Best Bonus EVER on this Credit Card + NEW Amex Transfer Partner

Best Bonus EVER on this Credit Card + NEW Amex Transfer Partner If you’re looking to protect your family from identity theft and credit fraud, my sponsor Aura makes it really simple. Their app uses AI to do all the hard work for you. Try 14 days for free!

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And we have a couple of cool stories for You today we have a historic High bonus On a certain credit card and we also Have American Express quietly adding a New Transfer Partner that you may not Know about and if you are into Exchanging credit card points and miles For free luxury travel experiences and Learning about personal finance do Subscribe here on YouTube you can also Follow me on all the other social media Tick Tock Instagram and Facebook my Usernames and handles are on screen now Alright so we have a best ever welcome Bonus on the advantage executive World Elite MasterCard that is the top tier American Airlines credit card from City The card features Admirals Club Membership four points per dollar on AAA Purchases 10 points per dollar on hotels And car rentals through AAA then you Also get free check bags priority Checking and boarding 360 dollars worth Of credits every year to offset the 595 Annual fee and so for some people this Card May may make a lot of sense for Others maybe not so much but anyway the Card has a historic High welcome bonus Of a hundred thousand American Airlines Miles for spending ten thousand dollars In three months on the card that's a Rate of 10 miles per dollar on top of What you are already earning with your

Spending so if you spent ten thousand Dollars on hotels through American Airlines at 10 points per dollar you'd Actually get the bonus and an additional Hundred thousand for a 200 000 uh Point Bonus but yeah your spending may just be In a one mile per dollar uh category so You would have between one hundred and Ten thousand points and at the high end 200 000 points if you spent you know That entire ten thousand dollars on Hotels or car rentals through a a now Obviously this card is gonna be most Useful to people who fly American Airlines regularly and it is the only Way to get full Admirals Club access From a credit card so if that is useful For you now is a great time to take Advantage of the higher best bonus ever On this card but be reasonably quick Because this offer ends on September 6 2023 so you've got just over a month all Right now let's move on to American Express adding a brand new Transfer Partner but first if you are into credit Cards you need to protect yourself from Identity theft so that no one can open Fraudulent accounts in your name and Trash your credit score if that happens No bank is going to approve you for a Card you may not know that your personal Information is easily accessible on data Broker websites like true people search Look there are 52 Ben Hedges on there

But not one of them is me because of the Sponsor of today's video Aura Aura is a Complete identity theft credit Monitoring VPN and anti-virus service All built into one they constantly Submit removal requests to data Brokers To get your personal information off the Open internet and even monitor the dark Web for your info and passwords that may Have been stolen in data breaches they Found three instances of my info on the Dark web they then their credit Monitoring service will send you an Alert if there is any suspicious Activity on your credit file like Someone applying for a credit card in Your name their VPN service protects Your data from theft on the internet Particularly useful when using public Wi-Fi and their antivirus service Protects your computer it's like seven Things all rolled into one and thus Provides way better value than if you Signed up for all of those things Separately let Aura do the hard work of Keeping you safe online and if you sign Up with my link below right now you'll Get a two-week free trial of the service You'll be shocked at how much of your Personal information or refines on the Internet over those two weeks so go to forward slash Ben Hedges it's Also linked in the description below or You can also scan the QR code on screen

Now alright let's move on to talking About American Express adding a new Transfer Partner that would be Qatar Airways yes Amex quietly added them as a New Transfer Partner and that takes American Express's Airline Transfer Partner is up to 18. now the reason I Think that they have been added now is That last year Qatar switched from their Own loyalty program points currency to Avios which is the Loyalty currency of British Airways Iberia and Air Lingus Which are all owned by the same company Now all three of those airlines are Already Transfer Partners of American Express and you can actually already Transfer your avios from British Airways To Qatar so it kind of makes sense just To add Qatar to Amex so that you can Transfer directly transfers are at a One-to-one ratio and the avios arrive Instantly in your Qatar account but There is a reason why you may not want To use Qatar Airways as a direct Transfer partner and you may want to Transfer the British Airways first and Then on to Qatar and that is transfer Bonuses and guess what right now American Express is doing a 30 transfer Bonus to British Airways so every Thousand Amex points you transfer over To ba you get 1 300 avios if you were to Transfer 50 000 over you'd get 65 000 Avios to transfer those over to Qatar

You'd then go to British Airways log Into your account and go to manage my Account and then combine abios and then There's a page where you can transfer to Either Iberia or Qatar now the current Promotion with British Airways runs Until August 31st so if you want to Transfer Amex points to Qatar before That date do it first via ba so that you Get that 30 bonus but what can you do With Qatar avios well you can book the Famous Q Suites business class now you Can book Q suites with British Airways Avios too okay through British Airways You can book Qatar however booking Directly through Qatar airlines with Their own avios will give you better Rates on flights that have connections For example let's say you want to go From New York to the Maldives via Qatar Okay so you switch planes in Doha Qatar's home airport you'll be able to Fly Q Suites on the JFK okay to Doha leg And then probably some other type of Qatar business class seat on the Doha to The Maldives leg to Malay which is the Airport in the Maldives but it will be Cheaper to use Qatar avios rather than British Airways avios to book this Itinerary because there is that Connection in Doha British Airways Prices the flights that are direct Pretty much exactly the same as Qatar Avios but Qatar avios will prove cheaper

If there is a connection just remember We always say only transfer your points Over once you have a flight that you Want to do and you've actually found Award availability for that flight you Don't want to get points stuck in a Certain airline with no use for them and Do also remember that Qatar avios unlike British Airways avios do expire 36 Months after they hit your account That's three years also in the past both Accounts had to be open for at least 90 Days in order to transfer avios that was The same with Iberia too I couldn't find Anything in the terms and conditions Mentioning that so maybe it's not a Thing anymore I then went and did a test Transferring one Avio from British Airways over to my brand new Qatar Account which I literally opened Yesterday for this video and one Avio Transferred over so it seems that that 90 day thing perhaps isn't a thing Anymore if anyone knows anything more About that do leave a comment anyway Guys that is the video for today don't Forget to get protected online and Protect your credit score something very Important if you want to play the whole Credit card points and Miles game like We do protect yourself with a two-week Free trial of Aura link to that is in The description below and the QR code on Screen now as always please subscribe on

YouTube and follow me on the other Social media that I'm on links are on Screen too and we'll see you next time Bye [Music] Close [Music]

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