Capital One AGAIN Devaluing the Venture X Card

Capital One AGAIN Devaluing the Venture X Card

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show I want to talk about a credit card that Has attracted a lot of attention over The past few years and that is the Capital One Venture X Card released in 2021 the card quickly became known as The most affordable High tier travel Credit card that gives full unlimited Airport lounge access the ventor X gives Users both Capital One lounges and Unlimited priority pass access which Gives you over 1,000 400 lounges the Cool thing about this card is that the Annual fee is only $395 but when you subtract the $300 Travel credit that Capital One gives you Every year and then either the value of The Global Entry Credit that you Typically use in your first year or the 10,000 points Capital One gives you on Your card's anniversary year 2 onwards Both of which are valued at about $100 You end up with Capital One actually Paying you $5 a year to keep the card in A way it sounds too good to be true now Last time we had a deal this good was The Chase Sapphire Reserve back in 2016 But with that card they slowly chipped Away at the benefits it's still a great Card but it was probably costing a lot Of money so they started changing things And one of the things was no longer Allowing you to earn points on spending That triggered their $300 travel Credit

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Now Capital One actually did almost Exactly the same thing last year as one Of three changes that they've made so Far to devalue the Venture X card and Presumably make it cheaper for the bank We will go through all of those changes In this video and the Third change is One that literally just happened so First of all back in December 2022 Capital 1 Venture X holders lost Priority Pass Restaurant access now this Is a benefit where you can go to a Restaurant in the airport terminal and Priority pass would give you a credit Towards dining there it's usually $28 For the card holder and another $28 8 For one guest so a maximum of $56 off Your bill but sadly like many other Credit cards these days The Venture X Lost the priority Pass Restaurant Benefit it was a great benefit Especially when lounges were full or not Providing good food you could get a full Meal in an airport restaurant for Effectively just a few bucks after the Credit was deducted from your bill now Next in September 2023 Capital 1 Effectively did the same thing that Chase did to the sapphire Reserve travel Credit they made it so that you can't Earn points on the spending that Triggers it now they did it in a Slightly different way to chase though Originally the credit was a statement

Credit for $300 after you spent money on The capital 1 Travel portal so you would Spend earn points and then get refunded But as of last fall they have changed it To a discount of up to $300 on the Capital 1 Travel portal so you never Spend the money in the first place Meaning you don't earn the points it's a Sneaky little move but considering the Card offers five points per dollar on Flights and 10 points per dollar on Hotels and car rental through Capital One travel it saves Capital 1 between 1,500 and 3,000 points a year per card Member and if you're looking at points Being worth a minimum of 1 cent per Point that is between $15 and $30 per Card member per year that is saved for The bank or conversely $15 to $30 that You miss out on on redeemable points Value each year now let's let's look at The change that just happened capit one Has added fine print to the Venture X's Terms stating that the Herz president Circle car rental status that is their Highest status that the card provides Will end later this year here's what They say eligible card holders will Remain at that status level through December 31st 2024 at which point they Will be reverted to the level Commensurate with herz's standard usage Policies commensurate that's a new word For me okay I've never seen that before

Before anyway um so this was first Reported by the Thrifty traveler who I Guess was just browsing the terms and Conditions and somehow noticed it now it Is possible that they could reach a deal With Herz and extend the benefit into 2025 that may happen but as of now it is Ending at the end of the year despite These Cuts though the Venture X does Actually remain a solid card I mean it Has a 75,000 Point welcome bonus the Capital One Lounge network is expanding You get Plaza premium lounges too and You get unlimited guests at priority Pass lounges that's something that other Cards most other cards do not provide so In my opinion it is still a card worth Having I don't want to discourage you Guys from getting it we're just kind of Telling you what the situation is and it Is kind of natural that Banks do come Out with a product that it's a little Too good and then they do kind of chip Away at it and slightly devalue it and It's obvious to me that they're trying To trim small benefits here and there so That they can avoid having to make some Serious Cuts Like reducing the amount of The travel credit or Deval ing the miles You can earn or reducing the multipliers Or whatever but if H status was Important to you then there are other Cards on the market that give you that Benefit if after all that you are still

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Interested in the Venture X which I'm Sure some people still are there are Many positive factors about the card After all do check it out in my credit Card guide in the links below as always The cards featured in that guide are Affiliate links they do help us out Tremendously but we thank you very much If you do use our links Advertiser Disclos is right at the bottom of the Description section if you want to read It as always please subscribe to the Channel if you're new let me know what You think about all this in the comments Below and we'll see you next time Bye-bye

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