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In this groundbreaking video, prepare to have your mind blown as I reveal the secrets behind my extraordinary transformation of the Capital One Venture One card. Buckle up and get ready to witness the birth of a financial powerhouse!

Are you tired of lackluster credit card rewards programs that leave you feeling underwhelmed? Well, get ready to bid farewell to mediocrity and embrace a whole new world of financial possibilities. Join me on this thrilling journey as I unravel the steps I took to revolutionize the Capital One Venture One card, making it an unstoppable force in the realm of personal finance.

With meticulous research, innovative thinking, and a burning desire for excellence, I unlocked the hidden potential of the Capital One Venture One card. Throughout this captivating video, I will walk you through every brilliant enhancement I made, offering you a blueprint for maximizing your financial benefits like never before.

Imagine a credit card that offers unparalleled travel rewards, cashback options, and exclusive perks that leave other cards in the dust. Picture yourself effortlessly earning miles with every purchase, and then using those miles to explore the world, all while saving significant amounts of money. Sound too good to be true? Think again!

But wait, there’s more! Not only did I supercharge the rewards system, but I also turbocharged the user experience. Say goodbye to clunky interfaces and confusing processes. With my carefully crafted improvements, managing your Capital One Venture One card becomes a breeze. You’ll have access to intuitive tools, personalized recommendations, and real-time updates that put you in complete control of your financial journey.

Throughout this video, I will provide you with concrete examples, stunning visuals, and data-driven insights to demonstrate the tremendous impact of my enhancements. Witness firsthand how my ingenious strategies can elevate your financial game, empowering you to make the most out of your Capital One Venture One card.

But be warned, this video is not for the faint of heart. Prepare to have your expectations shattered, as I unveil an entirely new dimension of credit card excellence. Brace yourself for the jaw-dropping revelations that will forever change the way you perceive credit card rewards programs.

Whether you’re a seasoned credit card aficionado or just starting your financial journey, this video is an absolute must-watch. Don’t miss your chance to discover the secrets behind transforming the Capital One Venture One card into a force to be reckoned with.

So, are you ready to embark on this thrilling adventure? Join me now and unlock the infinite possibilities that lie within the Capital One Venture One card. Get ready to witness the birth of a financial revolution. Don’t just settle for good; strive for greatness. The future of credit cards starts here!

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About four and a half years ago I Decided to take my first foray into Getting a dedicated travel card at that Time I had a couple credit cards both Cash back and I was always curious about Points and miles and the value that they Had and the places I could visit using Those rewards I was still very early in My career and didn't travel very much And so travel cards like the City Premiere weren't really an option for me Because of the annual fee I was pretty Scared of Annual fees back then the card I ultimately picked was the Capital One Venture one and at that time the car did Not have transferable miles it only Allowed you to reimburse yourself for Travel you paid for on the car to the Rate of one cent per point however at That time I got 10x back on Which was a site I used frequently back Then ultimately though I stopped using The card and it became a sock drawer Card I kept open for the credit history Recently I got an email from Capital One Saying they were going to send me a new Card because my old one had expired and That got me thinking perhaps this card Isn't so useless after after all I've Been thinking a little bit about the Venture one card and I was wondering is There any way I can make this card good In today's video I'm going to go over The Venture one and a card setup to

Complement it and we'll see how well it Matches up to the competition how's it Going everyone and welcome back to the Channel if you haven't done so already I'd appreciate it if you could hit the Like button down below subscribe and Turn on notifications to help with the Algorithm I come out with videos Periodically where I offer unique Perspectives on cards that are typically Overlooked so check back soon if you Don't want to miss any of that let's Start off with talking about who this Card is for it's definitely not for Experienced credit card enthusiasts as There are plenty of other cards for them With much better value this card is for Travel beginners who don't want to pay An annual fee and likely don't travel All too much so for the purposes of Finding cards to complement this one all Cards will have no annual fee the Capital One Venture one comes in both Visa and MasterCard varieties but for The purposes of this video I'll be Covering the Visa signature version of This card though the MasterCard will Have very similar benefits this card Comes with an extended warranty benefit That extends the manufacturer warranty By a year which is a great benefit to Have as many credit card issuers are Doing away with this benefit these days This card also comes with secondary

Rental car collision damage waiver which Will cover you in the event that the Grendel car is damaged or stolen this Insurance is secondary to your personal Insurance but it will cover you for the Portion your insurance won't cover such As the deductible and the loss of use Fees from the rental car company you Also get lost luggage reimbursement and Travel accident insurance as well Through this card to give you peace of Mind while traveling it is missing trip Delay or cancellation insurance but Given that this is a no annual fee card That isn't really surprising like all Capital One credit cards this card has No foreign transaction fees for rewards This card earns a flat 1.25 x back in Capital One miles on everyday purchases And 5x back when booking through the Travel portal Capital One miles can be Redeemed in the travel portal at one Cent per mile used as a statement credit For external travel expenses again at One cent per mile or transferred to Transfer Partners on the screen right Now is a list of one-to-one Airline Transfer Partners as of recording this Video a noteworthy Transfer Partner is Air Canada Aeroplan which saw Significant changes in 2020. now the Airplane award charts has fixed rates For partner Awards such as United or Other Star Alliance Partners which can

Get you huge value for redemptions for Hotels we have Windham Rewards and Choice Hotels as one-to-one Transfer Partners The better partner is going to be Windham Rewards as they have a fixed Award chart where most rooms are about 15 000 points per night giving you a Value about 1.1 to 1.2 cents per point In value choice hotels on the other hand Only get you about 0.6 cents per point For their loyalty program overall Whether you want easy redemptions Through the travel portal or to play The Transfer Partner game this card gives You some flexibility on the Redemption Which is something that most no annual Fee credit cards do not offer however All that said the Capital One Venture One is pitiful when it comes to rewards Earnings at 1.25 x back it Trails carbs Like the city double cash for earning Rewards this sort of brings up the Question what are Capital One miles Worth the points guy puts them at about 1.85 cents per mile but I believe that's Taking into account Savvy Point Redemptions for aspirational business Class travel however given this card as I said is targeted for beginners I'm Going to use a conservative valuation of 1.1 cents per mile which is about equal To Windham points this brings the base Earnings of the Venture one to about

1.37 back in cash back equivalents as You notice this car does not have any Categories other than the travel portal Category so to help with that we're Going to bring in the Capital One saver One card to complete the duo The saver one reward can be transferred To the Venture one for additional Redemption flexibility and the saver 1 Will be used for most of our spending as It covers dining groceries entertainment And streaming services at a rate of 3x Miles back or about 3.3 percent cash Back equivalents for gas we're going to Introduce the Windham earner card from Barclays this card earns 5x back on gas Purchases and given that Windham is a Transfer Partner of Capital One this Synergizes well with the setup window Points are conservatively worth 1.1 Cents per point and so you get 5.5 Percent back in cash back equivalents For just gas this card also gets you Automatic Windham gold status which if I'm honest doesn't really get you much But at certain properties you'll have a Priority check-in line Of course no setup would be complete Without a rotating category card and for That I recommend the Discover It cash Back this card gives rotating quarterly Five percent back cash back categories And though they aren't travel points Cashback can be used for anything you

Want like dining and theme park rides Which are travel expenses that points And Miles won't cover but in theory you Can replace this with any five percent Card you can replace it with the Chase Freedom Flex the city custom cash or the US Bank cash plus whatever you see fit For your credit card setup last and this Card is optional since Capital One Usually doesn't allow you to have more Than two personal cards is the Capital One Quicksilver this card will boost Your earnings rate from 1.25 x to 1.5 x For non-category spend not much of an Improvement but it's something now let's Compare this setup to some alternative Setups from Wells Fargo and City for Wells Fargo we're going to assume a Duo Of the autograph card and the active Cash Card which are technically both Cashback cards and for City will use the City Trifecta composed of the City Premiere City double cash and the City Custom cash on the Wells Fargo side it Gets three percent back on gas Transit Restaurants travel streaming and phone Plans two percent back on everything Else the Capital One setup wins in Almost every category except for Non-category spend and phone plans Additionally Wells Fargo points are not Transferable you won't get any extended Warranty benefits nor any hotel statuses Through Wells Fargo either now let's

Compare this card to a setup that does Come with an annual fee the city Trifecta comes with a 95 annual fee for The purposes of this comparison I'm Going to treat city thank you points Equal to Capital One miles you'll get 11 Back on the Travel portal 3.3 percent Back on groceries dining travel outside The portal and gas stations and 2.2 Percent on everything else with the Custom cash card you can choose any one Of these categories to become a 5.5 back Category with this setup it beats the Capital One setup but just barely it Adds an external travel category which Is not present on Capital One and beats The portal spend with 11 back as opposed To 5.5 back and the non-category spend With 2.2 percent versus 1.37 however This is to be expected with a 95 annual Fee and if you don't take advantage of The hundred dollar Hotel credit for the Premiere the city Trifecta just isn't Worth it so overall credit card rewards Are like a game and if you build the Proper supports for it the Capital One Venture one actually has good value and A good starter card for beginners Furthermore when Annual fees become less And less intimidating The Venture one Can be later upgraded to a venture X Card for even more value What are your thoughts about my setup Let me know in the comments down below

If you like videos like this be sure to Check out my other videos on my channel Using the link in the description down Below until next time I'm gonna go out There and get some free stuff [Music]

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