BRUTAL: More Amex Bonus Rule Changes (Cash Back Cards)

BRUTAL: More Amex Bonus Rule Changes (Cash Back Cards)

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show Now a week ago we covered new American Express Delta credit card bonus rule Changes basically these rules force you To get the cards in order otherwise you Miss out on a welcome bonus here's how I Explained it in my video a week or so Ago whatever card you have you cannot Get the welcome bonus on any card below It I.E cards with lower Annual fees but If you started with the gold card got The bonus you could then go on to get The bonus on the platinum card and then After that go on to get the bonus on the Reserve card well now American Express Seems to have done a similar thing with Their cashback cards or maybe they did It at that time and no one noticed until Now now I got alerted to this change From a website called profitable content Which is run by RJ from the RJ Financial YouTube channel and let's now have a Look at what these changes actually are So AMX has sneakily added this to the Terms and conditions of the Blue Cash Everyday card you may not be eligible to Receive a welcome offer intro aprs and Intro plan fees if you have or have had This card the cash magnet card the Blue Cash Preferred Card the Morgan Stanley Blue Cash preferred American Express Card or previous versions of these cards And this is all they've done so the Other two cards in their main cashback

Lineup still have their regular Restrictions okay I.E once in a LIF time With no other rules so what does this Mean well similar to the Delta cards it Establishes an order in which you have To apply for the cards otherwise you'd Miss out on the bonus basically you have To apply for the Blue Cash every day First otherwise if you applied for the Cash Magnet or the Blue Cash preferred You would not be able to get a welcome Bonus on the blue cash everyday card Later on now this may not be that big of A deal because after all the Blue Cash Everyday's bonus is only $200 and if you Do them in order you can still get the Bonus anyway but are we seeing a trend Here in the future will this be added to The terms of condition Of the American Express Flagship Products like the green golden Platinum I think it could be we've already seen New language added to the Platinum Card Saying that if you've had different Versions of the Platinum like the Charles swab Platinum for example you Will not be eligible for a bonus on the Regular Platinum so look out for that Guys and see what changes happen in the Future but you know what hasn't changed The fact that you can still get up to 12 Free stocks from the sponsor of this Video The Brokerage app Weeble you get a Minimum of six free stocks worth at

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