Capital One’s HARSH New Bonus Rule + Apple Card & Bilt Bonuses

Capital One's HARSH New Bonus Rule + Apple Card & Bilt Bonuses

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And we have three stories to cover for You today we have Capital One cracking Down on welcome bonus churning with new Rules okay new application rules we'll Tell you all about that then we have a Welcome bonus on the Apple card which is Rare the Apple card normally doesn't Feature a welcome bonus however this Isn't publicly available so we will tell You how to get it it's not hard to get But we'll tell you how to do it and then We've got a sort of spending bonus slash Welcome bonus type thing on the build MasterCard which is the only card that Allows you to pay rent with no fee and Earn points okay and we'll tell you how To get that one too but first of all Um let's talk about Capital One they Have added some new rules and these new Rules basically limit the number of Times you can get a welcome bonus on Their credit card so not the number of Times but the frequency okay so let me Read you exactly what they've added Existing or previous Card members are Not not eligible for this product if They have received a new card member Bonus for this product in the past 48 Months so that was added to the terms And conditions and what that means is The basic key if you have had the car Before you cancel it and then you want To apply for it again and you it has to

Be 48 months which is four years since You had the welcome bonus on the card Now this is the same rule that chase Brought in a few years back the 48-month Rule and these rules are basically to Crack down on people churning churning Is the practice of when you open a Credit card you get the bonus you wait Maybe a year you close it you wait maybe One more year and then you open it up Again so you're frequently opening Closing cards obviously credit card Companies hate this I don't recommend it Either because I think that there is Enough value to be had in other ways Okay from just you know welcome bonuses To plan mode with a family member both Of you collecting points using portals Like racketon when you do your shopping Where you can earn points or cash back And just by click talking through their Site to some of your favorite Merchants Like Walmart Macy's so many different Stores on there and actually if you're Interested in Racket and you haven't Used it before do check it out I'll put My link below you can get 30 bonus Cashback in your account or points in Your account when you sign up and make Your first purchase so do check that out Racketon is an awesome way of earning Some extra points or cash back but Anyway yeah I don't recommend churning I Think there's enough value from you know

Different ways of of earning points on Credit cards and cashback I prefer to Have a good relationship with the bank Because you don't want to end on a Blacklist or anything like that however The 48 month rule with Chase uh for Example if it has been 48 months and you Did close the card and then you notice That there's a good bonus on it again It's within the rules for you to apply Again and my wife actually did that with The Chase app I preferred she got it got The bonus closed it maybe after three Years and then she didn't have it for Like two years and then there was a Hundred thousand Point bonus came along Again I think in 2021 and she was like Oh it's actually been over four years Since I've got it I and it's a good card I will use it I might as well get it Again and she got it again so she did Actually get the you know the bonus Twice you know you can look at this as a Disadvantage but you could also look at It as like you know now we know what They're starting because previously I Think the language was existing or Previous Card members may not be Eligible so it was possible that you Could get denied a bonus through your Application anyway but now we actually Know that there's a legitimate rule 48 Months gives you Clarity anyway Capital One I don't see many people churning

The Credit Pros

Their cards anyway because they have Quite strict rules you're only allowed Two personal Capital One cards in your Wallet you're only allowed one Application every six months Etc they Have some pretty strict rules and they Pull all three credit bureaus which a Lot of people don't like however they do Have a Capital One Venture X Card which Is a card that a lot of people really Love it's probably the cheapest it is The cheapest way to get a really Comprehensive Suite of lounge access They got priority pass prize of Premium Virgin Clubhouse in the US and their own Capital One lounges or for an annual fee Of 400 which is offset by a 300 travel Credit so that's probably a card you Wouldn't want to cancel anyway you'd Probably just want hang on to it because It's getting you all that lounge access And stuff so I do recommend that card Guys if you want to know more about it I'll put my credit card guide where I Have links to a load of the different Cards that we talk about in the show Including the Venture X it's one of my Recommended ones do go and check it out Learn more about it in the links below All right let's now move on to this Welcome bonus on the Apple credit card Okay I'll pull that up on the screen now Here's the link for it and um this is Actually through a referral link okay so

It looks like you've received an Exclusive Apple card invitation from a Friend congratulations so basically if You have a friend who has the Apple card You can probably reach out to them for a Referral link and you will get offered ID you know prom most probably offered This offer let's keep going so when you Apply using the link below and open a New Apple card by September 12th okay That's when it ends September 12th we'll Give you 75 daily cash when you make Your first purchase within 30 days so That's a pretty easy welcome bonus to Get there's no spend requirement just Make one purchase and you'll get 70 five Bucks it's not even at a certain store Like in the past they've done like a Welcome bonus if you make a purchase at Nike or whatever this is just first Purchase anywhere 75 bucks in your Account you just have to apply before September 12th uh through this link okay So reach out to a friend who has it Actually I think doctor of credit had it In an article as well I'll put the Doctor of credit article somewhere below You can check it out and you have to Make your purchase within 30 days so a Rare welcome bonus on the Apple card There's been some negative news about Them recently Um so I think possibly that's why They're maybe doing a bit of damage

Control or whatever there was news that Goldman Sachs wanted to drop them and Then there was a Insider information That Tim Cook actually got denied for The Apple card and a load of stuff and Uh you know the old thing in the past That the Apple card was sexist and it's Racist and it's no okay I'm kidding it Well it was sexist for a period of time But anyway let's move on the final story That we've got for you today is the Built MasterCard is offering a sort of Welcome bonus spend bonus kind of thing Okay now this isn't official because It's not on the actual landing page for The bill MasterCard okay but what people Have been reporting on mass is that After they've signed up for the build Card They then get an email on the same day That their physical card arrives and That email says that they can earn Five Points of a dollar on all their spending Up to 50 000 points but get this it's Only in the first five days all right so You got five days five points per dollar Maximum is 50 000 points and you can Spend it on anything so if you have high Spending like if you really can spend Ten thousand dollars in the first five Days and Max it out then boom fifty Thousand points and they got some great Transfer Partners with built okay American Airlines Hyatt Hotels Etc the

Build card if you don't know it's the Only car that allows you to pay rent With a credit card with no fee and you Can earn points paying rent one point Per dollar on rent but then it's three Points per dollar on dining and they Have rent day on the first of the month Every month where they double the Rewards so that would be six points but They're on dining you just make Monday Date night and earn six points per hour Every month Um so yeah build MasterCard it is one of The cards that I definitely recommend Especially if you are someone who is a Renter her okay that's who it's really Going to benefit and you can apparently Now get this welcome bonus it's kind of Hush hush okay it's a little secret kind Of thing they don't advertise it and so If you sign up for this and you don't Get the email no liability on my part All right because this is one of those Things a little bit under the table but This is what people are reporting on Math so if you have been thinking about About getting this card or you think That it looks like a good card and you Think hey I'd benefit from this anyway Even if I didn't get five points per Dollar in the first five days Um you know I would encourage you to get It it's it's you know it's a great card Anyway I'll put my link to the build

The Credit Pros

MasterCard below as well so you guys can Learn more about it and that just about Wraps up the video today so links to Basically everything I've mentioned will Be down below thank you so much for Watching please do leave your comments About this in the comments section below I'd love to hear what you think and We'll see you in the next one bye-bye

The Credit Pros
The Credit Pros

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