Chase Freedom 7% Next Quarter? + New Bilt Transfer Partner

Chase Freedom 7% Next Quarter? + New Bilt Transfer Partner

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In this video we look at the Chase Freedom quarterly categories and Bilt losing American Airlines as a transfer partner but gaining Alaska Airlines.

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In this video we will look at two things The new Chase Freedom and freedom Flex 5% bonus categories for quarter 2 of 2024 and we have a new Transfer Partner On the built reward system and the loss Of another hey credit Warriors welcome To the show my name is Ben Hedges aka The credit shiu and I upload videos on Credit cards personal finance and luxury Travel almost every day so do subscribe If you want more content like this but Anyway let's get right into it so the Chase Freedom and freom Flex cards offer 5% which also translates as five points Per dollar back on spending of $1,500 per quarter in rotating quarterly Categories and we know what those Categories are for quarter 2 of 2024 Before we reveal the quarter 2 Categories you still have two weeks to Max out quarter 1 categories if you Haven't already and those are grocery Stores excluding Target and Walmart Fitness clubs and gym memberships Selfcare and Spa services you can see That I haven't really maxed out those Categories at all on my freedom I'm at About 30% so I'll probably make a little Bit of a push to stock up on some Groceries before the end of the month All right let's now have a look at the New categories for quarter 2 and they Are hotels and restaurants Now these are pretty good categories in

My opinion so for Amazon if you use the Freedom Card or Freedom Flex for cash Back then this is the same rate as the Amazon Prime Visa signature card so not Really anything special I don't think There'd be any point switching your Payment method but if you are Transferring from the freedom to points Okay transferring those points over to The sapphire preferred or Sapphire Reserve or the ink preferred where the Points take on greater value than the Freedom cards that's going to offer a Way better return than the Amazon Prime Visa signature so you could be getting Anywhere from 1.25 cents per point to Over 2 cents per Point depending on how You redeem then hotels and restaurants Are always good categories with hotels You will to compare with the point Earning on other Hotel branded cars that You may have like the Hilton honor Surpass which earns 12 points per dollar At Hilton that would be a 7.2% return on your spending with Hilton Points valued at 0.6 cents per Point Whereas on the freedom it would just be 5 cents per dollar spent or 6.25 cents Per dollar spent if you were redeeming For travel after transferring your Points over to the Chase Sapphire Preferred and using the travel portal in Which case the Hilton card would come Out better but if you had the Chase

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Sapphire reserve and you transfer the Freedom points over there you can then Book through the travel portal 1.5 cents Per point so you're now getting 7.5 Cents back per dollar spend so that Would obviously be better than the Hilton Hors surpass and you guys can Check this out with whatever Hotel cards You have then for restaurants I normally Use the MX gold for dining at 4X points Per dollar so if you want cash back or Points this beats that and if you have The freedom flx this may very well end Up being seven points per dollar okay Since the way the 5x categories work is That they add an extra four points per Dollar on top of Base spend but in the Restaurant category the freedom Flex not The regular freedom but the freedom Flex Already earns three points per dollar on Restaurants so in theory you get four Points per dollar extra on that taking You up to 7 points per dollar or 7% cash Back we'll have to test it to see if it Really works like that now do remember You have to activate the categories There is already link to activate in Online accounts but you'll probably get An email about it too or if you use your Debit card at a Chase ATM and you're Also a freedom or Freedom Flex card Holder you'll probably get a popup that Prompts you to activate all right let's Move on to talking about built but first

If you do have a load of credit cards Like I do that you use to earn points And cash back and you struggle to keep Track of all of them a great way to pull Info on all your accounts in one place Is the app Max rewards the sponsor of Today's video it pulls data on all your Accounts in one easy to use dashboard so You can see your balances your points And rewards balancing it and even things Like credit utilization overall and Across each of your cards all inside one Easy to use app it tells you which is The best card from your wallet to use in Each spending category and in each local Merchant for the maximum rate of rewards While keeping track of things like Rotating quarterly categories if you get The gold version of Max rewards it's Especially useful for AMX cards since it Activates all your AMX offers for you so You never miss a deal and once you Activate all your offers new offers you Never knew existed appear in your Account and you can get a free month of Max Wards gold with my link below or Just download the app and check out the Free features so news broke a few days Ago that the very popular built Rewards Program that lets you earn points on Rent and also on spending with their Credit card will lose American Airlines As a Transfer Partner they have Announced that they will wind down the

Partnership in June this is a shame Since built is the only us transferable Points program to include AA and now the Only way to earn AA miles through a Credit card will be to get an AA Co-branded card of which there are Several from City and Barkley view from The wing explained that the reason built Could have American in the first place Was because it was primarily a Rewards Program to earn point on rent and Secondarily a credit card it seems American had signed an exclusive deal With the banks that issue their Co-branded cards that they wouldn't be Signed up to any credit card transfer Programs but I guess built kind of Slipped through a loophole in that Contract but now American is in the Process of renegotiating co-branded Cards so this could be something the Issuing Banks namely City and Barkley's Had asked to be removed but anyway you Can still transfer built points to British Airways and Book American that Way so it may not really be a major loss All right let's now talk about the Transfer partner that they just added And that would be Alaska Airlines and There are actually two parts to this so Let's read to you the whole thing from The press release built members can now Transfer points one to one into Alaska Miles redeemable for flights on Alaska

Airlines and its extensive network of One world Partners an unprecedented Offer will be launched later this year Allowing Alaska Airlines Visa signature Card holders the ability to pay rent Through built and earn triple Alaska Miles three miles for every dollar spent On rent up to $50,000 annually okay so Let's just talk about Alaska Airlines as A Transfer Partner first Alaska joined One World Alliance in 2021 but they Still maintain some Partnerships with Airlines outside of the alliance so they Actually have over 30 partners that you Can book flights on what is more they Offer free stopovers on award tickets And they have the same simple Award Chart for nearly all of their partner Airlines you can book products such as Cath Pacific first class Qatar few Suites Japan Airlines business class First class Fiji Airways business class To Fiji or Australia to name just a few I suggest you check out the guide by Upgraded points on how to use Alaska Airlines Mars I'll put it in a pin Comment down below and a few other Articles one by Thrifty traveler giving You all the sweet spots in the Alaska Awards program now for the second part So basically this is a partnership Between built and another credit card The Alaska Airlines Visa signature card Which is a Bank of America credit card

And you will be able to to earn three Alaska miles per dollar spent on rent Through the built system and that's Presumably in addition to one built Point per dollar as well however since It is not the built MasterCard there Will be a fee of 3% the Points Guy Values Alaska Airlines miles at 1.5 Cents per mile so you will still be in Profit by 1.5 cents overall okay because You're getting 4.5 cents in value from Your three Alaska Airlines miles uh on The Alaska card if you're earning one Built Point as well that would be Potentially another maybe 2 cents in Value so you could still be earning About 3.5 cents per dollar even though You are paying a 3% fee and since spend On the Alaska Airlines card helps you Move up through status as well you may Be able to move up in Alaska Airline Status this way too but it's definitely A your mileage may vary kind of thing And it's only on $50,000 in spend per Year which is half the limit of regular Built rent payments but it is a great Deal since normally you can only earn One built Point per dollar on rent now That deal will be launching later this Year we don't have a start date for it Yet but Alaska as a Transfer Partner has Already been added and should be active Now all right guys that is the video for You today if you're interested in the

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Built credit card I will put a link to It in the description below a big thank You also to the sponsor of today's video Max rewards get your free month of Max Rewards gold with my link right at the Top of the description section thank you So much for watching please subscribe if You're new we'll see you next time Bye-bye

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