Bilt Mastercard NEW Airline Transfer BONUS – Do THIS Now

Bilt Mastercard NEW Airline Transfer BONUS - Do THIS Now

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show Now the built MasterCard is one of the Most popular new credit cards out there On the US Credit Card Market it enables You to earn points paying rent with no Fee okay and it's got some pretty Awesome Transfer Partners that you can Transfer those points to including American Airlines which is a rare Partner you've got Hyatt and you've got Virgin they also have what they call Rent day on the first of every month and That's where they double the points that You can earn so effectively you can earn Six points per dollar on dining because The regular rate is three points per Dollar and four points per dollar on Travel but they often add in other Little bonuses on rent day and today August 1st is no different for today and Today only you will receive up to a 150 Bonus depending on which level of build Status you are at when you transfer Points to Virgin Atlantic so if you are At the blue level of status which is the Entry level you don't have to do Anything to get that just open a built Account you will get a 75 bonus silver Is a hundred percent so that's basically A two for one deal gold is 125 and Platinum is a 150 bonus and that's based On whatever level of status you are at On August 1st which is today and blue Members by the way have to transfer at

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Least 2 000 points I didn't see that Stipulation for any of the other levels Just for blue members now that's pretty Amazing even at the blue level because If you look at other transfer bonuses on Other issuers look at American Express Right now they've got a transfer bonus To British Airways for what was it uh 30 Okay which isn't even half what you'd Get at the blue level so to get 75 for An entry level of status is actually Pretty amazing and then to get a bonus Of 150 if you're at the top level the Platinum level that's better than a Two-for-one deal so what can you Actually use virgin points for because Obviously it's a UK Airline everyone Knows when you fly directly to the UK on Points you tend to get hit with big Taxes and fees big fuel surcharges and Stuff that can be like I don't know if You're booking business cards could be Like a each way in fees but Virgin Atlantic actually has a lot of Partners Now because they joined Sky team and the Airline alliance Sky Team back in March Okay there used to be a sort of Non-alliance airline that had a few Partners they still have a lot of those Partners as well but they did join Sky Team back in March but then their Non-alliance Partners include a a okay That's out of Japan you've got Hawaiian Airlines you even got Singapore Airlines

In there so you could fly and a business Class to Japan you go to Hawaii you Could potentially book Singapore Airlines uh they've got an awesome Business class awesome Suites so there Really are a lot of options you've got The Hall of Sky Team and a few Non-alliance Partners obviously Sky Team For those of you in the US which is most Of you that's going to include Delta so You can book Delta flights with Virgin Miles so you could go U.S domestic on Delta you could book Delta one the um You know the suite the new business Class Suite from Delta Etc so there are A lot of options don't think it's only Useful for going to the UK and if you Have you know obviously an idea to use This in the future Today and today only is when you can get This bonus so you may want to think About transferring those miles over Today obviously if you have some sort of A plan where you're going to use them if You don't have any plan at all then Maybe hold off and then guys for the Built card if you don't have this card Yet but you want to get it don't worry You're not necessarily missing out Completely because they do do promotions Like this from you know from time to Time they will be more promotions in the Future Um every first of the month is rent day

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So at a minimum you get doubled points But they have done a lot of these kind Of promotions like status match Challenges they had one going with Hyatt A couple of months ago and then they got This you know transfer bonus to Virgin I'm sure there will be plenty of these Kinds of things in the future plenty of Opportunities so if you are interested In that card I will put a link to it Below so that you can learn more I do Thoroughly recommend it it's a great Card especially if you are renting Um as always guys please subscribe to The channel here on YouTube if you're New you can follow us on all the other Social media links on screen now and We'll see you next time bye-bye

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