BULLETPROOF: How an Amex Black Card SAVED Tycoon’s Life…

BULLETPROOF: How an Amex Black Card SAVED Tycoon's Life...

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During a very busy Monday morning Residents in the upscale Calgary Neighborhood of upper Mount Royal were Greeted by the sound of gunfire the Gunfire targeted the Rolls-Royce Ghost Driven by real estate Tycoon Riaz Mamdani one man remains in critical but Stable condition following a shooting Early this morning in Mount Royal but Incredibly mamdani survived the titanium Credit card was in the pocket of a suit Fest being worn by the victim at the Time of the shooting and it is this Credit card that has given the story Legendary appeal with many believing That it's safe mandani's life so in this Video we are going to delve into this Story further and find out if the AmEx Black Card the payment card of Celebrities and Global Elites is Really bulletproof or not This is the current construction of the AmEx Centurion card it's actually very Similar to the AmEx Platinum which is Publicly available and it's not Bulletproof believe me I've tested it Right through nice clean clean cut so Amex your platinum credit card isn't Bulletproof I hope the Centurion is well It might be because a few years ago the AmEx Centurion card looked like this it Was made of one solid piece of titanium And it was this version of the card that

Mandani had in his shirt pocket on that Fateful day in 2016. the incident was a Classic hit job the target mamdani owned A lot of real estate in Calgary Canada He had two lawsuits against him in the Courts including one class action Lawsuit for 200 million dollars so you Can imagine that he may have had some Powerful enemies a white SUV was waiting Outside his gate at 8am and fired Multiple shots through his windshield When he emerged in his Rolls-Royce the SUV immediately fled the scene and was Found destroyed just a few minutes later A vehicle fire was reported a few blocks Away from the shooting in the 3800 block Of 7th Street Southwest leaving no Evidence of the perpetrator except for Eyewitness accounts that he was wearing A bright orange jacket like what you Commit a murder and then you flee the Scene in a bright orange jacket so Everyone can see you makes no sense to Me but that's what the police said Happened then mamdani's company Strategic group tried to play Down the Idea that this was a hit job by saying That he was the victim of an attempted Robbery but you can see by the position Of the bullet holes in his windshield That this gunman was shooting to kill so Why would his company want to play down That fact well probably because they Knew who sent the gunman and that now

The Credit Pros

Brings us to the AmEx black car that Supposedly protected mamdani now from The police photos you can see that there Is a bullet hole in it but that is at The location of the chip which we have Found from testing other cards is the Weakest part of a metal credit card one Hole and that was in the chip which is Slightly thinner metal some cards are Strong enough to stop a small more Caliber round if they're hit on the Opposite side from the chip but it's no Good just talking about it we have the Titanium Amex Black Card right here so Let's test it out for ourselves but Before we do in 2015 a Chinese Billionaire used his Amex black card to Purchase this 170 million dollar Painting at auction and art has proved a Very solid investment for Global Elites You see thanks to inflation interest Rates and global conflict Goldman Sachs Is now even asking the question is the Classic 60 40 stock and bomb portfolio That many people invest in dead 2022 was One of its Worst Years on record the Losses were so bad that many money Managers have started to recalibrate Their allocations institutions also Changed course allocating between 30 and 50 of their funds to Alternative assets As the logic goes even if the stock Market flatlines this year as many Expect these private low correlation

Assets will continue to climb higher and Higher this in info was recently Corroborated by Bloomberg who surveyed Money managers for some of America's Richest families their findings included A continuing focus on diversification And safe havens especially Collectibles With the greatest allocations to Art so It's easy to see why a contemporary art Prices have more than doubled the s p 500's return over the past 26 years and In 2022 when most equities had their Worst season since the global financial Crisis the Art Market has its richest Auction season of all time as a highly Exclusive projected trillion dollar Asset class the Art Market used to be Hard to get into but with Masterworks The sponsor of today's video you can Diversify your portfolio with Multi-million dollar paintings from Legends like Picasso Banksy and Monet For just a fraction of their total value Masterworks has built an impressive Track record of exit all of them Profitable and with these kind of Results Masterworks are seen at over 700 000 investors tried to gain access so There is a waiting list but I reached Out to get all of you access to their Latest offerings so click the link below To skip the wait list and invest in Artworks like the billionaires do hey Everyone we are here on a piece of

Private land more than 500 feet from Road in compliance with all local laws And regulations for shooting guns on Private land in New York state and we Have free weapons here with us today so We have the 22 caliber rifle the reason I brought this with me is because I Think that the AmEx Black Card may Actually bullet be bulletproof against This round okay it's a small caliber Round we then have the nine millimeter Handgun and I think this is probably Pretty similar to what the uh what Mr Mamdani was tragically shot with that Day okay and a nine millimeter round is The most common round out there so it's Probably what was used in this case so That one will be the real test and then We got the 12 gauge shotgun and I really Just brought this one along for fun Right it's the pump action we'll see how We go with that as well But we're going to start from small and We're going to work our way up let's go [Music] All right So this is the 22 rifle let's give it a Go [Music] I'll put these on I don't think I ever need these but We'll try it anyway All right guys let's go Oh safety's on

Did I get it I don't think so Whoa okay so We can confirm that the uh the American Express Centurion card is not Bulletproof uh even to a 22 rifle we Appear to have hit it in a weak area the Bottom seems to be weaker than the top It's got this this is actually a Separate strip of aluminum or Titan of Titanium so yeah Not bulletproof all right we'll put this Back for the uh the second one which Will be the handgun all right so now We're gonna go for the handgun this is Actually the first time I've shot a Handgun I just have experience with Rifles and shotguns we're standing 15 Feet away for reference and this is a Nine millimeter round so let's actually See uh if it makes a hole in the card I Mean we know it's gonna anyway but let's Check it out Foreign I may have to go closer [Music] Oh we haven't had it yet with the Handgun I think I'm just not used to the Way this weapon fires the way you know It targets or something like that so Let's load up one more [ __ ] one more Clip and uh and give it another try Thank you Oh I love it let's see what happens to the

Car [Music] Wow so it seems that we hit it like Right on the uh on the Edge at the top So it's actually like split the card It's not a clean Bullet Hole but um Yeah that that most definitely is not Bulletproof maybe it just you know Slowed down the bullet enough that it Didn't hit uh Mr mamdani's heart or Maybe the card changed the bullet's Trajectory so it avoided a vital organ Something like that but anyway it Probably did save Mr mamdani's life all Right guys I'm sorry I know my handgun Technique is abysmal first time I shot a Handgun at least we did hit it once and Found out whether it was bulletproof or Not but there is one thing that I don't Know how to shoot and that is the 12 Gauge shotgun all right this is the pump Action Let's lock a load Oh wow Look at that that is the uh the high Velocity Magnum steel went straight Through one two three four five six Seven eight nine nine Ten 10 little balls I'm not sure how many How many balls are in them but uh yeah That is uh well and truly not Bulletproof all right guys so we do know That the AmEx Centurion titanium card is

The Credit Pros

Unfortunately not bulletproof we just Want to remind you not to try this at Home and if you do want to get into Shooting uh go and get instruction from A professional instructor a big thank You to Masterworks for sponsoring this Video to check out their service in the Description below guys please subscribe If you're new leave your comments about This below as well and we'll see you Next time bye-bye shotgun okay here we Go Okay hold on because I look like a Little bit of an idiot getting that Wrong Filming absolutely all right I need to unload it and reload it Because

The Credit Pros

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