Chase Trifecta STILL King?

Chase Trifecta STILL King?

Now you have the AMX Trifecta City Trifecta but there is one Bank whose Trifecta is still King this is a Powerful setup of cards that all earn The same Chase Ultimate Rewards Transferable points currency points Earned on a credit card that can then be Transferred to Airlines or hotels to Book luxury or economy travel for free Trif factor is going to be made up of Three cards that you pick out of those Eight or 10 two cards that earn points At good rates and then one more card That gives you access to transfer Partners that you can get the most value Out of so here is my Chase trifactor the Two Chase Freedom cards play the role of Earning lots of points in this trifactor Because the Chase Freedom earns 5% on $1,500 worth of spending but if you have Two Freedom cards you basically double That allowance this is a card I'll never Cancel I'll never let anyone take it Away from me they'll never take all Freedom

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