Best Credit Card BONUSES October 2023

Best Credit Card BONUSES October 2023

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And it is the start of a new month October and you know what that means Your birthday well it is but no that's Not what I'm thinking of your Airbnb is Finally finished uh well that too Probably maybe I don't know but that's Not what I'm thinking of either no what I'm thinking of is since we have a new Month we have a new set of credit card Bonuses to make a video on and give you The opportunity to earn a serious amount Of points for free travel or cash back And if you like the sound of that do Subscribe to the channel for more videos On credit cards and personal finance Almost every day so first up we now have A welcome bonus on the Apple card and The Apple card is kind of known for not Having a welcome bonus at least if you Sign up on their regular main Application page but if you get a Referral link from someone you will Indeed be offered a $100 welcome bonus Or in Apple's words it looks like youve Received an exclusive Apple card Invitation from a friend congratulations And they'll give you $100 worth of daily Cash when you make your first purchase Within the first 30 days of card opening So there's no spending requirement it's Just open your account make one purchase And boom $100 now you can get an article From a friend who has an apple card but

If you don't have any friends I mean if You don't have any friends who have the Apple card we'll put an article by Doctor of credit in a pin comment below That talks all about this deal and does Have the direct link to the offer all Right next we have a new offer on the Person Alaska Airlines Visa card from Bank of America this card is currently Offering 60,000 M plus their quote Famous companion fair for spending $3,000 in the first 90 days of card Membership let's look at the miles part Of the bonus first if we use a Point Sky Valuation of 1.4 cents per Alaska mile To value that bonus the value comes out At $840 now do remember points guys Valuations are skewed towards economy Fairs so if you were to use the mil for Business class it could be worth a lot More if you want to see a video where I Explain how the points guys valuations Work I have one on the channel it looks Like this I'll put it on the end card of The video so you can watch it right After now Alaska Airlines is part of one World Alliance and they have a great Points currency that lets you book Things such as Cafe Pacific's first Class those massive seats for just 70,000 points us to Asia and you'll get Way more than 1.4 cents per mile out of That Redemption then for the companion Pair part of the bonus the way it works

Is that you get a second seat so a Companion can fly with you for the set Price of $122 now it's only valid for economy Class bookings and on Alaska Airlines Operated flights or no co- shares booked Through Alaska but you could still save Several hundred when booking a Transcontinental ticket for example and You can also get another companion Fair After your card's anniversary if you Spend $6,000 in the the year preceding that Which really isn't that high of a Spending requirement at all so it's a Cool bonus guys it's not the highest We've ever seen on the car but it is a Little bit higher than the standard Which is more around 40 to 50,000 points And the spending requirement for it is Quite low at just $3,000 in the past When we saw higher bonuses on this card They were often accompanied with pretty High spending requirements for example $88,000 you can see the spending Requirement how it's changed on this Graph on USC creditcard all Right now let's get into talking about Some new bonuses on the Delta American Express cards and I think this is Delta's way of apologizing for recent Changes to their loyalty program which They're now even thinking of walking Back but firstly if you do have AMX

Cards or any other credit cards for that Matter a great way of keeping track of All your transactions your balances your Points and Miles balances is the Smartphone app Max rewards the sponsor Of today's video it pulls data from all Your different cards regardless of Issuer into one easy to use dashboard so You can literally view everything in the Same place the app also tracks bonus Categories even the ones that change Each quarter and we'll always recommend The best card for every purchase if you Have American Express cards the pro Version of Max rewards Max rewards gold Is especially useful since it will Automatically activate all of your MX Offers for you adding them to your card So you never miss a deal you may even Use an AMX offer without knowing it and Get home and see you've got an email Saying you save money the average user Saves around $700 per year through AMX Offers and you can get a free month of Max rewards gold with my link below or You can just download the app and check Out the free features all right let's Now look at the American Express Delta Credit card specifically the MX Delta Business cards which are currently Offering elevated bonuses and for Business cards guys just remember Basically anyone who's a freelancer can Apply for a business card you don't

Necessarily need to be the boss of some Big company or something right if you're Pay W9 like you're an Uber driver or Anything like that independent Contractor you should be eligible for Most business cards too so on the Business gold card we have a bonus that Is increased from 50,000 to 75,000 M for Spending $6,000 in your first 6 months In addition you get 5,000 Mi after you Make your first Delta purchase in that 6mon to so we could say It's actually an 880,000 M bonus but just using that Figure of 75,000 Mi and using the points Guys valuation of 1.2 cents per mile for Delta miles we get a value of $900 let's Now move on to the Delta business Platinum this one is increased from $60,000 to 90,000 M for spending $88,000 In the first 6 months plus you get 10,000 Delta miles after you make your First Delta purchase in that 6-month Period 90,000 Delta miles is valued at $1,080 if we use a points SK valuation Then lastly the Delta business Reserve Is offering 100,000 M for spending $112,000 in the the first 6 months I Know that's kind of a high spending Requirement plus 10,000 M for your first Delta purchase so that's a total of 110,000 mil the value for $ 100,000 m is $1,200 and the value for $ 110,000 m is $1,320 now all these bonuses are limited Time offers they end on October 25th

2023 so if you do want to get them you Got to hurry up all right let's now talk About the marott hotel credit cards Which many of them have elevated welcome Bonuses right now so on the three Chase Marriot cards first of all we have the Boundless kind of their mid-level card This card has a public welcome offer of Three free nights but there is actually A direct link to an offer for five free Nights and I did a video a few weeks ago Explaining exactly how to find that link It looks like this I'll put it on the End screen of this video then we have 85,000 points on the Bountiful the kind Of meh card in the middle and then we Also have 30,000 points on the no annual Fee marott bold but these are all beaten By the marott brilliant card the top Tier marott credit card from American Express which currently has an offer for Two free nights each valued at 85,000 Points so that's 170,000 points in total If you Max them both out and you have to Spend $6,000 in 6 months to get that so That's $1,000 per month I think that's Pretty easy for most people and that Deal ends November 1st so do be quick if You want it all right now I do have one More credit card for you that has an Amazing welcome bonus this month and That is the American Airlines Advantage Aviator card from Barkley now this one Requires a direct link if you just go to

Apply Aviator tocom you will get offered This deal and what it is is 60,000 M for Making your first purchase and another 15,000 M for adding an authorized user In your first 90 days now this card Earns American Airlines miles which According to the Points Guy are valued At 1.5 5 cents a piece that's actually Pretty valuable for an airline mile I Didn't realize that so 75,000 points Would be worth $1,125 and that's pretty amazing value For a welcome bonus that doesn't have Any spend requirement it's just make Your first purchase and Bam you got 60,000 add an authorized user and Bam Another 15,000 for a total of 75,000 so Very cool bonus indeed and to get that One you just go to apply Aviator decom Just directly to that URL and you should See it unless it ends all right guys That is the video for today I will put My credit card guide in the description Below it has many of the cards that we Frequently talk about on this show but If you can't find what you're looking For just click through on the Chase Sapphire preferred for example and it'll Take you to where you can Then Browse by category and you may be Able to find the card that you are Looking for using our links does help us Out because we are part of an affiliate Link so we do get a commission when you

Apply for a credit card it helps us Being able to run the business and keep Putting out content like this on YouTube For free so we do thank you very much if You use your links just make sure that The welcome bonus you are offered is Competitive with what is publicly Available also don't forget to get your Free month of Max rewards gold with my Link below please subscribe to the Channel if you're new check out the Videos on the end screen as well and We'll see you next time bye-bye

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