Best Chase Credit Cards For HUGE REWARDS in 2024

Best Chase Credit Cards For HUGE REWARDS in 2024

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Chase was the first bank I dealt with in The US after I moved here over a decade Ago and it is the bank that got me Started on my credit Journey that has Now taken me to over $150,000 in available credit lines and Over $50,000 worth of free travel from Credit card rewards to date many of Those rewards came from Chase cards like Several free nights at the W Hotel in Taipei from the Chase Sapphire Reserve Welcome bonus five free nights at the Regent in taipe using the Inc preferred Welcome bonus two trips to H Allinclusive resorts in Mexico one in Cancun one in Los Cabos and countless Business class flights on British Airways and United Airlines between New York and London hey credit Warriors Welcome to the show my name is Ben Hedges aka the credit shiu and in this Video I am going to go through some of The best Chase credit cards out there on The market today that can deliver you Huge value in 2024 and Beyond in this Video we will be looking at welcome Bonuses and how how useful a card is in General when you consider Point earning Categories and other benefits it Provides so first of all I'm going to Say that sadly the 5% back at gas Stations and groceries for the first Year bonus that's been around on the Chase Freedom cards for the past year or

So is crazily still available okay it's Available on both the freedom unlimited And the freedom flex but you won't find It by browsing Chase's website anymore At the time of shooting this video it is Still possible to get that deal through A direct link if you Max it out you get $800 in cash back which is convertible Into 80,000 chase points in total so $200 for spending $500 in your first Three months and then 5% back at gas Stations and grocery stores for the First year on up to $112,000 in spending Which would work out at $600 or 60,000 Points if you Max it out now how do you Find the direct link for this one well It is showing up through referral links So if your friend has a Freedom Card Either the flex the unlimited or the Older freedom that isn't available to New applicants and they refer you to the Card they can get a small commission and You get this elevated welcome bonus I'll Put a link to an article on my website That shows you how to find your referral Link if you want to refer someone and Also has the direct link to the offer if You want it for yourself that will be in A pin comment below just don't refer Yourself to the card CU that will be Viewed as gaming the system okay make Sure you reach out to a friend for a Referral link or you can use my link if You want as well both the freedom flex

And the unlimited are fantastic cards With no annual fee the flex gives you 5% Back on $1,500 worth of spending and Rotating categories for the quarter and Chase's Inc unlimited is 1.5% back on Everything with a few extra bonus Categories now too and they also work Great when you combine them with the Sapphire or ink cards since the cash Back they earn can be transferred over To those cards and transformed into Points that you can redeem at higher Values and speaking of sapphire cards Let's talk about those now so the Chase Sapphire preferred and Sapphire Reserve Are still fantastic cards they both can Serve as the centerpiece of a Chase Trifecta that is when you combine three Cards from Chase for maximum value you Can't have both of these cards at the Same time because of the one sapphire Rule but you can get a sapphire Preferred first and then if you want Upgrade it after a year into a sapphire Reserve the sapphire preferred will Increase the value of your points by 25% So 1.25 cents per point when you book Travel through Chase's travel portal and The reserve will increase their value by 50% so 1.5 cents per point when you book Travel through the travel portal so if You get that gas and Supermarket deal on The freedom unlimited for example Max it Out for the 880,000 points and then you

Get the Sapphire reserve and transfer Those points over they'd now be worth $1,200 when booking travel through the Chase travel portal now obviously there Are a load of other benefits on these Cards like the point earning categories I could do a whole video on them but Basically the Sapp I preferred is their Tier three card so a mid-tier card with A $95 annual fee and the reserve is Their tier 4 or premium card with a $550 Annual fee and naturally on the reserve You get all that goes along with that Like airport lounge access Etc the Reserve is really coming back into style It used to be a super trendy card then It kind of went out of fashion but now It's coming back this year with so many Chase Sapphire lounges opening and we Have done several videos on them Recently and they now have open lounges Of Boston Hong Kong New York laguadia And New York JFK with Las Vegas Philadelphia Phoenix and San Diego Coming soon so if you're looking for a High tier travel card the reserve could Be appropriate for you especially if you Live near an airport with a sapphire Lounge since you need the reserve to get You in in addition to booking travel Through the portal which is better for Economy class flights you can also Transfer points to Airlines and then Book from there which typically gets you

The Credit Pros

Better value on business class and above Both the sapphire preferred and Sapphire Reserve currently have a 60,000 Point Welcome bonus I'll obviously put links To both of them in the description down Below all right let's now look at a set Of Chase cards that have a very time Sensitive bonus that literally you have A few days left for but first if you Have a lot of credit cards from any card Issuer that you struggle to keep track Of I recommend the sponsor of today's Video max rewards it keeps data on all Your cards in one easy to use dashboard Like your transactions your balances Your rewards balances all in one place They recently added this handy value Tracker so you can see just how much Value you get out of a card and decide Whether to keep it or not like on this Chase Inc business unlimited I've got Over $1,570 in value since I signed up a year Ago and actually I have the points value Set at 1 cent per point but you can set The value yourself so whatever you value The points at so it could be even higher For every card you can easily flick Through all of the information on it so Your points earning rates all of your Transactions on the card the value Tracker card benefits like collision Damage waiver baggage Insurance Etc you Can browse through those and then your

Offers on the card which Max rewards Will activate for you now activating Offers is a feature of the premium Version Max rewards gold it will Activate both Chase and AMX offers so You never miss a deal and sometimes You'll use an offer without even Realizing in the offers tab you can see It's compiled all of my offers from Chase and AMX and activated them all and With AMX when you activate all your Offers new ones appear in your account And it activates them too you you can Get a free month of Max rewards gold With my link below or just download the App and check out the free features all Right so the Southwest Airlines cards From Chase are currently offering a free Companion Pass as part of their welcome Bonus and you have to apply for this one Very soon because the bonus ends in like 3 days or something so here is the deal Spend $4,000 in your first three months And you will get a 30,000 point welcome Bonus plus a companion pass valed Through two 28 2025 that's February 28th 2025 but you must do it by March 11th Okay the deal ends at the end of the day On March 11th so consider this your last Call for this bonus Companion Pass Basically gives you two for one flights For you and one companion that you Choose whether you book with cash or Points there are three different

The Credit Pros

Southwest personal cards and I'll put The links to all of them in the Description down below I also have an Article on my website that goes through Them you can check out that article I'll Put it in the links below too all right Let's now look at some Chase Hotel cards With great bonuses and the number one Bonus right now in my opinion is on the Chase marot bonvoy boundless card which Is offering five free nights each valued At 50,000 points and that's for spending $5,000 in 3 months Chase says that this Is their best ever offer now my wife has This card and personally I really like It the annual fee is $95 but you get AE Free night every anniversary worth 35,000 points which pays for the annual Fee and then some we usually come out About $50 or more in profit each year on The card even before looking at how many Points we've earned in the spending Categories and the free night we've used A variety of different hotels including The Marriott in Kensington London which Is a really nice hotel anyway the five Free nights from the bonus okay which Are worth 50,000 Points each so not the Usual 35k that you get from the annual Free night are currently available in 2024 now I'm not sure how long this Bonus is going to stick around I wish I Had an affiliate link to direct you guys To but sadly I do not however you can go

To Chase's website and you can find this One just publicly available on their Site unless you're watching sometime Later in the year and it's already gone All right let's now look at the chase IHG credit cards 2024 is a great time to Sign up for either of these the IHG Premiere or the no annual fee IHG Traveler card because of their elevated Bonuses right now so first of all IHG is The hotel chain that owns the Intercontinental we've stayed there in London and it's very luxurious but they Also own the Regent in Taipei where I Stayed five nights uh and that was Amazing amazing breakfast at that hotel Now the isg Premiere Card which is a Tier three card with a $99 annual fee is Offering 165,000 points for spending $3,000 in your first 3 months now this Isn't the highest ever bonus on this Card I think that was 175,000 points but 165 is still pretty high the Points Guy Values IHG points are half a cent per Point so this bonus would be worth an Average of $825 I think it would probably get you At least one night at the Intercontinental or several nights at a Lower level IHG property like a holiday In or something and the IHG card gives You an anniversary free night every year As well and it also gives you IHG Platinum Elite status that got us an

Upgrade at the region in Taipei to a Lounge level room okay with lounge Access and obviously you have the Ability to earn IHG points on your Spending I'll put the bonus categories On screen now now that is a great bonus But if you are looking for a hotel card With no annual fee and a bonus worth Around $500 you got to check out the Lower IHG card the IHG traveler it Currently has a 100,000 Point welcome Bonus for spending $2,000 in your first 3 months which is a huge bonus for a no Annual fee card now this card will still Earn you IHG points on your spending Bonus categories on screen now pause the Video to check them out but it doesn't Have the anniversary free night and it Only gives you isg silver Elite status Not pla but hey since there's no annual Fee it may be a better choice for people Who are not as committed to IHG and just Want to try out their hotels both these Bonuses are limited time offers they are Available until April 3rd 2024 and Obviously I'll put the links to the Cards down in the description below same As with all of the cards that we've Talked about all right now I'm going to Give you two more Chase cards with 100,000 Point bonuses and these are two Business cards so first we have an old Favorite of mine the chase Inc preferred This card offers 100,000 points for

Spending $88,000 in your first 3 months Like the sapphire preferred the points Are valued at 1.25 cents each through The travel portal so that bonus is worth At least $1,250 but if you transfer the points Out to Airlines or hotels and yes the Ink preferred does have all the same Transfer Partners as the sapphire Preferred and Sapphire Reserve you can Often get 2 cents per point or more in Value which would give you a minimum Value of $22,000 for the bonus the bonus Categories for spending on the ink Preferred are shipping purchases Advertising purchases made with social Media sites and search engines internet Cable and phone services and travel Where you earn three points per dollar Up to $150,000 in spending per year and then It's 1X so if you Max that out that's $450,000 points per year you can earn on The card the card has a $95 annual fee And is considered a tier three card in My five Tier credit card ladder system Now this card could replace the sapphire Preferred in a Chase trif Factor Personally I have this card two Freedom Cards and another card which I also Think is a great deal too the Inc Unlimited that card is like a business Version of the freedom unlimited it Earns 1.5 points per dollar on

The Credit Pros

Everything and it has a 75,000 Point Welcome bonus for spending $6,000 in 3 Months that card may be a better pick if You don't have so much spending since It's $6,000 you have to spend instead of $8,000 to get the bonus and remember for Chase business cards you do not need an LLC you can use your own personal social Security number to apply so anyone who Is a contractor I.E you get paid on a $199 not a W2 would be eligible to apply So I think Uber driver Airbnb host or Anyone who does a trade and works with Multiple clients all right I want to now Give you one final 100,000 Point Chase Credit card and that is the United Business card now this is going to Interest you if you are a United flyer I Personally really like their Polaris Business class and the card is offering 100,000 United miles for spending $5,000 In your first 3 months it has a $99 Annual fee and gives you a load of Benefits on United like free check bags Etc the 100,000 points would be enough For a one-way Polaris business class Flight to Europe which now sells for 80,000 miles this one is also a limited Time offer there's no end date published For it but if you want it maybe consider Applying soon now I will put all of the Links to all of the cards that we've Talked about in this video in the Description below so that you can learn

More about them these are of course Affiliate links but it really does help Us out if you use them so thank you very Much if you do and also a big thank you To the sponsor of today's video max Rewards you can get a free month of Their premium service Max rewards that Activates all of your credit card offers So you never miss a deal with my link Down below or just download it and check Out the free features Please Subscribe If you're new we'll see you next time Bye-bye

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