Best Credit Card BONUSES December 2023

Best Credit Card BONUSES December 2023

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And yes we are now in December and that Means another best bonuses video where We look at not only the best welcome Bonuses but also the best of any other Type of bonus offered on a variety of Credit cards on the US market right now And some of these bonuses are available To current Card members too and could Deliver quite a bit of value if you have The cards in question so let's get Moving now first up it is currently your Last chance and this is why I'm Mentioning this first it is your last Chance for a 75,000 Point bonus on the Personal Southwest Airlines credit cards From Chase now these offers will be Removed very soon I will tell you when In just a second but first why is this 75,000 Point offer so good that is Because the points are valid towards the Southwest Airlines companion Parts you Have to collect 135,000 points in a year To get that so if you get the bonus in January okay realistically if you get The card now you won't get the bonus Until at least January maybe later um You're already halfway there then from Your spending and flying in 20124 if You're able to get another 60,000 points To take you to 135 which really isn't Out of the question you will get the Companion Pass for the rest of 2024 and All of 2025 and this means that you'll

Basically get two tickets for the price Of one on any flight you book with Southwest for you and one companion that You choose so most common you know that Would be your wife husband girlfriend Boyfriend or just a travel companion That you are thinking of doing a load of Travel with now this deal ends at the End of the day on December 8th that is Tomorrow so end of the day tomorrow if You're interested do act fast I will put The links to all three of the Southwest Personal cards below for you to check Out they all have different benefits and You can choose which one is right for You all right let's now move on to some Benefits on City cards so the city Double cash currently has a welcome Bonus of $200 that's pretty rare for That card but we've talked about that Before I think we talked about that in Our previous best bonuses video but what Is more right now is that the double Cash and another city card are currently Offering some increased Point earning on Their travel portal let's look at the Double cach first so the double cach is 5X on Hotel car rental and attractions I Assume attractions to like theme parks Or shows or whatever whatever else is on There right uh booked through the city Travel C crucially though it excludes Air travel okay that's unfortunate we'll Talk about that in a moment now on the

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Double cach the offer ends on 1231 2024 Okay I wrote 2040 on my script by Accident all right this isn't back to The future but anyway 1231 2024 so That's the end of the year next year This is active for a whole year then on The City premiere this is City's Mid-level card with a $95 annual fee That earns their thank you points Currency you actually get 10x okay 10 Points per dollar on hotel and car car Rental not the attractions but just Hotel and car rental booked through the City travel portal and that ends on 6:30 2024 June 30th so you got six months for That one the one on the double cach is a Whole year the one on the premiere Which Is higher 10x instead of 5x is for 6 Months City actually launched a revamped Travel portal um earlier this year in Partnership with so it's Powered by now and so I Guess this is why they're doing this to Encourage people to use that new travel Portal now obviously emitting air travel Is going to be a bit of a bumler for a Lot of people since that's you know kind Of a place where you could spend a lot Of money and often if you book through Travel portals with hotels it's not so Good because you don't get your hotel Status benefits but you know perhaps if You don't have status if you're only a Low tier of status with a certain hotel

Um it doesn't really matter so you know Your mileage may vary on this but uh I'm Just the messenger if you can utilize This I'm very happy for you and it seems That this is also valid for current Card Members not just new card members okay I Read the terms and conditions I didn't See any new card member language only um But if you have the card and you've Noticed this on your card uh do leave a Comment let us know I'm pretty sure it's For uh current Card members too but if Anyone can confirm that do leave a Comment below all right what's next we Are going to look at some AMX card Bonuses but first if you do have a lot Of credit cards that you struggle to Keep track of a great way to get data on All your cards in one place is the app Max rewards they are the sponsor of Today's video max rewards pulls data From all your credit cards from Different banks in one place the free Version of the app gives you Transactions balances points and rewards Balances Allin One dashboard and has Useful things like welcome bonus Spending trackers it also tells you Which card to use in which spending Category and at what store for the Maximum rewards it also takes into Account whether Apple pay is accepted in The calculation then if you get Max Rewards gold the pro version of the app

You then get the function where Max Rewards will activate all of your AMX Offers for you and you may even use an AMX offer without realizing it and come Home to an email saying that you save Money that has happened to me several Times and when you activate all of those AMX offers new offers that you never Knew existed appear in your account and Max rewards will activate them too guys You can get a free month of Max rewards Gold with my link below or just download The app and check out the free features So we have a couple of cool things Things on AMX cards first we have a Transfer bonus to Singapore Airlines Chris flyer program now doctor of credit Says that this is targeted but I did Find it in my account so obviously People are getting targeted it's not Like one in 100 or whatever I got it so You very well could too you can check in Your account to see if you have it but What it is is 1,000 AMX points transfer To 1,200 chrisly mile so that is a 20% Bonus it says limited time offer on it It doesn't actually say when it will end But yeah it is a limited time offer Singapore Airlines of course has the Amazing first class Suite where you get A whole room to yourself with a chair as Well as a bed um I actually flew in Their older first class Suite I think Singapore Airlines was the first airline

To have a a suite with like a fully Closing door I flew on it when their Plane was retired and sold to another Airline and it flew for Norwegian for a While it was very cool I got to try out The hard product it's the best uh most Comfortable bed I've ever had in the sky But anyway if you have fly miles you can Then book the updated version of that Which looks like this it's very very Amazing um so yeah if you're thinking of Doing that if you've got a lot of MX Points stashed away and you want to try Chris fly as a Redemption option this Would be a great time to transfer points Over to Singapore Airlines just make Sure you have found award availability For what you want to do first you don't Want to be disappointed and get those Miles stuck in Singapore Airlines Without a use for them all right let's Move on to the next one and that is a Spending bonus on the AMX marot bonvoy Brilliant card now this is a high level Marott Hotel card and it gives you a Load of different benefits including Platinum Elite status with Marriott it Currently has a 95,000 point welcome Bonus but that's not what we are Focusing on for current card holders There is actually a special promotion Here is the text of that promotion Enroll and earn a bonus free night award Redemption level at or under 85,000

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Points after you spend $4,000 or more in Eligible purchases on your marot bonvoy American Express card by March 15th 2024 So basically you have to just enroll on This landing page and do that spending By March 15th 2024 um so this is about 3 Months if you start it now and you're Going to get an 85,000 point3 night Award now this card already gives you One 85,000 Point free night award when You renew your card each year okay so You don't get it the first year but it's Upon renewal so now you're potentially Going to have two of them which could Get you a whole weekend at a really Classy Hotel one of Marriott's High Lev Brands like Ritz Carlton or um you know What St Regis or whatever I went to the Ritz Carlton in gr Cayman it was amazing Did I mention I went to gr Cayman all right if you're a longtime Viewer of the show you'll know I've used That joke a million times before I'll Put a link to the doct of credit article Below where you can learn more about That and find the direct link to the Offer and that is it for today guys That's all we have for you today all Links mentioned in this video will be Either in the description or in a pin Comment down below don't forget to get a Free month of Max rewards gold with my Link below please subscribe to the Channel if you're new we'll see you next

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Time bye-bye

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