all your Amex offers for you Adding them to your card so you never Miss a deal the average user of the app Saves around 700 per year through Amex Offers you guys can get a free month of Max rewards gold with my link below or You can just download the app and try Out the free features so a few months Ago there was a 90 000 Point bonus on The Chase Ink unlimited and ink cash Business cards both of those cards have No annual fee by the way but alas you Can see right here that the public bonus Is actually now just 750 in cashback Which is also equivalent to 75 000 Points we'll just talk about it in Points for the rest of the video but There is some good news because that 90 000 Point bonus is back in the form of a Direct link that you can click on and Apply for either of these two cards the Chase Ink unlimited or the chase Inc Cash you do not need to be signed in to Your Chase account for these links to Work some links in the past have Required a sign in why do these direct Links to better deals exist well some Are things that have been sent out in Targeted emails some are links that Bankers in branch have access to maybe I

Don't know but for whatever reason Chase Often creates extra UR RLS with better Bonuses that they can send to certain People and then once someone finds one Or gets sent one they then share it on Reddit and it gets passed around and People can actually apply through those Links and get those better offers so I Will put the links to the 90 000 Point Bonus slash 900 in cashback offers on Both of those cards in a pin comment Below so you can take advantage of them If you like but if you are in two-player Mode there is an even better deal if you Refer someone to your Chase Inc business Card you have any Chase Ink card you Know you can have the ink preferred and You can refer someone to the in cash That's fine but if you refer someone They will get the public offer of 75 000 Points or 750 in cashback but you will Get 40 000 points so added together That's 115 000 points 25 000 more than the 90 000 Points offer now I say that this is only Good if you're into play mode because You need to be doing this with someone That you can use the points together With so either your wife or husband Business partner someone that you you Might want to travel with in the future As long as you're going to use the Points together this is better than the 90 000 Point offer so I will put a link

To Chase's referral website now I get Nothing for this this is just a referral Website where you can click through to That website in a pin comment below and Then you can enter your card information And get those referral links to give to Your friends or business partner or Whoever so all of the links that I've Talked about in this video are below Like I said none are affiliate links I Do not get any money from them if you do Want to support our show do consider Getting a free month of Max rewards gold With my link below it is a really useful App please subscribe you're new we'll See you next time bye Thank you

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