BREAKING: Amex Starts 2024 REFRESH, Updating 6 Cards

BREAKING: Amex Starts 2024 REFRESH, Updating 6 Cards

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We currently have plans to refresh Around 40 products globally next year Well that was the voice of American Express CFO Kristoff leyc on their Recent earnings call talking about how Many AMX cards are going to be refreshed In 2024 and well they didn't wait long Because we have our first batch of Refreshes that was just announced by American Express in a press release Today enhanced Delta Sky miles American Express cards offer more rewards and Benefits in this video I'm going to go Through what is happening on the Delta Cards and whether I feel it is a good Deal or not so AMX and Delta have Actually set up a special web page Mycard benefits you guys can check that Out if you want and it gives you a Summary of what is changing I'll also Have an article on my website that'll Tell you the same things maybe a little Bit clearer but I can give you some Highlights in this video and yes sorry To break it to you this does include the Introduction of a load of coupon books Style credits that may be a good thing For some people maybe not so good for Others so let's look at the personal Cards so on the reserve there is $560 worth of new credits including $120 Worth of ride share credits that's $10 Per month a $240 resi credit so that's

$20 back per month when you spend at Restaurants you book through resi uh if You don't know resi is a dining website Owned by American Express it recommends Really good restaurants and I've found The restaurants on there to be really Great okay I have used it it's pretty Awesome then we have a $200 Delta stays Credit you get up to $200 back per year When you book hotels through Stays they've also expanded the Companion certificate to more Destinations they've added two more Sky Club guest passes per year for a total Of four and you get Herz president Circle status not sure if that's new but Uh if you have the card let me know now The the annual fee on the reserve is Going up from $550 up to $650 so $100 Increase and judging by amex's recent Earnings call that does fit with their Strategy of subscription like recurring Revenue basically raising annual fees And providing some credits that not Everyone will completely use up and thus AMX coming out on top all right let's Look at the other personal cards so on The Platinum they have added $390 in credits you get the $120 ride Share Credit $10 per month $120 with Resi so half the amount of the reserve And a $150 Delta stays credit then they have Also expanded the companion certificate

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On this card and you get Herz five star Status and you get added to the Complimentary upgrade list after Medallion members and Reserve Card Members which probably means you're so Far down the list that you will never Get an upgrade but hey it's the thought That counts the annual fee is also Unfortunately going up to $350 as of today so that's a $100 Increase up from $250 both the reserve And the Platinum now feature an Mqd uh Head Start which gives you 2,500 Medallion qualifying dollars per year to Help you get to Medallion status quicker I'll put a chart on screen that shows How many mqds you now need to earn the Different levels of Medallion status all Right now let's talk about the Delta Gold this one just has a couple of Changes a $100 Delta stays credit plus a $200 Delta Flight Credit and that is a Credit it already had it's just been Increased by $100 but for the Flight Credit you have to spend $10,000 in a Calendar year in order to get it and on This one the annual fee is also Increasing from $99 up to $150 so a $51 Increase all right so those are the Benefits and the annual fees that have Changed but what about the welcome Bonuses well those have increased too Albeit for a limited time the result Reserve is now offering 100,000 Delta

Sky miles for spending $6,000 in 6 Months that's $11,000 per month you have To spend for that the Platinum is Offering 90,000 Sky miles for spending $4,000 in 6 months that's just over $666 per month a little bit of a scary Amount and I would say that one offers Better value than the reserve cuz it's Almost as much as the reserve but for Way less spending you know 2/3 of the Spending and the gold is offering 70,000 Sky miles for spending $3,000 in month Which is $500 per month all those Bonuses are limited time offers and end On March 27th 2024 now the business Versions of these cards also had big Changes for example we now have $610 Worth of credits on the business Reserve $440 worth of credits on the business Platinum and 250 worth of credits on the Business gold now it's going to be a bit Repetitive to talk about all of them in One video so for the business ones I Will include all of the changes in an Article on my website that will be Linked down below so in that article You'll find a breakdown of all the new Benefits on the personal and the Business cards and also links to those Cards so you can click through to my Pages for them on Bankrate where you can See their comprehensive review and if You want you can even click through to The application Pages if you are

Interested do wear it up though since Remember the annual fees are increasing So you do have to think about it and Think about whether it makes sense for You considering the value you'd get out Of the new credits as much as I'd like To say use my links guys and I do thank You very much if you do but I do want to Stress make sure that it is a good deal For your personal situation so what do You guys think about these changes are They good or bad do leave your opinion In a comment below my feeling is that uh Well they did these updates obviously Cuz they kind of annoyed everyone with The changes last year to Delta Sky card Access and stuff on the reserve no free Guests and axing Reserve completely on The Platinum so you know they did have To do something so it makes sense that This is the uh first set of cars that They're refreshing this year but I think You know they did add a considerable Number of credits so for people who are Willing to and have the conditions to Use those credits for just a $100 Increase in most of the annual fees or $50 on the gold but $100 on the other Two it actually might be a pretty good Deal but for people who don't have the Conditions to use those credits then for You guys maybe maybe not as always guys Subscribe to the channel if you're new My article on this with info on all the

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Cards is below and if you want 15 free Stocks and 8.1% apy from Mumu there's a Link for that in the description as well And we see you next time bye-bye

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