Bilt 150% Bonus, Chase Bank Account $900 BONUS + JFK Sapphire Lounge

Bilt 150% Bonus, Chase Bank Account $900 BONUS + JFK Sapphire Lounge

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And in today's video I want to go Through three things we have the built Rent Day promotion which is a huge Transfer bonus to a certain Airline a Minimum of 75% of your points or more Depending on what status you have then We have a $900 bonus when you open up a Chase checking and savings account and Finally the new Chase Sapphire Lounge Just opened at JFK this week if you're New here do subscribe for more videos on Credit card and personal finance topics Several times a week and we're all about Getting you the maximum value out of Your financial products all right so the Built credit card is the only credit Card on the US market that allows you to Pay rent to any landlord and earn points On that spending up to 100,000 points Per year the first of every month is Rent day for built card holders where You can earn double points on all your Spending categories except for rent Which is kind of weird cuz it's called Rent day but whatever so the 3x the card Earns on dining becomes 6X for example It's a great day for date night but then In addition to that built will usually Offer some additional bonuses or Promotions such as a transfer bonus to a Certain Airline when you move points Around on that day well this coming rent Day February 1st is no different built

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Is offering a bonus when you transfer Points to Air Canada's aerop plan and Air Canada is a Star Alliance Airline Which means you can book any airline in That Alliance which includes the major US Airline United so if you want to take The Polaris business class to London on United like I did last year well you can Book that through Air Canada as long as You can find availability it's actually A total of 45 Airline Partners including Others like Emirates and leanza so what Is the bonus well it's pretty huge so For one day only on February 1st you Will get a 75% bonus when you transfer Points over if you are a blue member That is their most basic level of Membership that everyone gets by default Blue members have a transfer minimum of 2,000 points so that becomes 3,500 aor Plan miles which is almost doubled then For silver members it is doubled 100% Bonus so 1,000 built points becomes 2,000 eror plan miles for gold it's 125% So 1,000 built points becomes 1,250 airpl miles and for platinum it's 150% so 1,000 built points becomes 2,500 Aeroplan miles so those are your rent Day benefits for built Card members for February 1st which is next Thursday Don't forget about it since it is one Day only and if you don't have a built Card but are interested I will put a Link to it down in the description box

Below it is one of my recommended cards All right let's now move on but before We do if you have a load of credit cards That you struggle to keep track of the Sponsor of today's video max rewards is A great app to use to keep data such as Your transactions your balances your Credit utilization points and rewards Balances all in one one place it will Tell you which card to use where to earn The most points or cash back taking into Account things like rotating categories The new version version 3 has a few new Features as well such as a page Dedicated to keeping track of your AMX Coupon book style benefits and for AMX Cards especially the pro version of Max Rewards Max rewards gold is especially Useful it activates all of your AMX Offers so you never miss a deal and you Tend to actually unlock new secret Offers once you activated all of them That you never otherwise would get Access to you get a free month of that With my link below or just download it And check out the free features all Right so next we have the Chase bank Account bonus and then we'll get into Looking at some photos of the new Sapphire Lounge that just opened at JFK So the Chase bank account bonus was Around last year and it is back for a Limited time we'll tell you how long Here it is there are three options you

Can open a Chase total checking account Which is like their standard account and Set up direct deposit and you will get $300 as a bonus then if instead you open A Chase savings account and you deposit $155,000 into that account you keep that Balan for 90 days you'll get $200 but if You do both things together you don't Just get those two amounts added Together which would be $500 you instead Get $900 which is quite a lot now this One is a limited time offer it ends on 417 2024 so April 17th so you have just Under 3 months to get it I would say you Know for some people if you have $155,000 just lying there in another Account and you're okay with moving it Um you could do that obviously with the Checking account you do need to set up a Direct deposit so that would be the main Account that your pay goes into so you Know it is a bit of a decision to think About you are basically switching banks That's what they kind of want you to do Give you their give your business to Chase over the long term so it is a Little bit of thinking about it but if You've been thinking of switching backs Anyway and Chase is a contender now is a Great time to do it anyway let's finally Get to the new Chase Sapphire Lounge That just opened at JFK this week now This one is a little different to the One that opened at LaGuardia last week I

Know it's kind of weird we had two Opening at New York airports within the Space of like a week okay this time Chase has actually taken over the old Ettihad Lounge that was shut down for Several years well now it's reopened as The sapphire Lounge by the club and There is still a relationship with Ettihad the lounge is in terminal 4 near The Centurion Lounge it's 7,600 s ft Which is actually a little bit on the Small side okay most of these loues tend To be like over 10,000 like 12,000 or Something and it's open from 5:00 a.m. To 11 p.m. daily one mile at a time had Some good photos on his site so you can See there's been some refurbishment done You're seeing Chase's signature blue on Many of the seats obviously there is a Buffet drinks coffee Etc the point guy Also had an article on this lounge and You can see The etad Branding is still There in many of the photos so etti had Business class and first class Passengers can still use it and and the Point Sky Team estimated that there will Be about 100 eligible ety had Flyers Passing through the lounge each day so In the hour or so before an ety had Flight and there are two flights a day It might be a bit busy okay so there Probably will be a couple of hours each Day where the lounge will be pretty busy But at other times hopefully it's okay

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But in total it does look like a good Lounge there's also shower Suites which I always like to see and the food does Look really good too but since it's Operated with an airline there may be Some different in what is offered Compared to the pure Sapphire lounges Like the one that just opened at LaGuardia you can get in with the Priority pass card that comes with the Chase Sapphire Reserve or with the Ritz Carlton card with up to two guests the Ritz Carlton card isn't open to new Applicants at the moment Sapphire Reserve is and I'll put a link to that One in the description if you want to Learn more about it as always affiliate Link so we do thank you very much if you Use it and then if you have priority Passs from another card you can get one Visit per year and pay $75 $5 for Another visit or for guests and if you Don't have any kind of priority pass From any card you can actually buy a day Pass for this Lounge for $100 same with The ladia one uh but $100 is way Overpriced so I would not recommend Doing that I'll paste links to those two Articles shown in the video Below in Case you want to have a closer look at The photos there already were loads of Photos in each article and that's where I'm going to leave it today guys the Links for most of the things that we

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Have talked about in this video will be Pasted below as a link to our sponsor Max rewards that'll be the top Link in The description section you get a free Month with my link if you are interested In Max rewards gold the pro version Otherwise you can just try out the free Version please subscribe to the channel If you're new and we'll see you next Time [Music] Bye-bye He

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