Best Rewards Credit Card For Each Category – Is the Points Guy RIGHT?

Best Rewards Credit Card For Each Category - Is the Points Guy RIGHT?

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show Now the Points Guy is one of the biggest Blogs in the credit card and luxury Travel space he recently came out with An article called the best rewards Credit cards for each bonus category Talking obviously about which card will Earn you the most points in each common Category of spending for example dining Or travel in this video I want to go Through this article and give you some Analysis and this video is brought to You by Kudos but more on that later so The article focuses on rewards cards if You are looking for cash back this is Not the article or the video for you now He also only includes personal cards in This not business cards but if you are Like me and you run a small business or Perhaps you drive for Uber or something You're a freelancer you may want to use A combination of personal and small Business cards so I will add in some Business cards that I feel are worth Mentioning all right let's look at the Article I'm sure I've seen this stock Photo before of this guy with his Girlfriend with the uh Mickey Mouse Hairstyle anyway the first category is Air Travel let's look at this table so it's Pretty common for high Tier credit cards To offer a way of getting five points Per dollar for airfare these days now

The only personal card that you can Currently apply for that does that on Airfare book directly with Airlines is The MX Platinum there's also the city Prestige that offers 5x on airfare Directly with Airlines but that's not Available to new applicants all right if You have it already you're grandfathered In great enjoy otherwise you're out of Luck then there are several cards that Offer five points per dollar back on Airfare if you buy your flight ticket Through that bank's travel portal the Chase Sapphire preferred and Reserve Both offer this then the Capital One Venture X there isn't really a major Disadvantage to doing this you can still Enter your frequent flyer number you do Earn air miles on the flight and you'll Still get your airline status benefits With hotels you often don't get your Hotel status benefits if you book Through a third party portal the only Thing to pay attention to is that the Price through the portal is exactly the Same as on the airlines website okay so Do check that to make sure no points Saying hey I got 5x points per dollar But uh it was $50 more expensive all Right that would probably wipe out most Of your rewards then we have the MX Green at three points per dollar and the Capital One Venture AT two points per Dollar that card actually earns two

Points per dollar on everything now Notice the points guy gives the value of The points too the value of these points Currencies vary between 1.85 cents and 2.05 cents a piece so that affects the Value of the rewards earned in addition To the points multiplyer for the bonus Category to be honest though they have Many of the same Transfer Partners so in My mind they're all worth around 2 cents Per point I don't want to be that guy Who is like oh this one is 0.5 of a cent More you are wrong it's just whatever You know it's about 2 cents per point And there's so many other variables too Such as how you redeem the points so Saying around 2 cents per point in my Opinion is fine so if you want 5x on air Travel directly with Airlines go with The MX Platinum just know it does have a $695 annual fee so you need to be sure That you're going to get value out of it Through using the coupon book style Credits and the other benefits it gives You if you don't mind booking through a Portal to get 5x then the capital 1 Venture X the chase cards also are Pretty good for slightly lower fees if You want to use the points for economy Flights the Chase Sapphire cards Particularly the sapphire Reserve are Good for you since you can use the Points through the chase portal at 1.5 Cents per Point that's often better than

Transferring to a partner for economy Booking specifically if you want a much Lower annual fee the AMX green earns Three points per dollar with a annual Fee of $150 per year and the Points Guy Missed the City premiere that also earns $3 City points per dollar for a $95 Annual fee I guess he didn't include it Because he had the city Prestige but you Can't apply for the city Prestige now so You might as well include the City Premiere it's actually a better deal Than the AMX green 3x for $95 annual fee Versus $150 annual fee and I don't Really know why they include the Capital One Venture at all that earns two points Per dollar and everything for a $95 Annual fee if you want to include that I Think you should probably include the City double cash as well but since you'd Need the City premiere or Prestige to Transfer the points over to to turn them Into points cuz the doubled cash just Earns cash back then you'd earn more Using those cards anyway so it would Kind of cancel out so I guess that's why He doesn't include the city double cash And then if we're going to include cards That earn just two points per dollar Okay like the Capital One and the city Double cash you might as well include The MX Blue business plus that is a Business card that earns two points per Dollar on up to $50,000 in spending per

Year chase by the way doesn't have Anything that earns two points per Dollar on non-category spend all right Let's move on to the next category Amazon and online Shopping now for this I immediately Think of the Amazon card that earns 5% On Amazon and also the AMX Blue Cash Every day which earns 3% on online Shopping but then I remember of course Those are cash back cards so they don't Apply in this particular case since There is no way to turn that cash back Into points okay like there is with some Other cards like the city double cash Etc let's now look at what the Points Guy chooses for this category you have The Capital One Venture the venture X And the city double cach so he does put The city double cach in here this time Because the City premiere doesn't have a Bonus category for non-category spend Which is what online shopping would fall Into in this case so you can earn two Points per dollar on the double cash and Then transfer that over to the premiere All right let's move on but first if you Use credit cards to build up points and Cash back which if you're watching this You obviously do otherwise you wouldn't Be watching would you so if you do have Several credit cards that you use to Earn rewards you'll want to list listen To this cuz I'm going to tell you how

You can earn up to 25% in value back When you shop online this holiday season From now until Christmas you can 5x your Credit card rewards on sites like Lego With this free shopping tool also Today's sponsor Kudos imagine this You're about to spend $2,400 on a roundtrip flight for your Family to spend Christmas in Vegas I use My Chase Inc preferred for 3x points per Dollar which has a cash value of $72 about $91 if you use it through the Travel portal but if you use Kudos and Book through Price Line Kudos will give You an additional 12 Kudos points per Dollar turning that $91 into a whopping $382 that's basically free money but That's not all Kudos also helps you Recommend the best card to use on every Purchase which means you no longer have To keep track of things like Point Values or rotating categories just use Kudos and once again the best thing About Kudos is that it's completely free Whenever you shop at one of their 15,000 Merchant Partners Kudos earns a small Commission from your purchase instead of Keeping it entirely for themselves they Are sharing a piece of that pie with you By multiplying your credit card rewards It's super easy to use all you have to Do is add kudos to your desktop or IPhone in just two clicks and then shop Like normal Kudos will automatically

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Appear at checkout so stop leaving money On the table and join Over 150,000 Members earning over 100 Mill million in Credit card rewards every year with Kudos use code shuu to get kudos for Free by clicking the link below or going To join Shuu that's join Shuu all right let's move on to the next Category cell phone Bills okay so looking at which is the Best card to pay your cell phone bill With is an interesting one because it Involves both the points you would earn And what kind of cell phone protection Your card offers yes many credit cards Offer insurance if you break your cell Phone or it gets stolen Etc but they're All different now the Points Guy lists These cards as the best but then States Below that the Capital One Venture X is The total winner this is because while The cell phone protection offered by The Venture X is pretty much exactly the Same as the AMX Platinum they both offer $800 in coverage with a $50 deductible Up to two times per year but with the Venture X you'll also earn two points Per dollar on your cell phone bill since The card is 2x on everything so that's Their logic another thing to point out Is that the AMX business Platinum also Has a $10 per month Wireless telephone Credit and the same cell phone insurance

As the regular platinum and the Venture X so if you are open to a business card That could be for you as long as the High annual fee is justified by the Other benefits that you get from the Card all right let's move on to the next One the best card for Commuting so commuting is generally Going to be like Subways trains Ubers Etc this is often described as Transit As opposed to travel which would be more Like air travel the point Sky recommends These carts Chase has a very broad Travel category which includes both Airfare and Transit then you have the H Credit card which offers 2x H points per Dollar and then he have the United Quest Card which is also 2x I find it strange That he has no love for the AMX green Which does offer three points per dollar On Transit and it's all listed out on Their website it even includes things Like parking so in my mind it's got to Be either the Chase Sapphire Reserve or The MX green if you have a lot of this Kind of spending all right let's get to A really big category dining in Restaurants now the AMX gold wins this One out of the cards that you can Actually apply for it earns four AMX Points per dollar at restaurants Worldwide now if you're lucky enough to Be grandfathered into the city Prestige Then that does earn five points per at

Restaurants but you can't apply for that Card anymore like we said so if you have It it's great if not my advice is get The MX gold you can also look at dining Programs that let you earn extra points Like the Chase Sapphire Reserve dining Program for example that's why the Points Guy includes that one since it Does earn 10x points per dollar but you Are limited to the restaurants in the Program built also has a dining program So if you have the built card to pay Your rent with and earn points on that It would be worth checking out built Dining as well also on the first every Month you get six built points per Dollar on dining CU they double the Points on the first so that's worth Mentioning too next the best card for Food [Music] Delivery now on this he gives you a Similar list to restaurants basically Cards that earn good rates on Restaurants and that include food Delivery services like Uber Eats door Dash seamless Etc one thing I like to Add here too is that cards like the MX Platinum and MX gold give you a credit For Uber each month where which can be Used for Uber Eats the Platinum is $15 Per month the gold is $10 per month the MX G also has an additional $10 per Month dining credit valid at GrubHub

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Which is a delivery service so with the AMX gold you can use those two credits For delivery every month one with Uber Eats and one with GrubHub and you can Earn back $240 per year almost paying For the entire annual fee just $10 short And yeah the Points Guy points this out Too and he says he thinks the AMX gold Is the best card Best card for Gas ooh now this one is going to be Interesting he actually only gives two Cards the city premere at three points Per dollar and the Hilton honor surpass At six Hilton points per dollar which is Actually worth less than the 3x City Points because Hilton points are just Worth about half a cent a piece however A good one he fails to point out is the AMX everyday preferred this card earns Two points for Lauren gas but ooh what Is that 50% more points if you make over 30 transactions per month so that would Be 3x on gas and at 2 cents per point That would be a 6% return so that would Actually win the category only thing is You have to remember to make 30 Transactions per month basically use the Card once per day every month I think That if you're able to do that or you Find a way to do like splitting a Grocery purchase into a few smaller Purchases then this car definitely wins There are some other cars worth

Mentioning too the city custom cach Offers 5 % back which is also equal to 5x points per dollar back on $500 in Spending in your top spending category Each month from this list that includes Gas although this is presented as Cashback it can be transferred to the City premiere and become points the Chase Freedom Flex also earns 5% back Per quarter on $1,500 worth of spending Which is the same as $500 per month uh In rotating categories this time and Each year there's always at least one Quarter where gas is one of the Categories and although this is Described as cash back like with the Custom cash it is points and it can be Transferred over to other Chase cards That have Transfer Partners and used to Book travel either by transferring out To a partner or through the portal Etc So you have a couple of options for 5x Points per dollar even though there are Some limitations then let's also look at A couple of small business cards Personally I often use the Windom Rewards business earner which earns Eight points per dollar on gas the Points Guy himself values these points At 1.1 cents per point so that is8 8.8 Cents return on your gas spending now This one is a business card and it is a Hard to get business card at that I had To send my business tax returns to

Barley's before they would approve me But then there is also the AMX business Goal that's another one that is easier To get and it offers four AMX points per Dollar on your top two spending Categories each month from a list that Includes gas so if you're willing or Able to get a business card those are Two really good ones to look into for Your gas spending now we have cards for General travel and I think that's pretty Similar to Transit so I'm actually going To skip that one but now we get to the Best credit cards for US Supermarkets now this is an interesting One where he only gives two options the MX gold and the City premiere now the MX Gold earns four points per dollar at US Supermarkets which makes it the winner Whereas the City premiere only earns Three points per dollar but what you may Not know is that if you do the Whole 30 Transactions per month thing on the Every day preferred you can earn 4.5 AMX Points per dollar on US supermarkets up To $6,000 in spending per year since That card earns three points per dollar On grocery but then once you add the 50% Bonus for the 30 transactions per month It takes you to 4.5 points per dollar Making it the winner now guys there are A few more quite specific and narrow Categories that he goes through like gym Memberships Mobile Wallet Etc if you

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Want to check out all of his Recommendations I will paste the article Somewhere Below in conclusion I think He's on the right track but I think There are some really good ones that he Missed that you have to think outside The box or jump through a few more Hoops To get like with the everyday preferred The 30 transactions thing I also think For people who are Freelancers it is Worth opening this up to a few business Cards too but what do you think leave Your comments down below a big thank you To Kudos for sponsoring this video Support this channel by downloading Their free app with my link below and up To 5x your credit card rewards at 50 ,000 websites this holiday shopping Season please subscribe to the channel If you're new and we'll see you next Time bye-bye

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