Chase Sapphire Lounge OPENING THIS WEEK, How To Get in…

Chase Sapphire Lounge OPENING THIS WEEK, How To Get in…

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And yes the first U.S location for the Chase Sapphire Lounge is opening this Week in just about two days we had one Open previously in Hong Kong okay they Open one internationally but this is the First U.S location it will be opening up Boston Logan Airport Um this Tuesday okay so on May 16th it's The 14th today two days is Tuesday and We're going to tell you all about the Lounge in this video we're going to show You a load of photos of it with a load Of photos we've got all the information You need to know about it and crucially How can you get in as well and I'll give You a clue you don't necessarily need The Chase Sapphire Reserve card to get In there is another way we'll tell you All about that later on in the video but First of all if you want up to 12 free Stocks for sign out for an account and Funding it with any amount of money from Our sponsor Weeble do click the link in The description below okay Weeble of Course is the excellent zero commission Investing app I like to call it Robin Hood for grown-ups because it's Basically like Robin Hood but with Better charts and Technical indicators It's a bit more future proof for those Who want to get more advanced uh in Investing but anyway absolute minimum Value for this is 34 if you're unlucky

In which stocks you get if you lock out And get all the best stocks it could be Over thirty thousand dollars so luck of The draw what you get do click the link Below if you are interested and if you Want to support this channel a great way To do it is support our sponsors um Which you can do at no extra cost to Yourself and I do want to thank everyone As well for watching I don't say this Enough guys but thank you for supporting The channel through viewing or what However you are supporting us thank you So much it does mean a lot to me anyway Let's get into it and let's actually get Start looking at the uh the new Sapphire Lounge at Boston airport so I've got a Couple of couple of articles that are Going to pull up uh one from the Thrifty Traveler okay so here we go let's let's Take a look at this Um because they've got a load of photos So here we go Chase's first look uh First US Sapphire Lounge opening soon Opening on May 16th you can see there And I'm going to scroll down because They've got some photos of the entrance I'm going to take you through a kind of Tour of the lounge from some of the Photos in these articles so that's what It looks like the entrance to it I Believe it's between gate b39 and um b40 In the b2c connector here we go yeah b39 And b40

Um in the relatively new b2c terminal Connector Um and that that's the entrance there's A close-up of the sign there Sapphire Lounge of course by the club which runs A load of other airport lounges although I have to say this one looks much better Than other the Club locations I have Been to the one at Las Vegas was uh was Terrible Um and then once you presumably go up in The elevator this is the entrance um you Know front desk that you're going to be Greeted by uh so you've got Sapphire Lounge and glowing neon signs there Really nice looking entrance Um here are some of the areas you've got Some pretty nice upholstery these seats And stuff Um more of a dimini lit area there and Yeah here's some more I noticed they've Got a lot of ornaments as well in in the Lounge you see all this uh this stuff on These shelves I'm guessing that's Probably going to be glued down so People don't move it'll take it Um but yeah it's kind of cool it looks Very you know almost like someone's Front room I think that's a trend a lot Of lounges are doing that now they're Actually putting like a load of Ornaments but normally they're glued Down Um let's see let's keep moving on

Through some of these photos then you Got some booze for more privacy you've Got this is I think the kids room so There is a kids room so kids won't be Running around roaming all over the Lounge but in theory uh depends what Their parents do but yeah you know you Got some kids toys in there and stuff Little uh sheep thing to ride on and Stuff kind of cool and there's some Seats with PowerPoints so or USBS so Adults can like charge their phone and You know surf the web while they're Watching their kids Um and yeah I like these kind of designs You got a lot of like really nice high Windows High ceilings and stuff here's One of the main areas of the lounge as Well A little bit more over here again loads Of ornaments I hope those are glued down So people don't take them I bet that's a Fake plant there as well Um yeah you've got flight screens and Stuff let's move over to the points guys Article so he he had some great images Uh on it too and I will link to these Articles down below as well guys um show Them some love too you know take a look At their articles in there if you want To know more you want to see the the Pictures in high resolution and stuff Um so we've kind of seen the entrance oh There's a little bit of a better picture

Of the entryway uh the front desk and Stuff um it is a really beautiful desk Actually Um but yeah let's actually go in because He's got uh points guys got a few more Pictures of like the restaurant area and The food Um so this is the food I noticed a trend In lounges now is that they do put stuff In individual plates now it used to be That you'd like take stuff from a buffet With a spoon but now they're doing a lot More of the individual plates I think It's since covered like I noticed the Centurion Lounge at Phoenix I went to During the pandemic Um stuff was on individual plates Whereas the Centurion Lounge before the One I went to at LaGuardia it wasn't on Individual plates back then so I think I Think that might have been a pandemic Policy that they're continuing doing Because it kind of makes sense it's more Hygienic isn't it Um look at this food I mean his points Guys photos they sent a serious Photographer because his photos are Better than I think even the official Ones that chase Um put out this is the coffee area I Really like this Stone behind the coffee It looks pretty classy but I think this Is some it's some special coffee and They've got a local Chef uh doing the

Food for this here's the bar and you'll See that each seat actually has its own USB power points under there so you can Charge your phone Um so a few more photos of the bar Really really nice and they got a lot of Blue and gold that's kind of the color Scheme for this blue and gold Um I think you'll see yeah some Cocktails and stuff here we go here's The one yeah so like you got blue walls And gold like you know Taps and all the The lighting fixtures and stuff and I Mean sapphires are blue you got the uh The Sapphire card there of course is uh It is a blue card Um of course that's not the one that Gets you in the sapphire Reserve gets You into this Lounge that one's just Blue in the corner and black in the Middle but um yeah I like this game it's Kind of themed there you go you see it Again there blue seats and sort of some Of the gold details and stuff uh there We have the kids room again Uh there is a shower you can see the Shower there Um and then some more uh that's the Ribbon cupping cutting ceremony when They opened it I think the Thrifty Traveler actually had some shots of the Restrooms there you go detail on the bar USB at every seat at the bar and I think He shows the restrooms as well yeah

There's the restroom well it's a Restroom what more do we need to say About that Um very cool but anyway Um so now I want to talk about how to Actually get in all right because you Don't actually need to have a sapphire Reserve card that's kind of like the Interesting thing about this Um we heard before that this was going To be in priority pass but it's not what You think you're not going to get Unlimited access to it in priority pass So Um I've actually got the press release From Chase open on the computer here and Let's actually let's open that up and We'll read to you what um the the entry Policy actually is because it's a little Bit different Um to you know what we've seen before So Um yeah it's this bite here so um let's See if we can get in a little bit closer On that there we go so the Boston Chase Sapphire Lounge by the club Um it's located terminal b2c connector Boston Logan Airport uh between Gates 40 And 30 uh b40 and b39 it'll be open at 5am starting Tuesday May 16th it's open Till 10 a.m um it will be available to Chase Sapphire Reserve Card members with A priority pass access a protopass Membership along with up to two free

Guests okay so what that means is I Think they're doing the entry and exit Through priority pass you scan your Priority pass card not your Sapphire Reserve okay it's not like Centurion Where you show the sapphire reserve and You get in no you show the priority pass Card that comes from the sapphire Reserve so if you've got the sapphire Reserve for some reason Um you didn't you know activate a Priority pass membership you don't have The card Um well you won't get in but I think you Can you could probably activate it on Your phone and get a digital card now Anyway so it's it's probably okay I Don't think you're gonna get kicked out Or anything least that's the way I Understand it from this you do have to Use priority pass but if your prior to Pass comes from Sapphire Reserve you get Unlimited access with two guests if you Have priority pass from another credit Card though there are some other rules So here we go products members without a Sapphire Reserve card will be able to Enter the sapphire Lounge by the club uh Location one time at no cost per Calendar year and will be charged an Entry fee upon each subsequent visit to Any location within the sapphire Lounge By the club membership it doesn't look Like you get a free guest either on that

One visit so basically you get one visit Per year you get to try it out for free Um and then after that you you have to Pay um I guess the entry fee will Probably be 32 or 35 I'm not sure Whether it's gone up now it's either 32 Or 35 Um that's the priority pass entry fee For lounges that uh you know have Limited visits or guest fee or whatever You know normally it's 35. Um so yeah I'm guessing that's what it Would be and that's kind of a genius Marketing move in my view by by Chase Right I mean like let's get them one Time for free see what a good Lounge it Is uh and then the next time they have To pay or they have to actually go and Get themselves a sapphire reserve and Pay the 550 annual fee Um so either way if you like the lounge If you live in Boston it may be a real No-brainer Um or if you transfer through Boston Regularly I don't know your mileage may Vary you guys will have to wear it up For yourself but if you are interested In the sapphire Reserve I'll put a link To that card below also I'll put a link To the sapphire preferred because that Is also a good card and they currently Got the 80 000 Point welcome bonus that Is ending soon so if you're interested In that you want to learn more about it

Do click those links below as well I'll Link to both of the articles in a pinned Comment as well in case you want to read Them and look at those photos in high Resolution also don't forget to get up To 12 free stocks from our sponsor Weibull that will be the top Link in the Description as well I'll put some other Lounge review videos as well on screen Guys we've got the Capital One Lounge at DFW kind of similar to the Chase Sapphire Lounge so definitely something Worth learning about checking out and if You live down in Texas that's going to Be more of a local Lounge for you and We'll also put some Centurion Lounge Video on screen as well for you guys to Check out as well because those two are The competition but great to see this Lounge Network enlarging and I can't Wait to see uh the next ones that open Up after this as always please subscribe To the channel if you're new and we'll See you next time bye-bye

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