Citi Double Cash vs. Capital One Quicksilver Credit Card 2021

Citi Double Cash vs. Capital One Quicksilver Credit Card 2021

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Hey i’m adam jusko and this is strictly Credit cards where we talk about Strictly Credit cards subscribe why don’t you in This video we are going to compare and Contrast the citi double cash card Versus the capital one Quick silver rewards card both of these Cards are what i call Flat cash back cards meaning you are Getting the same Flat rate of rewards on every purchase That you make With the card so if we’re talking about Two percent flat cash back You would get two percent on everything No matter what it is no matter what Shopping category it is whether it’s Groceries or dining out Or paying a medical bill or buying a Pair of shoes Doesn’t matter you’re going to get the Same exact rewards Rate now when people look at flat cash Back cards they kind of look at them for One of two reasons number one might be If you are someone that doesn’t care a Whole ton About credit card rewards but you would Like to know that you are getting Something back and so You just kind of look at it as i’m going To hold one card and i want to get The highest amount i can across the

Board i don’t want to think about Different categories where maybe i could Earn a little bit more i’m good with Getting my one and a half percent or two Percent Or whatever it is so if you’re someone Who just wants to hold one card flat Cash back cards Can be very attractive and then on the Other hand there are people that see Flat cash back cards as sort of the base Or foundation For holding a number of different credit Cards So you might have cards that are giving You three percent or four percent Or five percent on certain purchases in Certain shopping categories But you want to have a flat cash back Card that is sort of the catch-all the Thing that forms the base for anything That would not Match one of those three percent or four Percent or five percent categories Which brings us to the city double cash Versus the capital one quicksilver Rewards card the city double cash two Percent Flat cash back on everything that you Buy with the card provided that you have Paid off your purchases capital one Quicksilver rewards 1.5 percent cashback on everything now Looking at those numbers

You are probably quick enough to realize That two percent is more than 1.5 So the city double cash card looks like It would be the better Card but that is not necessarily the Case and so we’re gonna look at each Card And i’ll tell you why for many people You might choose the capital one Quicksilver rewards card Instead let’s start with the city double Cash mastercard no annual fee Two percent flat cash back on all your Purchases the way you get that two Percent is a little unorthodox you get One percent on the front end when you Make the purchase You get your other one percent on the Back end when you have paid off that Purchase so a little protection for City there to make sure that you Actually pay off the purchase before They give you that full two percent but Assuming you do you’re gonna get two Percent on everything you buy With the card no bonus opportunity as a New card holder many credit cards do Have bonus opportunities For new card holders might be a couple Hundred bucks cash if you spend A certain amount in the first few months This card does not have that now very Rarely there may be a special offer that Is sent to specific people but

In the past that has not been a feature Of this card and we are going to assume It is not a feature for This comparison other things to know Three percent foreign transaction fee if You use the card outside of the country Extra three percent is going to be Tacked on to your purchase Price everyday interest rate anywhere From 13.99 To 23.99 depending on your credit History city will approve you At some sort of interest rate in between Those two on the low end 13.99 not Terrible in today’s Market 23.99 on the other hand not So great you don’t want to be paying 20 Plus On your credit card purchases and pretty Much As a rule you don’t want to pay anything On your credit card purchases so if you Pay off your credit cards in full each Month you’re not going to pay anything Extra and those interest rates Are not going to come into play so when We look at any credit cards on this Channel we are assuming you’re going to Pay off All of your bills every month in full Last thing to note with this card you do Have a zero percent Rate on balance transfers for 18 months But it is a deal

That i would very strongly say you Should not take because here is how it Works They allow you to transfer a balance From a higher interest card onto this One and it could sit on this card At a zero percent rate for up to 18 Months which which sounds great But if you make any purchases with this Card after you’ve transferred a balance On to it now that you have a balance City considers these new purchases to be A balance that they are going to charge Interest on so normally with a credit Card you can make new purchases and if You pay them all off every month You’re not going to get charged any Interest with this card if you take Advantage of the balance transfer offer And you make purchases Those purchases are going to get charged Interest even if you pay them off Every month which is a sneaky deal and City Should be ashamed of themselves for Putting it on this card so two percent Flat cash back on a no annual fee card Pretty nice Otherwise the citi double cash card Doesn’t have a whole lot else To recommend it now let’s look at the Capital one Quicksilver rewards card a no annual fee Mastercard that gives 1.5 percent cash

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Back On all of your purchases as a new card Holder you could earn a bone earn a Bonus as i make this video of 200 bucks If you spend 500 with the card in the First three months of having it that Bonus will be Important as we compare the two cards Here other features to know no foreign Transaction fees so if you use this card Outside of the united states no Extra charges on those purchases Interest rate range anywhere from Fifteen point four nine percent to Twenty five point four nine percent As i make this video that is higher than The city double cash card but again you Should be paying off your balances In full every month so that those Interest rate ranges don’t even come Into play and you don’t have to think About it that said You can get a zero percent rate on this Card on new purchases for the first 15 Months that you have the card so for the First 15 months even if you did revolve A balance You wouldn’t pay any interest on it so Perhaps that is nice if you have a Larger purchase to make And you want to pay it off over a few Months but again be careful because then After that You at the very least would be paying 15

Interest and maybe all the way up to 25 so i should mention here that when we Talk about the capital one quicksilver Rewards card We are talking about sort of the best Version of this card so capital one Has three different versions of this Card depending on your credit history The quicksilver rewards card that i am Talking about is For excellent credit according to Capital one’s Standards so that is the card that is The one point five percent cashback with The bonus there also is A quicksilver rewards card for good Credit which is essentially the same Card but it Has no bonus or there is the quicksilver One rewards card which is for people That maybe have a little lower credit Score That one has the same 1.5 cash back but It has a 39 Annual fee and no bonus so the card we Are talking about Is for people that have better credit Versus those other two cards that are For Lower credit scores so the city double Cash two percent flat cash back across The board the quicksilver 1.5 percent Cashback but you have that bonus Opportunity you’ve got no foreign

Transaction fees you’ve got that zero Percent Offer whether those foreign transaction Fees and the zero percent offer on new Purchases Makes any difference in your personal Calculation i’m not sure but those are At least a little something extra that Maybe would be something That influences you now as far as i’m Concerned for this video we’re just Going to look at the rewards here so City double cash like i said two percent Is better than the 1.5 With the quicksilver rewards but because Of that bonus it is not that easy of a Calculation You would have to spend an awful lot With the city double cash to make Up for that bonus that you are getting With the quicksilver card So in the short term when you haven’t Spent as much The quicksilver is going to be a better Deal when you have spent a lot On your card well then eventually the City double cash Will outpace the quicksilver rewards Card so let’s look at some numbers and See exactly when that happens So let’s look at how much money you Would get back based on different levels Of Spending and we’re talking about from

The time you get the card till whenever You happen to reach these levels so if You have spent five thousand dollars With One of these cards the city double cash Card with its two percent cash back Would have paid you 100 in rewards The quicksilver rewards card 75 dollars In rewards but You would have reached that 200 bonus Presumab presumably So you’d have 275 dollars in rewards so Obviously much better than where you Would be with the city double cash card After five thousand dollars double that Up to ten thousand Double cash card will have paid you two Hundred dollars in rewards Quicksilver 150 dollars but still that 200 Bonus so 350 dollars in total still Far ahead of the double cash card at 20 000 Double cash card 400 total quick silver 300 Plus 200 bonus takes you to 500 500 double it up again 40k in spending Double cash card gives you 800 in Rewards Quicksilver card 600 in rewards at that 1.5 percent rate Plus the 200 bonus also eight hundred Dollars so At forty thousand dollars is where

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The double cash card finally catches up To the quicksilver rewards card if you Were to just take them head to head and Put all of your spending On either one of those cards anything Before forty thousand dollars you Actually would come out ahead With the quicksilver rewards card Despite the fact that it’s everyday Reward At one point five percent is less than The two percent reward So based on that comparison if you were Someone that was going to hold one card And you were going to put a lot of Charges onto it well then the city Double cash card Could be the winner here because if you Were putting you know 20 000 Per year onto your credit card within a Couple of years you would hit that 40 000 sort of break even point and Everything beyond that would Mean that the city double cash was Actually paying you more than the quick Silver card but if you are someone that Doesn’t spend very much on your credit Card say put 500 bucks a month on Your credit card it would be between six And seven years before the City double cash would be the better Deal than the quicksilver rewards card And in six and seven years Who knows what else might be on the

Market so you might not really want to Hold a card for That long before you decide to see if There are other better cards On the market so for me if i’m not Putting a whole lot on my cards I’m going to go after that 200 bonus and Take you know as much as i kind of can Up front knowing that i don’t spend a Lot on my cards and then it would be a Very long time before that citi double Cash card is the better option One final note here even though i said The capital one quicksilver rewards card That we’re talking about is for Excellent Credit in truth you could probably get That capital one card Easier than you could get the city Double cash card so Depending on where your credit history Is if you’re a little unsure Capital one card probably is actually a Little easier to be approved for That’s not going to come into play for Everyone and it’s probably not that huge Of a difference but capital one is known To be a little more lenient On those credit scores than citibank is So that is it hopefully that has helped If you are trying to decide between These two cards if you have any Questions comments put them in that Comment section right there otherwise i

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Thank you for watching And we’ll talk to you again soon

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