BMO Harris Cashback Mastercard Credit Card Review

BMO Harris Cashback Mastercard Credit Card Review

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Hey i’m adam jusko and this is strictly Credit cards and one of the things we do Here on the strictly credit cards Channel is we focus some on credit cards That are a little off the beaten path Not necessarily the biggest banks the Most popular cards out there but maybe Something that would be interesting to You especially if you happen to live in The area where some of these smaller Banks sometimes do most of their Operating and that leads us to the Harris bank cashback mastercard now i’m Going to slide over here so that you can See that harris has branches in Nine different states and as far as i Can tell if you want to get one of their Credit cards you have to be in one of Those states because if you try to apply Online they want to know what your Harris account number is so they’re Assuming you’re already a customer or if Are not already a customer they tell you To go into one of their branches so it Looks like you have to be in bmo’s Footprint as they say in order to Actually get one of their cards now the harris cashback mastercard that we Are going to talk about probably the Most interesting of what they offer the harris cashback mastercard is a no Annual fee mastercard that gives you Your rewards using the following formula You get five percent cash back on

Streaming services and or cable and or Satellite services as far as the Streaming services go most of the big Names they are going to include their Youtube tv hulu tv disney plus hbo etc Etc so you get five percent cash back on Those you get three percent back on Grocery and gas purchases on up to 2 500 Per calendar quarter in those two Categories combined so as long as you Don’t spend over 2 500 on groceries and Gas in a three-month period then you’re Gonna get three percent on all of that If you go over that in those categories Then anything beyond 2500 would get you One percent and then all the other Purchases on the card are also going to Get you one percent there is a bonus Opportunity on this card of 200 If you spend 2 000 with the card in the First three months after you get it you Can redeem your cash back as a statement Credit meaning it goes against the Purchases on your cashback Mastercard and reduces your credit card Bill or you can take that cash back and Have it deposited into a deposit Account checking savings etc like a lot Of credit cards to be a mojas cashback Mastercard does have some extra features And benefits that you might use probably The most interesting at least in my Opinion are the fact that you have four Hundred dollars or up to four hundred

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Dollars of cell phone protection if you Use the card to pay for your cell phone Bill and something happens to your phone It gets broken it gets stolen and there May be some other things so make sure You read the fine print there but you Would have up to four hundred dollars in Uh cell phone protection the next most Interesting or the other most Interesting is the fact that you do have Extended warranty protection so if you Buy something with this card it actually Doubles the manufacturer’s warranty of Whatever is on the thing that you have Purchased to begin with now there does Have to be a warranty on whatever item You have purchased in order to double That warranty and i think there is some Sort of limit maybe two years something Like that so if you buy something it Doesn’t have a warranty you don’t get One but if it has a warranty it will Double it looking at rates and fees on This card i’ve already said there is no Annual fee in terms of your interest Rate potential you could at the low end At least as i make this video get a 14.24 interest rate or you could get all The way up to a 22.24 Interest rate what you get is going to Depend on your credit history when you Apply and are approved that’s when They’re going to tell you what that Interest rate actually is there is a

Balanced transfer offer a zero percent Balance transfer offer on this card for 12 months and what that means is if you Take a balance from some card they Already have and maybe it’s sitting at a High interest rate you move it onto this Card you can have it sit there at zero Percent no interest at all for 12 months However you should know that there is a Balance transfer fee of four percent of The amount moved so you are going to pay A chunk up front in order to move that Uh balance onto this card but in the end Usually when you do the math and you do A balanced transfer you’re going to come Out ahead if you can have it sit at zero Percent while you pay it off versus it Being on a higher interest card so we Look at this card overall it has some Limitations obviously one of them is the Fact that you have to be a harris Bank customer or live in a place where You could become a harris customer This car does stack up pretty well Though with some of the other cards out There from the big banks that maybe do a Little bit more in the rewards game the Five percent on streaming services or Cable or satellite services is a pretty Nice reward and it’s not one that you’re Going to see too much on other credit Credit cards on the market especially on A no annual fee card sometimes you’ll See sort of limited time offers where

You could get something higher on your Streaming services but most cards Especially with no annual fee aren’t Going to have that as a main feature in Terms of where you can earn your cash Back so that is very attractive three Percent on groceries and gas pretty good When you compare to some of the other Cards out there on the market so this is A card that i could see potentially you Would hold as an everyday card probably For me i would think of this as maybe a Complimentary card to some other credit Cards i might hold in my wallet in Particular if i had a flat cash back Card that was giving me two percent and There are a few of those on the market i Might use that and have this as sort of A complimentary card with it but it is a Pretty decent card for a smaller bank Where credit cards aren’t necessarily Their biggest offering something where They’re really competing with the big Banks in general you look at the other harris cards they’re only okay but This one pretty good so if you’re in the Geographic footprint of harris this Is a card that you might want to check Out might want to consider if you are Not in the geographic footprint well Move on now i said at the beginning of This video that this strictly credit Cards channel tends to focus on some of These smaller off the beaten path credit

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Cards and that is because this channel Is an offshoot of the wildly popular Proud money channel where we do cover The big banks the latest happenings in The credit card and personal finance Game if you have not been to that Channel yet you don’t know what you’re Missing make sure you check it out

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