Capital One SavorOne: The Better Gold Card #capitalone #creditcards #amex

Capital One SavorOne: The Better Gold Card #capitalone #creditcards #amex

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In this video, I review the Capital One SavorOne Cash Rewards Credit Card. This card is a great option for people who want to earn cash back on everyday purchases, such as dining, entertainment, and groceries.

I compare the SavorOne to other popular cash back cards, such as the American Express Gold, Citi Premier, Wells Fargo Autograph, and American Express Blue Cash Everyday. I also discuss the pros and cons of each card, so you can decide which one is the best fit for you.

If you’re looking for a cash back card that offers a great rewards rate on everyday spending, the Capital One SavorOne is a great option. Check out my video to learn more!

#capitalone #creditcards #amex

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As a credit card Enthusiast I love to Comb through the credit card subreddit To engage with people like me who love Credit cards too and we're always Looking for the next opportunity to get Free stuff I love that the ability to Compare credit cards online to get the Best benefits and value has created an Era of competition that I don't think We've ever seen before credit card Companies are increasingly looking to Push the boundaries of the kind of value They can give us even at the expense of Their own immediate profits all in the Name of winning market share and Customer Loyalty gone are the days of The generic Visa that will get you one X Back in points and now are the days of Getting at least 2x back on non-category Cards and increasing specialization for Rewards category cards we now have cards Like the city custom cash which Specialize in giving you 5x points in Any category of your choosing we also Have the American Express gold card that Has taken to specializing in being the Ultimate food card offering Forex back On groceries and dining the American Express gold is also frequently Recommended almost as the default card To anyone who is looking for a Specialized card for food And for many people like my parents this Is a fantastic choice the dining credits

It gives for certain restaurants and Ubereats help offset the annual fee Which makes it effectively ten dollars But what about those who don't use these Vendors or don't use them every month Allow me to introduce you to another Gold colored card the Capital One saver One how's it going everyone and welcome Back to the channel if you haven't done So already I'd appreciate it if you can Hit the like button down below and Subscribe to help with the algorithm I Come out with videos periodically where I offer unique perspectives on cards That are typically overlooked so make Sure you hit the Bell icon if you don't Want to miss any of that the Capital One Saver one is one of the best credit Cards out there because it embodies the Spirit of marketplace competition it is On the very edge of what can be possible From a no annual fee credit card and it Strikes out against the other no annual Fee cards like the Chase Freedom line as Well as long time Staples with Annual Fees like the American Express gold this Card earns cashback rewards that can be Turned into points at a rate of one Point percent if you own a Venture Card Like the Venture one venture or Venture X so throughout this video you'll hear Me say things like three percent or 3x And just know that those things are just Interchangeable in fact the transferable

Points for this card for no annual fee If you own a venture one makes this card All the more valuable right off the bat We have a 10x back category for Uber Until November 2024 and this works on Both ubereats and Uber rides it also has An 8X back category when you book Entertainment tickets through Capital One and you get 5x back when using the Capital One travel portal you also get a Variety of 3x categories in the form of Dieting groceries and entertainment such As movie theaters and streaming services Like Netflix Hulu Disney plus Etc On the benefit side of this card you are Generously given a ton of value for no Annual fee first off you get a Complimentary Uber one membership Through November of 2024 and this gets You five percent off eligible rides Orders of food grocery or alcohol and Zero dollar delivery fees on eligible Orders over fifteen dollars and grocery Orders over thirty dollars this card has No foreign transaction fees we'll extend Your manufacturer warranty and offer Travel accident Insurance both the Rewards and benefits makes this a decent Card for everyday purchases though I Would use this card mostly as a food Card like how many use the American Express gold speaking of which let's Take a look at how well this card Stacks Up to the competition as I said at the

Beginning of this video this card Competes with cards that have an annual Fee and don't have an annual fee amongst The competition with an annual fee we Have the American Express gold and the City premiere which have a 250.95 annual fee for respectively the American Express gold gets Forex back on Groceries and dining which beats the 3x Back on the safer one and the 3x Category on flights which the saber one Does not have unless you're counting the Travel portal let's assume here that you Care about food meaning dining and Groceries the AmEx gold has 240 dollars In credits that you can use to offset The annual fee 120 in Uber and 120 in Select restaurants if you use both those Credits as part of your normal meaning You aren't just spending your money at These vendors to use the credits your Annual fee would be about ten dollars This means that you need to spend a Thousand dollars per year to make the AmEx gold worth it over the safer one However if you don't use any credits at All you will need to spend twenty five Thousand dollars the category limit on The AmEx gold This is a huge consideration to make if You are debating between the two Basically what I'm saying is if you Don't plan to use any of the credits on The American Express gold it is straight

Up just not worth it for you to get the American Express gold over the safer one Similarly for the City premiere card you Don't have any food categories that beat The saber one so you will need to rely On other categories to justify the Annual fee and this is where the math Gets a bit murky let me know in the Comments down below if you want me to Make a city Premiere video in the future Moving on to the competition it has with No annual fee cards the list is vast as It includes cards like the Chase Freedom Cards Costco card and others but for This video let's compare it to the Wells Fargo autograph and the American Express Blue Cash every day right off the bat The saber one beats both of these cards By having the ability to transfer these Points to Airline and hotel partners Through the Venture one card neither the Autograph nor the blue cache have this Ability on screen we have a comparison Of the category supported by all cards The blue cache and autograph have a gas Category which is lacking on the save of One and the blue cache has an online Category that is lacking in the other Two The autograph has a Transit and travel Category lacking in the other two as Well What it really comes down to is what Categories you spend the most in and if

You only had to choose one whether Transferable points is worth sacrificing The other categories offered by either Of those two cards overall the saver one Can definitely compete with both annual Fee and no annual fee cards available in The marketplace When combined with one of the Venture Cards it forms a formidable dual card System that stands up to the likes of American Express What do you think let me know in the Comments down below if you like videos Like this be sure to check out my Channel using the link in description Down below until next time let's go out There and get free stuff [Music] Foreign

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