Capital One Expands Pre-Approval Credit Card Choices (SavorOne & Quicksilver Added… for now.)

Capital One Expands Pre-Approval Credit Card Choices (SavorOne & Quicksilver Added... for now.)

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Hey i’m adam jusko and this is strictly Credit cards where we talk about Strictly credit cards subscribe why Don’t you capital one Seems to be expanding at least as i make This video the number of cards Sort of eligible for pre-approval on its Website so capital one Has had a pre-approval page on its Website For a long time but it has sort of been Geared only toward people that are maybe New to credit or have had Some bad credit history so the capital One secured card the capital one Platinum And the capital one quicksilver one are The cards That have been sort of eligible for Pre-approval in the past But as of today as i make this video The capital one savor one card and the Sort of regular capital One quicksilver that does not have an Annual fee Also shown on the pre-approval page and Interestingly enough the saver one card And the Quicksilver card they both show a 200 Bonus Little you know flag or badge or Something with them as well to Try to i you know get you excited about Them now twice in that little spiel

There i just told you that this was as Of now like as i’m seeing it and the Reason i do that not only is because you Know things could change But because i have seen things change on That pre-approval form Before for a little while there they Were also showing their four good credit Cards which Are the capital one cards that are Essentially the same as their regular Cards except they Might approve you and take away the Upfront bonus opportunity so if you Wanted the quicksilver or you wanted the Venture card or that sort of thing they Have these Four good credit versions that are the Same card but you cannot get A bonus on the front end and that Basically is for people whose credit Scores Probably are not high enough to qualify Them for the card Normally so they’ll think about giving You that card if Your credit score is a little lower but They’re not going to give you a bonus on Top of it That’s pretty much it but if you’re Someone that is building credit or maybe Rebuilding your credit and you’re Wondering Where you stand maybe with capital one

With some of these cards that are A little better this could be helpful to You because one of the things that Drives people a little Crazy about capital one is that when They actually apply for a card often Times capital one Will pull their credit from all three of The major credit bureaus which means That your credit score is going to go Down a little bit with all three Of the major credit bureaus where a lot Of other issuers might only pull from One bureau in terms of making a decision On your application Now if you could potentially get Yourself pre-approved with capital one That doesn’t mean you’re not going to Still get that hard pull but you at Least have a better idea As to whether you were likely to be Approved for the card before you Actually took the step Of applying and getting that hard pull On your credit so that’s it oftentimes When i talk about capital one making Little changes like this that i find on Their website like a week later those Changes are gone so hopefully This will actually stick questions Comments put them in that comment Section otherwise thanks for watching We’ll talk to you again soon

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