BEST Credit Card BONUSES November 2023

BEST Credit Card BONUSES November 2023

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United Explorer Card (60k bonus):
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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And since we are now in November grab Your skis because fall leaves will be Covered in about an eighth of an inch of Fresh snow very very soon here in the Northeast and a new month also means a Load more new credit card bonuses that You can sign up for in order to get cash Back and points for free travel now if You don't know a credit card welcome Bonus is when a credit card company will Offer a new customer a certain amount of Points or cash back for spending a set Amount of money in a certain period of Time for example $200 cash back for Spending $500 in 3 months the spending By the way is just the spending you'd be Doing on your card anyway okay you're Not spending any extra money now every Month I like to go through these bonuses And let people know what is new so let's Start with a series of cards from Chase That just got new bonuses and that would Be the Chase United Airlines credit Cards now these cards earn United miles The points currency of United Airlines And every one of these cards currently Has a limited time bonus offer on the United Gateway card which is their well Gateway card okay it's the one you'd get If you were a beginner the bonus is 30,000 United miles for spending $1,000 In your first 3 months as a card member If you use a Point Sky valuation for

United miles of 1.45 per mile we get a Value of $435 for the whole bonus and since You're spending $11,000 it's 30 points Per dollar that you get for your Spending which is a pretty high rate so This card offers good value the card has No annual fee and allows you to earn United miles in a few bonus categories And not much else all right let's look At our next one the united explorer card Is their mid-tier card and it features a 60,000 M welcome bonus for spending $3,000 on purchases in your first 3 Months now you can see that it's not Quite as good value as the first one we Talked about just 20 points per dollar Spent on the card but it is still a Bigger bonus and the bonus at 1.45 cents Per point would be worth $870 and remember these values are just Averages I was able to get 6 cents per United mile booking United's Polaris Business Class A few months ago so it Could be worth a lot more apart from the Awesome bonus this card gets you a free Check bag when you fly United Priority Boarding on United to United Club passes Per year and a $100 Global Entry Credit Among other things and all of that is For a $95 annual fee I will put the link To this card and all of the other United Cards that we're mentioning in this Video below if you want to learn more

The Credit Pros

About them then we have the United Quest Card which is a bit different this is Their what I call tier 3.5 card with a $250 annual fee and then $125 worth of United credits that Technically cut the annual fee in half The card is offering A7 0,000 M bonus For spending $4,000 in your first 3 Months and that is 17.5 m per dollar and The average value of the bonus would be $1,015 this card also gives you 500 Premier qualifying points as part of the Bonus you also earn five premier Qualifying points for every $122,000 you Spend on the card so I'd say this card Is good for a United loyalist who wants To move up in status and then lastly we Have the United Club infinite card with A whopping 9, ,000 mil bonus for Spending $5,000 in your first three Months that's 18 m per dollar spent and A whopping value of $1,355 for the bonus this card is their Top tier card that gives you full United Club lounge access and a load of other Perks for a $525 annual fee and if you Want to know more about this or any of The other United cards I will put the Links to all of them down below all Right let's move on the AMX blue Business plus now this one is is a Targeted mail offer that I received and This is actually a great bonus since the Public bonus on this card is just 15,000

Points for spending $33,000 in your First three months pretty lame but if You receive the mailin offer that I got You will be offered 75,000 points for Spending $115,000 in your first 12 Months now there are several things to Unpack here first 75,000 points is a Respectable bonus these are AMX points So they're worth on average 2 cents per Point but even more so because the bonus On this card is usually so low the Spending requirement is pretty high $115,000 but you have a whole year to Complete it so it's just $1,250 per month if you want to take a Whole year to complete the bonus the Value is low though just five points per Dollar but with this one it's more like If you want this card anyway and you're Targeted for this bonus you may as well Take the plunge I'm seriously Considering it since this card earns two AMX points per dollar on every Everything up to $50,000 in spending per Year it also has 0% APR for 12 months so If you wanted to use it to finance Something for your business or side Hustle it's a great option and guys if You have AMX cards you will find the Sponsor of today's video max rewards Especially useful because it has a Function that automatically activates All of your MX offers for you so that You never miss a deal now Max rewards is

A great way to keep track of data on all Your credit cards from different banks In one place okay not just AMX but all Different banks and the free version of The app gives you transactions your Balances your points and rewards Balances All in One dashboard and it Also has useful things like welcome Bonus spending trackers but if you get Max rewards gold that's the pro version Of the app you get the function where Max rewards will activate all of your AMX offers for you and you might even Use an AMX offer without realizing it And come home to an email saying that You save some money that's happened to Me several times and when you activate All your AMX offers new offers actually Appear in your account that you never Even knew existed and Max rewards will Activate them too and guys you can get a Free month of Max rewards gold with my Link below or you can just download the App and check out the free features all Right let's now talk about a card that Rarely has a welcome bonus and that is The city double cash so this is another Card that earns 2% back on everything And that can also be converted into two City thank you points on everything Let's take a look at the new welcome Bonus on the card it is $200 for Spending $1,500 in your first 6 months From card opening now I do not know why

They give you six months for $1,500 Worth of spending I mean $1,500 in 3 Months would only be $500 a month anyway But hey it's $1,500 in 6 months so That's $250 per month so even a child Saving their pocket money could probably Be able to get this bonus okay that was An exaggeration anyway this is a Publicly available offer so you should Be able to find it on City's website or By searching on Google just make sure You do see the bonus written on the Landing page before you apply when I Shot this video there was still some Links and some landing pages that were Not showing the bonus all right let's Now look at one more cashback bonus and This is a really high one Capital One Spark cash select so this is another Business card from Capital One and They've just come out with a $750 cash Welcome bonus on this card for spending $6,000 in your first 3 months this offer Was a available a while back then it Went away and now it is back there's Also another Capital One business card That's come back with an elevated bonus And that Is the Capital One spark miles for Business it earns 2 mil per dollar on All spending and you can transfer them To Capital 1's Transfer Partners to book Travel the bonus is 50,000 Capital 1 Miles for spending

The Credit Pros

$4,500 in 3 months now something to Point out about Capital 1 cards is that They pull all three credit bureaus when You apply in addition the these two Business cards in particular do actually Report your balance to your personal Credit report now in the past all of Capital 1's business cards reported to Personal then in more recent times some Of the ones with annual fees no longer Show up on your personal credit report But these two cards are no annual fee Cards and they do show up on your Personal credit so that's just a Consideration it may not stop you from Getting the card since $750 for spending $6,000 is a great bonus but at least Know that you can't Max this card out With business spending because it will Harm your personal credit score okay Guys that is the video for today of Course there are still some other great Bonuses out there but those are the ones That are new this month if you want to Check out the United cards with up to a 990,000 mile bonus the links for all of Those will be below so you can learn More about them don't forget to get a Free month of Max rewards with my link Below as well please subscribe to the Channel if you're new for more videos Like this and we'll see you next time Bye-bye

The Credit Pros
The Credit Pros

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