Bilt + Hilton Partnership with Autocamp

Bilt + Hilton Partnership with Autocamp

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And we have an interesting video for you Today so we have details on builts rent Day which is coming up on the 1st and if You're a built card member you will want To check this out since you can actually Vote on what benefits you will get then We also have Hilton partnering with an Outdoor accommodation company autocamp And they do these stays in these really Cool Airstream Camp events all over the Country stay tuned to hear more about That too and guys if you are new my name Is Ben Hedges aka the credit I post videos on credit cards personal Finance and travel almost every day so If you like the sound of that why not Subscribe right let's get into it so the Built credit card is the only card on The US market that lets you pay rent and Earn points with any landlord if the Landlord isn't signed up to the built System you pay them with your card and They then send a check on your behalf Now on the first of the month every Month they do what they call Rent day Where you get double points on all your Spending categories except for rent so For example since this card earns three Points per dollar on dining that would Be six points per dollar on dining just For that one day every month but in Addition to that on rent day they often Do other promotions and this month they

Have a promotion where you can actually Vote on what you want as the benefit for Renting so they're doing a sort of Sports tournament style playoff I guess Cuz it's March Madness you vote for your Favorite benefit out of I think it's 16 Or 17 different benefits and the winners Advance to the next phase like it's a Football or basketball tournament for The Championship there are four days of Voting from the 26th to 29th so if you Haven't voted yet you should still be Able to join now and vote on today's one Okay in the second phase there will be One winner but if you are gold or Platinum you actually get the winner and The runner up as well so you get two Benefits so what are these benefits that Users will be voting on well I'm going To put them all on screen now I'm not Going to read out every single one since There's too many of them but some of the Highlights would be 15 points per dollar On hotels book through the built travel Portal get 20,000 points when you redeem Points for a down payment if you happen To be redeeming for a down payment Exactly on March 1st and then there's Also 10x on gas and 5x on grocery stores If you have the built card remember most Of these benefits actually can be used For people who are just signed up as Built members without necessarily having

The credit card but I would recommend The card anyway since if you're in the Built system it kind of makes sense to Get the built credit card too if you're Interested in that card do check it out In the links below you can learn more About it and if you are a current built Member or built card member you can open Up your built app to vote on the Benefits today and tomorrow and on the 29th and obviously in addition to this Promotion you're still going to earn Double points on the First on everything Except for rent all right let's move on To talking about Hilton partnering with An outdoor accommodation glamping style Company where you can stay in these Amazing Airstream camper bands but first If like me you have a lot of credit Cards that you struggle to keep track of I recommend the app Max rewards to keep Info on all your cards in one place it Helps you keep track of your Transactions your balances your points And rewards balances even if your cars Are from different issuers it always Recommend the best card to use at Different stores and in different Categories for the maximum level of cash Back or rewards that's why it's called Max rewards they fixed their earlier Problems they had connecting with Chase So it now works with all major US Banks If you get the gold version of Max

Rewards it will activate all of your AMX Offers for you so you never miss a deal And you may even use an AMX offer and Save money without realizing it you can Get a free month of Max rewards gold With my link below to try out or you can Just download the app and check out the Free features all right so let's now Move on to Hilton so they've partnered With autocamp this is a company that Does those glamping sites throughout the Whole country many are close to or in National Parks So at their location in The Catskills Mountains in New York for Example which is actually about 30 Minutes from my house and my Airbnb that You can now book is also in the Catskills okay follow mini waska cabin On Instagram for updates but anyway Their Catskills location has these Really cool Airstream Camper vans they Apparently have a special partnership With Airstream where they get these Custom Design campers it's really really Cool and they've also got a central Building with a restaurant Etc it looks Really stylish there's good food they Have other locations as well like Cape Cod Joshua Tree Etc and these camps are Going to be bookable on Hilton's Platform in the coming months and that Means you should also be able to book With Hilton points this is the second Partnership that Hilton has announced in

Recent weeks the first being small Luxury hotels of the world leaving Hyatt And joining Hilton that one added 560 Luxury boutique hotels in 90 countries To Hilton's portfolio so personally I'm Pretty excited about both of these Partnerships and Hilton points although Low in value are easy to earn let me Know what you guys think about all this And the built promotion in the comments Below I'd love to know what you think Don't forget to get a free month of Max Rewards gold with my link below we'll See you in the next video bye-bye

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