BEST Credit Card + Bank BONUSES August 2023

BEST Credit Card + Bank BONUSES August 2023

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And it is the start of a new month August and you know what that means we Need to go through a new set of bonuses For the month in this video we will show You some welcome bonuses for new card Members on various credit cards we've Got some targeted bonuses for current Card members of certain cards and in Addition there is one bank account bonus That's pretty easy to get but it is a Limited time offer so do stick around For all of that but first of all if you Like videos on how to save money and how To travel the world for free using Credit card points do subscribe to our Channel on YouTube it is free and you Can also follow us on the other social Media platforms like Facebook Instagram And Tick Tock our usernames and handles Are on screen now alright so the first Card I want to talk about in this video Is the city Advantage executive World Elite MasterCard so this is the top American Airlines credit card from City And this card had a bit of a makeover in Late July with an increased annual fee Of 595 dollars but they did add 360 Dollars worth of credits the car did Unfortunately lose the ability to add up To 10 authorized users free of charge And get the more Admirals Club access You do now have to pay for authorized Users unfortunately but on the bright

Side they added Global Entry TSA Pre-check a load of travel insurances The AAA miles earning rates did increase Somewhat as well and they added a huge Welcome bonus of a hundred thousand Miles which is the highest bonus ever on This card here's the deal spend ten Thousand dollars in the first three Months and get one hundred thousand AAA Miles that's 10 miles per dollar which Isn't an amazing rate for a welcome Bonus we see often up to 20 miles per Dollar but it's obviously a way better Rate than you get on normal spending the Points Guy values AA miles at 1.77 cents A piece so that mean that this bonus of A hundred thousand miles would be worth 1 770 dollars and if you want to see a Video on how the points guys valuations Actually work all right because some People often wonder are they accurate Are they not I got a whole video Explaining exactly the method he uses it Looks like this you can check it out on My channel I'll put it on the end screen Of this video all right let's move on The Hilton Honors surpass So this might surprise you that I'm Talking about this in this video because A big bonus on the Hilton Honors Surpassed just ended okay it was 150 000 Points plus a free night it went down to 130 000 points with no free night

However I discovered that you can still Find a 150 000 points bonus albeit Without the free night and it's not even That hard to find when I looked on Google Chrome there it was 150 000 if I Looked on Safari I would just get the 130 000 Point bonus and on Google Chrome To find it I didn't even have to do Incognito window or anything it was just Right there that bonus is for spending Two thousand dollars in the first three Months and if we use the points guys Valuation of 0.6 cents per point that Would give us a valuation of nine Hundred dollars for that bonus and That's a really good deal considering The card only has a 95 annual fee and That's why I'm including it here because It's a good deal to despite losing the Free night and guys if you have American Express cards a great app to use to get The maximum value out of them is the Sponsor of today's video max rewards the Pro version Max rewards gold adds all of Your Amex offers to your card Automatically so that you never miss a Deal I recently used this Dell offer for 10 back without even knowing it was on My card and I saved about 15 on a 150 Hard drive the best thing is once all Your offers have been added to your card More offers appear in your account that You wouldn't otherwise have had and they Can get added to your card too giving

You even more value match rewards also Has a load of free features that you can Take advantage of like having your Transactions your balances and your Points miles and cashback balances all In one easy to use dashboard the app Will also tell you which card to use and Which spending category and at which Local Merchant to get you guessed it the Max rewards and guys if you want to Check out Max rewards you can use my Link below to sign up for either free Version or you can get a free month to Try out Max rewards gold all right our Next card is The freedom Flex Now this is an interesting one over the Past couple of years the freedom Flex Has done like a five percent bonus on Either grocery or gas for the first year And they have sort of alternated back And forth between these two categories But now if you can find it there is Actually a bonus for five percent back On both Gas and Grocery on up to twelve Thousand dollars in spending for your First year of card membership and with That you also get a 200 bonus for Spending 500 in the first three months As well now gas stations and grocery is Obviously better since it maximizes your Chances of actually maxing out the Twelve thousand dollars in spending Since you can do spending at both and

Then if you Max it out you would get six Hundred dollars worth of cash back Um which is also convertible to sixty Thousand autumn the herbalance points And then you've got the 200 on top of That so that takes you to a total for The first year of 800 in cashback slash 80 000 Ultimate Rewards points now how You get this is from Chase's credit Cards home page and doctor of credit Actually has a direct link to that page I will put their article in a pin Comment below where you can find the Direct link now when I just tried Clicking through from their article to The direct link to the offer it actually Just showed me five percent on gas but When I copy and pasted their link and Opened up an incognito window on Google Chrome pasted the link in voila I had The five percent on Gas and Grocery I Tried this a couple of days ago and it Worked for me I then tried it again Today it actually didn't work it just Showed me five percent on gas not sure Why that is Um but you guys can try it okay the link To the article where you can get the Direct link is below open up an Incognito window not an incognito tab Since that contains some of the same Information as your other tabs but a Whole incognito window and it's the First time you've done it I think you

Should be able to find this offer all Right let's move on the Discover It Cashback card So this card right now for the welcome Bonus it just has the same cash back Match for the first year which is a Pretty cool bonus anyway for new card Members but for current Card members Some people have reported being targeted For an email offer of four percent cash Back on all your spending this should Stack with the five percent categories Okay to make nine percent and it is up To eighty dollars in extra cashback you Can earn with this offer now this deal Has been around for a while as a Targeted email offer the image I just Showed is from an older version of it But reports suggest that this is back For August and September with apparently Some versions of this offer running all The way into the end of December most People who have been discussing this Offer on the forums uh seem to suggest That you have to be a regular user of The card to get targeted for it however Some people even reported phoning up Customer service ask talking about this Offer and not getting the offer but Actually being given like a two percent Offer or something similar like that so If you don't get this you could actually Phone up and say hey I heard that there Was this four percent targeted cash back

Offer is there any possible offer on my Card all right let's now move on to a Bank account bonus of several hundred Dollars that's really easy to get the Capital One 360 checking account I don't Normally include bank account bonuses But I'm including this one because it's So easy to get all right it's not like Some bank account bonuses where they're Like move five thousand dollars worth of New money into your account and keep it There for 60 days and uh then we'll give You a bonus of 50 bucks or something you Know okay normally they're not that bad But you get what I'm saying but with This one all you have to do is open a Capital One 360 checking account use the Code bonus 350 when you sign up and then Receive two direct deposits of 250 or More in your first 75 days and you will Get 350 cash in your your account kind Of confusing right because it's bonus 350 but the account is called 360. it's Like why couldn't they have just made it 360. it doesn't make sense Capital One Like make your account name and your Bonus the same all right it would just Whatever anyway this deal runs until October 18th so if you do want to take Advantage of it I suggest you act in the Next well two and a half months and guys That is where I am going to leave the Video for today don't forget to get a Free month of Max rewards gold with my

Link below do leave a comment tell me Whether or not you are able to find that Freedom Flex Um you know bonus for the five percent On Gas and Grocery I'd be very Interested to hear how many people were Able to find it with Incognito windows And if you do want to see that video on The points guys valuations my analysis On how accurate he is and the algorithm He uses I'll put that on screen now as Always don't forget do subscribe to our Channel follow us on all the other Social media and we'll see you next time Bye-bye

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